libera/#devuan/ Thursday, 2023-02-16

unixbsda question07:53
unixbsdwhere to get a kernel AMR64 for the pineboook pro 64 ?07:54
unixbsdI need the image (vmlinuz) + initrd files ??? (devuan of course !!)07:54
gnarfaceyou mean ARM64 not AMR64 right?08:06
gnarfaceyou probably have to build one yourself08:07
gnarfaceyou do not actually need the initrd.img too, but you can use it if you want08:07
unixbsdarm64 yeah08:12
unixbsdoh no ... pff myself too hard08:12
unixbsddevuan makes better kernels.08:12
gnarfacei have notes on how to do it for a regular pinebook but i'm not sure all the patches necessary for the pro are mainlined08:12
unixbsdcan i use maybe this one ?
unixbsdon top of your devuan rootfs tar.gz ?08:13
gnarfaceyea probably08:13
gnarfacethough arbian should also have a debian flavor which might be closer to what you want than the ubuntu based one08:14
gnarfacethough it might be the same thing, not sure08:14
gnarfacei'd say it's worth a try08:15
gnarfaceand you can get the rootfs with just debootstrap too08:15
unixbsdwell the tar.gz works but the initrd and vmlinuzz (good one for devuan) is missing08:17
unixbsdi get no wifi08:17
gnarfacethe wifi device needs non-free firmware08:18
gnarfaceyou can probably get it from the armbian image too08:18
gnarfaceyou shouldn't need wifi to boot, so an initrd.img shouldn't be required for that, all you should have to do is load the module and set up networking as normal08:21
unixbsdit didnt work15:09
unixbsdis there a kernel that work with devuan + pinebook arm64?15:09
gnarfaceunixbsd: i'm surprised it didn't work, that's odd15:27
gnarfaceunixbsd: did you try the one from their debian flavor like i suggested? that was the ubuntu flavor.15:28

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