libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2023-01-03

FatPhilI've forgotten the argument against "x$var" now, but I never found the one I heard convincing enough to shake me out of the pattern that I've been using for well over 3 decades. I think it was simply "it's unnecessary, as you can achieve the same outcome other ways". Those other ways were more verbose.13:50
FatPhil"Idiom", or "smell" is I guess the question. But blue cheese wouldn't be good blue cheese if it didn't come with some smell.13:53
onefangSmell is in the nose of the beholder.14:03
sixwheeledbeastno excuse for bash14:09
sixwheeledbeastshould be using [[ not test14:09
FatPhilone site that says 'don't use x"$s"' also says 'don't use [[' ...14:38
FatPhilI dislike [[ because it puts the rest of the line in a completely different parsing context from what it superficially seems to be. It's more like a quoting context.14:40
FatPhilsome might say that test is best as it's obviously a command, not just an element of syntax14:41
FatPhilthe trailing ']' for [ is clearly "smell" amirite?14:43
FatPhilsixwheeledbeast: "If you are targeting especially old shells, you can ignore this warning". The shell on my phone, which I program to be portable for, dates back to 2009. And I ain't giving up this phone any time soon - I took delivery of 3 more bodies just last week, that should last my g/f & I for another 5 years.14:54
sixwheeledbeast[[ is a keyword and "should" be used where available. it protects [ is a synonym for test. n900 default is busybox anyway so who knows what mess... I have bash4 from extras.14:56
sixwheeledbeastit appears to have [[ but no printf ... what a surprise #messybox15:00
sixwheeledbeastprintf is an alias to elsewhere...15:01
FatPhilother opinions are available:
sokanI want a fast and easy installation (instead of arch/artix/gentoo/etc). netinstall has me covered?21:03
rwpsokan, Devuan Chimaera Install Guide (with screenshots)
sokanrwp: ty :)21:10

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