libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2022-12-16

jonadabHmm, I am trying to do a netinstall, and I'm getting the [!!] Configure the package manager / Bad archive mirror error regardless of whether I choose deb or pkgmaster (the only two options).  Info on vtty 4 says "choose-mirror[1540]: WARNING **: mirror does not support the specified release (chimaera)".  Have the domain names of the repos changed again, and I need a new netinstall image, or what?00:05
uncloudedI've seen that when my proxy was broken and when I booted with an arch of x86_64 instead of amd64 but otherwise don't know sorry.  Someone else might tho00:25
jonadabThere shouldn't be any http proxy involved.  Oh, this is interesting.  I think domain name resolution may be failing.  Let me investigate that.00:26
jonadabOh, huh.  I can ssh across my LAN, but no traffic goes out to the public internet.  Must have messed up my gateway setting.00:27
jonadabThat explains it.00:27
uncloudedShame the error message suggests something higher level00:29
jonadabYeah, the error message makes it sound like the mirror has been reached.00:30
jonadabBut I've got it working now.00:30
onefangSomething shook loose on when they moved it.  So it's going down in an hour so they can pull it apart and fix that.12:27 is back up again.14:45
tomtmymHello, i have problem installing "wine32", i added the i386 arch and then when i try to install, it gives me this
djphtomtmym: did you update apt after setting the arch?15:53
djphor rather, after adding the foreign arch?15:54
tomtmymdjph: yes i ran "apt update"16:00
gnarfacetomtmym: looks like fallout from backports or distro mixing21:40

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