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SoltisWhat happened to the python3.10 packages?01:07
SoltisNevermind. Did something silly.01:10
SoltisOh, no, I'm pretty sure this is wrong - python3.10-full can't be installed because python3.10-distutils has no candidates01:14
gnarfaceSoltis: in ceres? probably a temporary issue05:11
Soltisgnarface: Just how often does Ceres have broken packages like this?05:50
gnarfaceSoltis: as designated unstable, lots06:20
gnarfacebut usually they fix stuff pretty quick unless it's something unmaintained06:20
gnarfaceyou might want to check debian's bug tracker for it, and file a bug if nobody has noticed yet, but i'd be surprised since it's python06:21
gnarfacestable (currently chimaera) usually won't do this type of thing to you06:22
brocashelmi use ceres as a daily driver and rarely if ever encounter issues. you should install apt-listbugs and apt-listchanges, and then follow some basic guides on "stabilizing" your unstable install:
ted-ious5.0 beta here we come? :)13:07
brocashelmtesting and unstable are still pretty close, right?20:13
fsmithredbrocashelm, yes, only about a week apart.20:56
brocashelmnot bad. i'm officially switched over to daedalus now20:59
brocashelmthat phoronix article states the 6.2 kernel won't make it to the next stable, due to timing21:00
fsmithredis there something in 6.2 that you need?21:01
hagbardThere's always the option to build the newest kernel out of the git tree.21:04
hagbardThat way I have always an up to date kernel, independently of whatever version is in the distro.21:05
brocashelmno, just noticed that in the comments21:08
brocashelmhaven't had any issues with the 6.1 kernels21:08
onefangI'm looking forward to 6.1.21:09
brocashelmi've booted a beowulf system with 5.18 and 6.0; all good21:09
onefangI'm currently using 6.0 with Chimaera.21:09
brocashelmbeowulf's backported kernels go up to 5.10, iirc, but i needed at least 5.14 for nvtop to fully work (so i used the 5.18 kernel)21:10
brocashelmthere were apparent sound issues on 6.1, but on an artix/arch system. no sound issues here, although i only use alsa21:11
onefangI've been learning music production this year with JACK.  Now I hope I don't have any sound issues when I move to 6.1. lol21:12
brocashelmi think the issue was with pipewire21:17
onefangI'm not likely to try that.  ALSA and JACK is working for me.21:18
brocashelmoh, it seemed to affect any/all sound21:19
brocashelmthe exact kernel was 6.1.9 IIRC21:20
onefangSo could be fixed by the time I get there.21:20
brocashelmbut the kernel in testing/unstable are newer than that21:20
AnyCreatureHow do I connect to ethernet without network manager?22:55
hagbardbring up the network device, e.g. ifconfig eth0 up23:04
hagbardthen get an ip, e.g. dhclient eth023:04
hagbardor if you don't have ifconfig, you can use ip, e.g. ip link set dev eth0 up23:07
onefangOr just edit the files in /etc/network.23:16
AnyCreature@hagbard It did not work23:18
gnarfaceAnyCreature: could you be more specific?23:21
AnyCreatureThe ethernet is still not connected to internet after using ip link set eth0 up23:22
gnarfacewell you have to do a little more than that23:23
AnyCreatureWhat i have to do?23:23
gnarfaceit should be very easy to put a ip configuration in /etc/network/interfaces for eth0, then it will work23:23
AnyCreatureIs there a command that does that automatically?23:24
AnyCreatureWhat is the command?23:25
gnarfacedo you have dhcp available on your network?23:25
gnarfacecheck the contents to see what's there, it should have been set at install time honestly23:26
gnarfacethis isn't wireless, is it?23:26
AnyCreatureNo not wireless23:26
gnarfacejust /msg me what is in there currently, i'll tell you what's wrong with it23:27
gnarfacejust highlight then middle-click23:29
gnarfaceor just make sure it looks like this:
gnarfacethen it should work23:35
gnarfaceas long as dhcp is working23:35

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