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fataldoes anyone know where dmenu went in i3?07:25
fatalnvm, it comes with the package suckless-tools.07:29
FatPhilI normally just do this and hope that the binary's mentioned by name: apt-cache search dmenu08:40
Necrodiverquick question for someone still using lxde09:40
Necrodiveri was thinking of trying it, but in ceres it brings up a grave bug report09:40
Necrodiverb1 - #855521 - lxpanel: freezes all the desktop environment if started or lauch no matter desktop are used09:40
gnarfaceheh, sounds like it's a bad day to try it09:40
Necrodiveri looked at the bug report and 1. the report is from 2017, and 2. it was using i386 architecture. I'm on a 64bit system09:41
gnarfacemight not matter then09:41
Necrodiveri was wondering if you had any trouble with this at all09:41
onefangI've been using LXDE and lxpanel for a long time en AMD64, with no issues.  Though I'm not using ceres.09:43
gnarfacei haven't used lxde myself, but all my remaining i386 systems run headless09:43
gnarfacei just assumed it was a normal transient ceres issue, but 2017 does sound like a long time ago now09:43
Necrodiveri mean that package, if its THAT old, probably could be installed through stable09:44
Necrodiverwhich might bring up the same warning, but i dunno09:44
onefangChimeara / stable is what I'm using.09:44
Necrodiveris the version of the lxpanel you have the same as the bug report?09:45
Necrodiverwell shit09:45
Necrodiverwait a minute09:45
Necrodiverthe version that the bug report is talking about is o.709:45
Necrodiverthe version im trying to install is 0.10.209:46
onefangMe and stable are 0.10.1-209:46
onefangEven oldoldstable is 0.9.3-1.09:46
Necrodiverso it shouldnt evne be a problem09:46
Necrodiveri wonder why that bug report stayed up there so long without being closed09:47
Necrodiverconsidering if it DID happen, by 0.9 it should be fixed09:47
onefangThat's one thing I hate about the bug reports from apt, it tells you the version number the bug was solved in, but long after you saw what version you are about to get instaled.09:47
gnarfaceit's a good question09:47
Necrodiveri mean i know debian is slow, but not THAT slow09:48
Necrodiverokay thanks guys, im gonna log into lxde now and see how it is09:50
Necrodiverokay im in lxde09:53
Necrodiverwow this is minimal af09:54
Necrodiverhow do i set keyboard shortcuts?09:54
onefangMinimal af is what I want. So much so that I'm thinking of dropping the LXDE desktop environment and just keeping the openbox window manager it uses.  Oh and keeping lxpanel.09:58
Necrodiveri just want a replacement for xfce09:58
gnarfaceyou should try enlightenment09:58
onefangI used to be a developer for Enlightenment.09:59
Necrodiverwhats enlightenment?09:59
onefangThings went downhill when Samsung basically took it over.09:59
gnarfacee16 might still be in the repos somewhere09:59
Necrodiverwell that figures09:59
gnarfacee16 is the pre-samsung version10:00
gnarfacethe latest few versions haven't been so bad10:00
Necrodiverim trying to reset my hotkeys10:01
Necrodiveri guess firefox-esr isnt the right command from the binary10:01
Necrodiveroh nm10:02
Necrodiveri had to save changes10:02
onefangActually I keep my hotkeys in .config/openbox/lxde-rc.xml plus other configuration.10:04
onefangOne of the reasons why I'm considering dropping the DE part, think I'm really only using the WM part.10:05
brocashelmonefang: maybe try jwm?10:05
Necrodiveri installed lxhotkey and the openbox plugin10:05
Necrodiverworking out pretty good now10:06
onefangNot familiar with jwm.  AwesomeWM has my interest though, coz it h as lots of Lua and I love Lua.10:06
brocashelmalthough i think you're supposed to install the jwmkit iso itself to get those customizations as shown in the screenshots; the packages themselves are generic10:06
brocashelmit has a devuan respin. worth a shot:
Necrodiverim so digging this10:09
onefang"JWM is written in C and uses only Xlib and (optionally) the shape extension and libXpm." yet it has 14 libraries as dependencies.  Also much prefer Lua for config over XML.10:09
Necrodiverlxde is sexy10:09
Necrodivernow to find that dark theme i like so much10:10
HelenahDoes anyone want an yggdrasil OpenRC script for Devuan? Just helping the community, ya know?
bb|hcbi have no idea what is yggdrasil but your url is 404 :)11:27
brocashelmmaking runit and openrc depend less on sysvinit, a step in the right direction11:59
FatPhilyggdrasil was a distro in the 90s, IIRC. I think I have a CDROM with it on in deep storage.12:38
onefangAlso a mythological world tree.12:39
onefangAlso - "Fully encrypted global-scale mesh network (program)"12:40
HelenahYeah that12:40
onefangI was about to say that's the one Helenah was likely talking about.12:40
HelenahAnyway it's an help in hand for the community if anyone wants it. :312:41
onefangThanks for that Helenah, even if I don't use it.12:47
HelenahSure, no problem.12:48
onefangMaybe drop a linky in the mailing list and forum?12:48
gnarfaceplease do put it on the forum at least13:40
buZzoh just a tunnel network13:51
buZzi expected a real mesh :)13:51
Walexjust use IPSEC with end-to-end encryoption with strongSwan and SSH keys. Very easy.15:57
Walexthen you no longer need tunnels or other silly things.15:58
DonkeyHoteiIPSEC has a much more embarrassing history of vulnerabilities than most tunnels15:59
WalexDonkeyHotei: that's hard to believe -- but some IPSEC key negotiators may have been in the distant past a bit buggier.16:00
WalexDonkeyHotei: anyhow most tunnels are based on IPSEC just between two routers.16:01
DonkeyHoteiIDK, maybe my memory is just longer than most16:01
DonkeyHoteiAnd no, things like wireguard have a separate history from IPSEC16:01
WalexBTW to do IPSEC efficiently it is very important to enable AESNI encryption for AES+GCM in the kernel, which is a bit awkward, but should be done as a matter of course.16:03
DonkeyHoteiAnd AES-NI has not been immune to its own facepalms, too16:04
HelenahDonkeyHotei: Long time, no chat! :D18:45
HelenahDonkeyHotei: Hey, lets talk in #devuan-offtopic :318:45
DonkeyHoteiI'm not in there. I had #debianfork on my autojoin instead, but still on freenode rather than here18:46
HelenahDonkeyHotei: May I PM?18:46
DonkeyHoteiI have not been on IRC at all in 16 months and joined last night only to ask a technical question, still unanswered18:46
DonkeyHoteiAnd yes18:47
___usedpicked this up in a forum today ... "/msg NickServ IDENTIFY user____ J09_Okl1fbz919:10
DonkeyHoteiOdd thing to find in a forum…19:12
___usedyes. I need a tool to show what's in the clipboard top when pasting19:14
DonkeyHoteiKDE had Klipper, but I haven't preferred KDE since 2.0, which was a couple of decades ago19:15
___usedre. What I actually found: "Yes, I'm aware there are actively maintained forks of python2"19:15
___usedThis would be relevant to wicd and other things. Anything related to this elusive py2 fork in devuan?19:16
___usedSpeaking of exploits: if running clamav, take care:
___usedclamav 103.7 is in beowulf19:20
golinuxAnd your problem with Devuan is . . .???19:20
golinuxThis is a support channel19:20
___usedpy2 support for wicd in devuan19:21
___usedsince wicd was not yt ported to py319:21
golinuxMight be better on #devuan-dev19:21
___usedclamav 103.7 is a current package in devuan beowulf and affected by the cve19:21
___usedre: klipper: I'm on xfce4 and it has Clipper but I need something which shows current clipboard "top" selection on hover. Perhaps on hover over the Clipman icon in the task bar. Is there such a thing in any devuan package? Show current clipboard selection in hover or other clickless ui operation?19:35
bb|hcb___used: It is much less effort to rewrite wicd in python3, imho. I do not use wicd, so don't count me in this...19:56
___usedbb|hcb: afaik there is a port under way, but there are dependencies which stalled the project.19:57
bb|hcb - this one? Last commit is 1y old20:00
bb|hcbI don't think there are deps, the only build-dep was python-babel, which is now python3-babel20:03
___usedAh. I may have missed this, still on beowulf and py2 wicd here20:04
bb|hcbI mean there are deps, but at a quick glance they do not seem to be problematic. I may be wrong, ofc20:06
___usedIs there a wicd package in chimera now?20:08
bb|hcbThere is a transitional one that depends on network-manager-gnome | network-manager | connman-gtk | cmst | connman-ui20:16
brocashelmanyone having problems with youtube-dl or yt-dlp as of yesterday? "failed to extract data" from youtube videos (only). just notified the maintainer of yt-dlp to update it, but you can also download the binary from upstream and use sudo yt-dlp -U to update it20:18
___usedWhere is the list of not-in-devuan debian packages for sid?/chimaera ?20:20
brocashelmthat could be placed in /usr/local/bin20:20
brocashelmand then you can try sudo yt-dlp -U20:20
___usedAh, chimaera is bullseye.20:20
brocashelmdo you mean the banned packages?20:20
brocashelm claims package linuxcnc is in sid as of Spring 2022 but there is nothing for Ceres at
brocashelmif it's not in sid, then it's not in ceres20:22
onefangSpring on which side of the planet?20:23
brocashelmi can see it on my end (i use ceres btw) if i do apt search linuxcnc20:23
brocashelmeven linuxcnc-uspace20:23
___usedAh so it's just the devuan online package search which fails to find it. Thanks bb|hcb .20:24
___usedInitial info from which also mentions a rt enabled kernel for sid.20:25
___usedErr thanks brocashelm too20:27
HelenahI want to purge cron from my system but it insists on installing anacron which I also do not want, I've compiled a replacement solution.20:36
rwp___used, Perhaps identify using certificates instead of passwords? I use it. FTW!
rwpAfter all of the talk of python2 being gone in Chimaera I was rather surprised to find /usr/bin/python2.7 from python2.7-minimal still exists.  Could it be used for wicd?20:41
HelenahAm I going to have to physically rip cron out of this system and dump this other cron into it despite how hacky and messy that sounds?20:43
rwpHelenah, Are you wanting anacron gone to use cron normally?  Or do you want both cron and anacron gone?20:49
rwpI do not want anacron active on certain of my machines.  Because of dependencies it is troublesome to remove and I did not want to create an equiv package to fulfill dependencies.20:49
Helenahrwp: I wan't both gone.20:50
rwpSo I did this to divert anacron's main executable out of the way: dpkg-divert --divert /usr/sbin/anacron.disabled --rename /usr/sbin/anacron20:50
rwpI think removing both is a little harsh but ykinmkbykiok so perhaps divert both programs?20:51
rwpI know diverting anacron has no problem.  Everything is set up to only use anacron optionally if it exists and not if it does not.20:51
HelenahI have a drop-in replacement but I can't do it if the system insists that I have one or the other out of its repos.20:51
rwpFor cron I think diverting it out of the way and disabling the init script should be sufficient.  That's what I would do though.20:52
rwpThe advantage of a diversion is that everything behaves as expected on upgrades.  On upgrades dpkg respects the diversion.20:53
rwpAnd they are easily listed and removed at any future time that it is desired and no lingering problems with the system.20:54
rwpBut without looking I had thought that packages requiring cron already allowed for different crons to fulfill the dependency.  No?20:55
rwpWhat's an example problem package that has a dependency that I could look at?20:55
bb|hcbHelenah: You need to build a deb and add Provides: <whatever cron provides>20:55
HelenahWell @reboot seems bugged and I even read that on Debian and Ubuntu forums so assumed Devuan was also affected so I wanted to cry and compile it to see if such clears up.20:58
rwpI use cron with @reboot and it works for me.  What's wrong with it?20:59
HelenahWell sets say I did "@reboot /home/foo/startup" and "chmod +x startup" and I add something in startup for example "echo 'test' > /home/foo/test" then reboot the system, it doesn't seem to have echo'd into the test file.21:00
rwpIs /home on a separate partition?  It might not have been mounted at that early stage in the boot.21:01
rwpI always use /var/tmp/something as the target for such things myself.21:01
Helenahrwp: Same partition as root directory.21:02
___usedIs /home/foo/startup executable and has a #!/bin/bash start line?21:05
rwpI tested this feature just now using "@reboot date -R > /var/tmp/cron.reboot.out" rebooted and the file appeared with the date in it.21:05
___usedcrond needs to be enabled to run that though.21:06
HelenahSorted thanks21:08
rwpEnabled?  Are you talking about /etc/cron.allow and /etc/cron.deny?  Those won't exist by default.  Only if a local admin creates them.21:08
___usedservice enabled21:09
___usedHelenah: what did it?21:09
rwpcron is service enabled by default.  [ This is Devuan not systemd.  :-) ]21:09
___usedDepends on what Helenah did to get rid of it just before.21:10
HelenahI'm not sure, I must've made my mistake in my test, I copied what what rwp did and it worked so now until what I actually want to do with this and thank you.21:11

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