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cytokine_storm# PCI device 0x8086:0xa0f0 (iwlwifi)00:00
cytokine_stormSUBSYSTEM=="net", ACTION=="add", DRIVERS=="?*", ATTR{address}=="", ATTR{dev_id}=="0x0", ATTR{type}=="1", KERNEL=="wlan*", NAME="wlan0"00:00
cytokine_stormgnarface: thats ^^^00:00
gnarfacecytokine_storm: only that one line?00:00
gnarfaceyou sure you only got one wifi device in there?00:02
cytokine_stormi have only i wifi device00:02
gnarfacewas this field empty like this or did you delete the mac address before pasting?00:03
cytokine_stormgnarface: thats the mac address00:03
gnarfaceis it right?00:03
gnarfacedoes it match the output of "/sbin/ifconfig -a"00:03
cytokine_stormits not empty i put the mac address00:03
gnarfacenot sure why this is happening, which release are you running?00:04
cytokine_stormlatest i updated00:05
cytokine_stormand upgraded stable one00:05
cytokine_stormLinux devuan 5.10.0-20-amd64 #1 SMP Debian 5.10.158-2 (2022-12-13) x86_64 GNU/Linux00:05
gnarfaceyou sure? chimaera?00:05
cytokine_stormhow to check00:05
gnarfaceby the kernel version it looks like you're right, but check /etc/apt/sources.list00:05
cytokine_stormthe cnfigurations are all messed up. i modified the distro since 202000:06
gnarfacewell if you've been mixing in packages from ubuntu and debian that might have caused this00:06
gnarfacei forget what other things might have caused it, but the first evidence something is wrong is that it's not in the persistent-net rules file00:07
cytokine_stormlast time i used my wifi card in monitor mode00:07
gnarfaceyou sure you didn't change the mac address?00:07
gnarfaceoh, and are you running avahi-daemon00:08
cytokine_stormyea i put that in script using macchanger00:08
gnarfacemacchanger might be doing it00:08
gnarfacewhen you change the mac address it thinks it is a new device00:09
cytokine_stormgnarface: how to check if im running avahi00:09
gnarfaceps aux |grep avahi00:09
cytokine_stormyea output comes00:09
cytokine_stormhow to remove it00:09
gnarfacedo you use it?00:10
cytokine_stormshould i remove it? i dont00:10
gnarfacei hate it, i always remove it00:10
cytokine_stormim using lxqt00:10
gnarfacei'm not sure it's doing this but it might do annoying things with your network anyway00:10
gnarfacebut i think macchanger could be doing it too00:10
cytokine_stormyea i will check later bye00:11
jemarcho/ another one migrating from Debian after using it since the Potato days13:30
FatPhilOccasionally I attempt to purge unwanted cruft - such as avahi. Today I again failed (libcups2 deps, another thing I don't want or need...), but I did manage to purge libjansson4, libsmbclient, and samba-libs, which is progress.14:04
djphFatPhil: well, you could always remove CUPS ... but then printing gets annoying :)14:41
jonadabWhy on earth does CUPS depend on Avahi, of all things?  That's... bizarre.14:46
jonadabI mean, I've never bothered to purge avahi, because it just does its thing, or fails to do its thing, and I don't care, because nothing in the history of computing has ever actually used the protocol it implements, so if it breaks, I don't care.  But it's weird for something as important as CUPS to theoretically depend on it.14:47
djphjonadab: zeroconf printers14:49
jonadabYou're telling me somebody actually manufactured a printer that uses that?14:49
djphloads of the network ones in recent years from Brother / HP do.  I'm sure the rest of the market does as well ... but well they suck for Linux support, so might as well not exist :D14:50
jonadabHuh.  All the network printers I've ever seen, use port 9100.14:51
djphwell, sure, that's the JetDirect port.14:51
djphdoesn't mean they don't also support mDNS ...14:51
jonadabThere are persistent rumors of a magical kind of printer that any smartphone connecting to the network will automatically detect and be able to use by pushing a "print" button that will appear in the phone's UI, but I've never been able to find any detailed information about it.14:53
FatPhilpalemoon depends on libgtk2.0-0, and that depends on libcups2.14:53
jonadabWait, why on earth would a widget set, depend on CUPS?  If anything, I'd expect that to be the other way around, if CUPS has a GUI config tool.14:54
jonadabDependencies are weird.14:54
FatPhilif only someone could invent dynamic linking, so that hard build/load-time dependencies between libraries could be avoided.15:02
FatPhilOooops ... I have an out-of-tree mplayer that "depends" on the samba shit I just deleted. NAh, it runs just fine without, as I never use the "smb://[user:pass@]host/filepath]" nonsense. If I want access to a samba filesystem - why not just mount it!??15:11
FatPhilI never need the rts?p:// protocol either, and mplayer doesn't depend on any of the rts?p packages, so clearly it's possible to not have hard deps.15:15
u-amarsh04I build mplayer from source anyway, so ./configure does its magic for the most part16:28
u-amarsh04recently purged avahi-daemon from this pc as it appeared to be the culprit in dropping the ethernet connection (no drop-outs since I removed avahi-daemon, some of the libavahi stuff remains)16:30
u-amarsh04the actual dependency related to printers and avahi-daemon seemed to be ipp-usb depending on avahi-daemon16:31
gnarfaceafaik you can still get printers working without it, it just aids automatic discovery16:32
u-amarsh04I do my printing at the local library these days anyway, just print to PDF at home and take it with me on a USB stick16:34
FatPhilyeah, avahi-daemon is the thing you (a) don't want; and (b) can get rid of.17:46
rwpHi jemarch!  Good to see you in #devuan!18:18
rwpThe entire Apple philosophy with CUPS and Avahi is really a security hole. But it is easy for the masses so they open want it.18:21
gnarfacewell the biggest problem with it (aside from the obvious security implications) is that it doesn't just auto-configure stuff, it also auto-deconfigures stuff, and that's where the real problems usually occur18:28
gnarfaceit starts doing stuff like kicking your devices off the network because the driver transmitted some hotplug hysteresis18:29
gnarfaceand then for whatever reason they come back up with the wrong configuration18:29
gnarfacethe concept is sound (again, aside from the obvious security implications) but the implementation seems to be harebrained18:29
sixwheeledbeastone mans cruft is another mans treasure. I actually use avahi often...18:38
rwpgnarface, Right. Have had that problem with CUPS printers often. At one time I had to snapshot the config and run a cron every five minutes to reset to the snapshot and restart cups when cups automatically dropped the printer.18:45
puddingheadhow soon do you think itll be until daedalus becomes the stable version? debian seems to have finally started the bookworm freeze, so i'd have to expect it to be a few months after bookworm releases, right?20:15
gnarfacehard to say how long afterwards, i'd guess maybe anywhere from a couple weeks to a couple months is a fair bet though yea20:17
rwpIt's never been only a couple of weeks of freeze, has it?  Isn't it always a few months?20:28
gnarfacei don't know for sure actually, i thought it'd been getting shorter20:29
gnarfacesomeone who knows the current state of daedalus could speak to it better though20:29
bb|hcbgnarface: Debian release is TBA;

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