libera/#devuan/ Sunday, 2023-02-12

Francimanhello everyone14:50
FrancimanDoes Devuan testing follow the same policy of debian testing? I.e. bugfixes are not directly merged, but sometimes it takes a few days etc?14:50
gnarfaceFranciman: not sure what you're asking, devuan testing is more or less a direct copy of debian so it gets the bug fixes at basically the same time, plus build/propagation delays15:39
gnarfacemost the packages are unaltered and served by http redirect to the actual debian repos15:40
Francimani am interested in using devuan on my workstation, so i wanted software which is a bit newer than the stable version15:41
FrancimanBut in the debian community it's a bit discouraged the use of debian testing, so i was asking if it is the same for devuan. And thanks for your answer15:42
gnarfaceyea, debian testing and devuan testing are gonna have all the same stuff except for these:
gnarfacei think devuan patches get loaded into all releases at once as necessary15:43
gnarfaceif you don't like testing, you could try stable backports, which has usually got the important newer stuff you need15:43
gnarfacechimaera is current stable15:43
gnarfacedaedalus is testing15:44
gnarfacethough, there are testing images up already at
gnarfaceso you can try a daedalus installer15:44
gnarfacemaybe you'll like it15:44
gnarfacemaybe whatever problems you had will turn out to be systemd specific :)15:44
Francimanahah thanks15:44
brocashelmjust remember to use the name daedalus on your sources.list, and not testing16:36
[NoClan]GoAwayis itpossible the installer is somehow broken on Daedalus? I got missing texts etc. when installing...19:06
brocashelmwhich installer are you using? refractainstall (live desktop), netinstall, etc.?19:10
gnarface[NoClan]GoAway: yes, it's possible one of the preview daedalus installers is broken. you can still run testing by upgrading from chimaera, so it is worth trying a chimaera installer if you can't get daedalus to work.19:47
[NoClan]GoAwaygnarface, thanks for the reply. the installer itself is working, yet reading what it asks you is difficult for some dialogues, i.e. setting the root password, creating users/passwords or partitioning the drives.20:28
[NoClan]GoAwaybrocashelm, I used the the one from the netinstall.iso20:28
[NoClan]GoAwaytbh, I would not have thought that the installer itself would change dialogue fields etc. when used in a newer version of the distro20:29

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