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charliebrownau11:00AM GMT+10 - Gday Anyone got a good blog/forum post on getting AMD RX 580/480 working with a fresh reinstall of Devuan 4.0   , proton and native linux games are reporting its missing a pixelshader 5 card, chances are openGL 4.5/4.6 or Vulkan isnt fully installed , thanks in advance02:00
charliebrownauReinstalled Devuan last nite due to replacing OS drive from 250 gig NVME with 2TB NVME -  Devuan 4.0 , mobo GA B450m S2H , kernal 5.10.0-20 , XFCE 4.16, slim, wfwm4, AMD RX 580 8gb, 27" IPS 75hz screen .... everything else is working well02:01
fsmithredinstall firmware-amd-graphics?02:05
fsmithredjust a guess02:05
charliebrownauDid that02:07
charliebrownauI did search around before asking02:07
charliebrownauthats why im after a well documated guide, blog or wiki, with it all correctly laid out for Devuan02:07
fsmithredmaybe try arch linux wiki02:08
fsmithredif it's very new hardware, you might need newer kernel02:08
fsmithredsorry I don't have any better ideas02:08
charliebrownauI did find that Kingston NVMEs work better then Samsung EVO 950s  with Debian and Devuan .... and Kingston is cheaper... from personal expereince at least02:12
onefangI don't think AMD RX 580/480 is new.  I have an AMD RX 5600 XT that's a few years old.  I needed to install the chimeara-backports kernel to get it working.02:13
charliebrownauI managed to get War Thunder to play and it claims to be using vulkan02:21
charliebrownauSandstorm and OMD3 are complaining thou02:21
onefangYou might need mesa for OpenGL stuff.02:21
charliebrownauAny good blog post, wikis or forum stuff on that ? My guess is it would be a common thing needed for gamers with AMD and Devuan , yes ???02:22
onefangAs fsmithred said, Arch Linux Wiki is often good for random Linux stuff.  They tend to go into great detail that is useful for other Linux distros.02:23
charliebrownauill check the arch wiki but wouldnt it be a good idea to have all this info for ex windows users coming to devuan for AMD and Nvidia cards ?02:24
onefangIf only we had enough volunteers to do that sort of thing for us.  There's not many of us working on Devuan, we do what we can.02:25
charliebrownauTyping in :  glxinfo | grep "OpenGL version"  brings up         OpenGL version string: 4.6 (Compatibility Profile) Mesa 20.3.502:28
charliebrownauI think i need DXVK to get Proton games working also -
onefangI don't know anything about DXVK or Proton, sorry.  Stick around, someone else probably does.02:36
charliebrownauCool  once I sort all this out ill share a install script and blog + video on the topic02:37
charliebrownauso others can just run a sh file and its all done02:37
charliebrownauIf anyone is after an cheap RX 580, aliexpress is selling them currently for AUD$120, which is probly like USD$75-80 , BRAND NEW from this seller that ships world wide for free -
gnarfacecharliebrownau: make sure you have the mesa-vulkan-drivers package (don't forget that you need to enable multi-arch and install both the :amd64 and :i386 versions of everything graphics related for most Steam/proton/wine stuff to work right)02:45
charliebrownaugnarface - Thanks , its already installed02:49
gnarfacehow about mesa-vdpau-drivers?02:49
charliebrownauWar Thunder works with vulkan atm , its OMD3 (proton) and other UE4 games bitching about missing stuff02:50
gnarfaceyou got the i386 versions of all the mesa stuff too?02:50
charliebrownaumesa-vdpau-driver    yes                      libgl1-mesa-dri  yes      libgl1-mesa-glx , no02:51
charliebrownaulibgl1 didnt fix it , i installed it thou02:51
gnarfacehow about SDL?02:54
charliebrownauHmmmm , is that in apt get , sdl2 ?02:55
gnarfacei have the i386 and amd64 versions of the base libsdl2-2.0-0 package too02:55
charliebrownauwhat i typed in so far :-  sudo apt purge *nvidia*02:55
charliebrownau sudo apt-get install firmware-amd-graphics libgl1-mesa-dri libglx-mesa0 mesa-vulkan-drivers xserver-xorg-video-all02:55
charliebrownau sudo apt install libvulkan1 mesa-vulkan-drivers libgl1-mesa-dri libgl1-mesa-glx mesa-va-drivers02:55
charliebrownau sudo apt install wine6402:55
gnarfacehere, from my "dpkg -l |grep mesa"
gnarfacei assume "xserver-xorg-video-all" includes xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu but make sure because that's the one that counts02:57
gnarfaceand check the xorg log to make sure it's actually using amdgpu and not radeon; some of the cards may work with both and xorg isn't always great at sane auto-detection02:58
gnarfaceoccasionally i've had to use launch options to override the LD_PRELOAD environment variable to force some games to use the system libSDL2 instead of Steam's bundled crippled one02:59
charliebrownauYeah i had to do that to get Insurency going on a few distros02:59
charliebrownaugnarface, this is what ive typed in so far after the reinstall -
gnarfacenote i included a couple -dev mesa packages in that list; you might need them and some other dev stuff too for DXVK to be able to successfully compile shaders03:01
charliebrownauits not a laptop, custom pc , its a script i also use to reinstall linux onto laptops03:01
charliebrownautired all them, it installed 2 things, same pixelshader 5 missing thing03:07
charliebrownauIm downloading the doom demo to see if it works, it has native linux support and vulkan support03:07
gnarfaceyou on stable?03:07
charliebrownauDevuan 4.003:08
charliebrownauhow do i tell if its stable ?03:08
gnarfaceit's called chimaera?03:08
charliebrownau5.10.0-20 kernal , devuan 4 chimaera03:08
gnarfaceyou might want to try the kernel and firmware-amd-graphics packages from backports03:09
charliebrownauSo older Kernal then 5.10 , will that screw stuff up or go okay ?03:09
gnarfaceno, chimaera-backports will have a newer kernel and firmware03:10
gnarfaceyou might want to check for mesa packages in there too03:10
gnarfacethere's the off chance it will fix the issue03:10
gnarfacesometimes it does with missing features03:10
charliebrownauI really dont want a newer kernal then 5.18 , 6.x and 19 and 20 didnt work currectly with Proton and UE4 games before i reinstalled03:10
charliebrownauDoom demo downloaded, it worked with openGL 4.5, it wont re start now i told it to use vulkan03:27
gnarfacewhat's the exact error you're getting?03:27
charliebrownauyet War Thunder works on Vulkan03:28
gnarfaceyou mentioned some stuff not working in proton and UE4 stuff not working? what are the exact error texts you're getting?03:28
charliebrownauOMD3 proton game error -  Message  A D3D11 comptable GPU (feature 11.0 , shadermodel 5.0) is required to run the engine03:29
gnarfacethis reddit thread seems to have a solution, but i don't know what debian package corresponds to the "amdvlk" package mentioned here03:32
gnarfacewhatever it is, seems like you gotta find it and downgrade it to an earlier version03:32
gnarface(or failing that, see if there's a newer one in backports that might fix the bug)03:32
charliebrownaudoesnt seem to be installed, at least not via apt install03:33
charliebrownaui checked, i dl 2.0 verison, earlier then that03:34
charliebrownau./ 30: 0: not found03:35
charliebrownauwine: configuration in L"/home/charliebrownau/.wine" has been updated.03:35
charliebrownau./ 82: Bad substitution03:35
gnarfacei usually use winetricks to install dxvk03:35
gnarfaceproton should already include it though03:36
charliebrownauwhats the winetricks method ?03:36
charliebrownaunm , winetricks by itself03:38
gnarfaceyou just download the winetricks script and run it like "winetricks dxvk"03:39
charliebrownauthat did a bit of stuff, sweet03:42
gnarfacein my experience, you probably also want to use it to install corefonts and tahoma03:43
gnarface(lots of windows games die badly if the assumed default font set isn't present)03:43
charliebrownauthat didnt fix OMD3 unless ive got to reboot again03:45
gnarfaceyou shouldn't have to reboot for wine prefix changes, but you would have had to at least run "ldconfig" and log out all the way and back in for all those mesa libraries from earlier03:46
gnarface ... and note that for graphics libraries if you're running a graphical login setup you'll also need to restart the login manager03:46
charliebrownauill just reboot , bbs03:47
landleyDo you guys have libslirp? The qemu developers have found a new way to be crazy:
landleyI think my beowulf is up to date, but it hasn't got a libslirp. (It's got a "slirp", but that claims to be slip/ppp.)05:53
rwplandley, That commit message says "Debian 11: 4.4.0" which means that unless it hard depends upon systemd then it is also in Devuan.05:58
rwpAnd I find it in Devuan just fine.
landleyHmmm, beowulf-backports repo...06:01
landleyI'll try to add that. Thanks.06:02
rwpNote that Chimaera is Stable and Beowulf is OldStable.06:03
rwpMaybe consider upgrading to Stable? :-)06:03
HelenahI agree with what rwp said, Beowulf won't last for long, and it will only get older.12:25
* Xenguy likes Beowulf, it was a very nice release. Anyone knows when it is no longer supported?20:28
golinuxYou can probably figure it out from here:
golinuxRemember that page?  :D20:37
fsmithredalso here:  June 30, 202420:43
Xenguygolinux, How would I know that page, hahah21:09
Xenguyfsmithred, Plenty of time, it's like being in the prairies and looking out at the horizon21:10
fluffywolfI upgraded firefox, and now it's doing some really annoying shit with hiding the scroll bars.  is this firefox or some widget library, and how do I kill it?22:13
fluffywolfI was putting up with it, but now I'm having to scroll dropdown boxes, and it's too fucking annoying.22:15
rwpI also find the behavior extremely annoying.  I find myself jiggling the scroll in order to light up the bar so I can see where I am in the file.22:22
gnarfacefluffywolf: new feature, i hate it too (pretty sure it violates some or another w3c spec in fact)22:27
rwpI very often talk to other people in the tech community who think that it is just cool to get their name in the ChangeLog history.22:33
rwpThey will diddle with things not because it is beneficial but because it is a change they think they can do to get their name into the ChangeLog.22:33
gnarfaceyea but for some reason i have a strange sense that this particular change had something to do with appeasing advertisers22:42
onefangFirefox or firefox-ESR?  Coz I recently upgraded ESR and I'm not seeing that problem.22:58
onefangThough I always scroll with the mouse wheel anyway, but the scroll bars are still there.22:59
gnarfaceonefang: seems to just be iframes, i think. they merely shrunk the main scrollbar until mouseover, but in some cases it seems to disappear completely until you mouseover where it would have been23:17
fsmithredI'm seeing disappearing scrollbars in ff-esr, and that's even with gtk3-nocsd and gtk3-nooverlayscrollbar installed23:19
fsmithredand when they do appear, they are very thin23:20
HumanG33khi friends,23:20
HumanG33kcan i make a local mirror with ftpsync ?23:21
HumanG33kalso is there is a roadmap to improve free(dom) software support and push back others away a little more ?23:22
gnarfacethere's a mirror creation howto around here somewhere, but i think it's http only23:25
HumanG33ktoo bad, i may try and come back here to say if it works or no23:26
onefangThe official mirror creation how to uses rsync, but I've never tried ftpsync.  Should work with our FTP mirrors.23:27
bb|hcbHumanG33k: Maybe plain rsync will do. But note that you also need Debian's packages23:27
HumanG33kbb|hcb: ftpsync currently retrieve stuff ;)23:28
bb|hcbonefang: ftpsync uses rsync but relies on Debian's mirrors trace files and etc23:28
onefangSome of the mirrors support rsync as well.23:29
bb|hcbThe best part about it for doing deb style mirrors is that it updates in stages - first the content and afterwards the metadata23:29
onefang has the details.23:29
onefangI was thinking of writing script to do that myself.  I'll check out ftpsync later.23:30
HumanG33ki think you should check ftpsync before. debian doc put several warning about making own script. Pretty sure there is some issue on simple script23:32
HumanG33kbut you are free to achieve it :)23:32
onefangCan't be any issue on a script I haven't written yet.  lol23:32
HumanG33ki see, i see bugs bugs everywhere23:33
Helenahonefang: Modern scrollbars are a pain and I don't understand why web browsers haven't come to realise that, they should be visible at all times, not disappearing, it's hard to go those back and always has been since scrollbars changed to hiding.23:38
onefang is our package mirror creation how to.23:38
Helenahweb browser developers even23:38
onefangMine don't vanish, so maybe I did something right long ago?23:39
Helenahonefang: Perhaps you did because since the change many many many many years ago, I've always had this problem on many different systems, most mine, some other peoples, on many distros, on Windows, the scrollbars auto-hide and they don't come back easily.23:40
HelenahAnyway, a bit offtopic for this channel, just wanted to express this.23:40

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