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gnarfacexrogaan: that thing about the rng thing is starting to ring a bell but i can't remember anything specific02:42
gnarfacethere might be a fix02:43
gnarfacebut it still might not be important02:43
systemdleteHow would one contact the Star devs?  (I may have asked this before)  There is no indication of a support space, not even a user forum where Star users could try to work out issues.04:29
systemdleteThe problem I am running into is not being able to mount a disk from inside the installer environment.   It used to work in Spock (beowulf?) but not in Uhuru (I think chimaera).04:30
systemdleteI checked that the usb drivers for it are loaded and they are.04:30
systemdleteSee, I am trying hard to keep my home systems diversified a bit, maybe for security, but also so I can compare various problems against similar but not the same distros.  Kind of like... well, THIS problem, e.g.04:32
systemdleteI find it helpful.04:32
grysystemdlete: is there a package name04:34
systemdleteThe only "outlet" for possibly soliciting answers would be their Reviews section on sourceforge.04:35
systemdletewhat package?04:35
systemdleteI'm just trying to mount a drive, that's all.04:35
systemdletemount is there, but mkfs is not04:35
systemdletemount just tells me either an argument is bad, or the device is non-existent.  (Even though, clearly, ls -l /dev/sdb does show a device)04:36
systemdletemount -v does nothing that I can see04:36
gryoh, i see, it is from inside installer04:36
systemdleteI escape out to a console (F2) and try to mount the file system.04:37
systemdleteThis works under Spock(Beowulf) but not Uhuru(Chimaera)04:37
systemdlete(I mean the installers for)04:38
xrogaanIDK what a star dev is.05:21
grysystemdlete: what about live cd? if you try to access that partition from within a live cd rather than from within the installer?05:40
aitorsystemdelete: although fdisk-udev exists, it's not installed by default in d-i. In order to list partitions/devices you need to run (respectively) the following commands: `list-devices usb-partition` and `list-devices disk`11:14
aitorthe dev of Star is Ozi Traveller11:15
aitorensure that the target already exists, for instance, if you're going to mount it in /cdrom, first create the directory with `mkdir -p /cdrom`11:28
FatPhiltypically suitable mountpoints in /media will already exist for those kinds of things11:29
aitorthen try specifying the format of the partition with something like this:11:29
aitormount -t vfat /dev/sdb /cdrom11:30
aitorFatPhil: yes, unless the preseed.cfg file prevents it11:31
aitorsystemdlete: uncompress the iso image and have a look at the install/preseed.cfg file...11:33
aitorif you find something like this:11:34
aitord-i partman/early_command string umount /media;11:34
aitorthen the origin of the issue is there11:35
aitoror may be there, better said11:37
aitorI mean: you are mounting the partition, but the preseed.cfg file might be forcing d-i to unmount it afterwards11:39
aitorbbl :)11:40
onefangIPv6 is back up for now.  Still waiting for the DNS RR to update in half an hour.14:30
xrogaangnarface: the random thing didn't happen this time. Might have been a hickup.15:09
aitorabove i meant fdisk-udeb, not fdisk-udev17:46
systemdleteSo how does one get in touch with  Ozi Traveller then?  I am guessing that posting to the reviews section on their sourceforge page might get their attention, but idk.23:07
systemdleteactually, nvm everyone.  I took aitor's suggestion and tried doing this from live, and that works.  I can do an install from there.23:18
systemdletethanks for all the ideas and suggestions!  devuan is great, mostly because of the superb help I can get here.  That makes a lot of difference for me.23:18
fsmithredsystemdlete, you can get Ozi's attention by posting in the Devuan Derivatives section of the forum.23:25
fsmithredor probably send him an email from inside the forum.23:26

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