libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2023-02-27

jiribhi all, i'm trying to figure out how Devuan maintains the packages - that is, i see `crmsh' is at
jiribbut if i go to, it is not there09:57
jirib(moreover, it has systemctl hardcoded, so i'd like to figure out how is it with such packages...)09:58
buZzjirib: most packages in devuan come straight from debian10:08
buZz-quite- possible that second link is about our own packages10:09
buZzwhile the first link is about the packages able to install (which includes debians)10:09
jiribso some packages are installed directly from debian?10:13
buZzjirib: almost all of them, yes , they are handled transparantly10:15
jiribbuZz: so what are your sources.list ?10:20
buZzhuh? same as yours i bet10:21
buZzdeb chimaera main non-free contrib10:21
jiribi don't have devuan installed yet; i'm observing...10:22
jiribso you don't have corosync, pacemaker packages... right?10:22
jiribi was thinking to give it a try to devuan based cluster10:25
buZzcorosync/stable 3.1.2-2 amd6410:27
buZzpacemaker/stable 2.0.5-2 amd6410:27
buZzjirib: have you heard of 'virtualbox' ? :P you could just try it out10:27
Joriljirib: FWIW I have a two-node cluster built on Devuan 2.110:32
buZzjirib: some people install 'proxmox' on top of devuan10:33
jiribJoril: surprising. `crm cluster stop' does call `systemctl stop pacemaker' iiuc; did you patch it?10:33
buZzwhy would a cluster manager assume you're running it ON the cluster?10:34
jiribJoril: and... in systemd world, sbd is a dep for corosync. how did you define deps between these daemons?10:36
buZz'apt install corosync' show me it will install > corosync libcfg7 libcmap4 libcorosync-common4 libcpg4 libknet1 libnozzle1 libqb100 libquorum5 libstatgrab10 libvotequorum810:36
buZz'sbd' is installable in devuan too10:37
Joriljirib: I don't use crmsh, I don't remember if I had tried it out and removed it because of some problem :/10:38
jiribJoril: so you work with xml directly? :)10:38
JorilI use LCMC: https://lcmc.sourceforge.net10:39
jiribJoril: thx, that explains how you can manage it ;)10:40
Joriljirib: I've just installed crmsh, it looks like the version in Ascii calls "service pacemaker stop" and "service corosync stop", no systemd here10:43
Joril(from /usr/lib/python2.7/dist-packages/crmsh/ )10:43
jiribyeah, maybe in old version. newer has
Joril...things changed with crmsh 4.0, right10:46
JorilLooking at it right now10:46
JorilCalls systemctl directly10:47
jiribsince it is developed in SUSE, no wonder :)10:48
jiribJoril: anyway, thank you for checking it10:50
Jorilyou're welcome :)10:51

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