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spine-o-saurusi just loaded up fluxbox, but when I change the keymaps to launch a program it thinks im using some other program shortcut and it never launches02:41
spine-o-saurusalso the icon theme was set in user config but some how Adwaita mouse cursor is still in use02:42
golinuxDid you long out and in after the changes?02:43
spine-o-saurusbut when I deleted Adwaita theme from system it was using the correct icons02:43
golinuxAdwaita is a scourage . . .02:43
golinuxand a bully02:44
spine-o-saurusi couldn't find out where it was applying that config02:44
golinuxgnome is a bully too02:45
golinuxIt is the "default" system icon theme02:45
golinuxWhat release are you using?02:46
golinuxIf you are trying to use the default theme, I don't think it's set up yet in desktop-base which could be part of the problem . . .02:51
pungentweaselI'm confused about something with ARM images (long link so I'll post my question in the next msg).. see here:
pungentweaselwhere does the bootloader come into play?02:54
pungentweaselthere isn't much info on the forum about these concatenatable images and no documenation02:54
rrqpoint your web search at "PXE netboot"02:56
pungentweaselrrq, is that reply for me?02:57
pungentweaselokay will do, thank you02:57
rrq(I've only trialled pxe boot with amd64 though; I assume it's pretty much the same for arm)03:02
pungentweaselok no prob03:04
golinuxpungentweasel: Haven't seen you in a while . . .03:06
golinuxWelcome back!03:06
pungentweaselya, it's been a while :)03:08
youni2Hi. I have just installed devuan on i9 12900, gigabyte aorus elite ax. And i have incorrect resolution, and have no wifi, only ethernet.15:34
youni2How to download kernel 5.14 ? Is it already compiled somewhere?15:35
fsmithredI think 5.15 or later is in chimaera-backports15:36
finkfoxhi. i'm trying to install devuan chimaera via desktop-live install. I have a fresh unpartitioned/unformated harddisk. how should I format it?16:09
finkfoxas I see there is the MBR and the GPT/UEFI way. which one is recommended and why?16:09
finkfoxthere is also the info text "to boot gpt disk in legacy bios you must create a small unformated partition with `bios_grub` flag ..."16:11
gnarfacefinkfox: the live installer shouldn't require you to pre-partition or format16:27
gnarfaceit should take care of all of that for you16:28
gnarfacebut, in general, when in doubt use MBR16:28
finkfoxgnarface: ok thank you16:33
fsmithredgnarface, fyi the live installer does not partition for you. It lets you choose gparted, gdisk or cfdisk to partition manually if needed.17:06
gnarfaceoh? i thought it was just a 1-click thing.17:06
fsmithredno, I was never comfortable with messing with someone else's partitions if I can't see them.17:07
gnarfacefinkfox: sorry, i haven't actually looked at it, i was wrong about that.17:07
fsmithredand that's exactly what I feel like I'm doing if I set it up to do automatic partitioning.17:07
fsmithredgpt with bios boot is useful if you have a large disk or if you want more than four primary partitions.17:08
fsmithredlarge disk means 2T or bigger17:11
youniplease, where can I download chimaera new kernel 5.15 compiled already ?17:57
gnarfaceyouni2, youni: does it need to be exactly 5.15? there's newer kernels in chimaera-backports. they're actually newer than 5.15 now.17:58
youniok, i added chimaera backports to /etc/apt/sources.list, now doing update, this process is so slow by internet is normal but downloading from devuan is slow.  and then i will find something newer than 5.10 here 'apt-cache search linux-image' and then type apt install linux-image-5.16 or higher yes ?18:11
gnarfaceyouni: "apt-cache -t chimaera-backports search ^linux-image-"18:12
gnarfaceyouni: if you're using any non-free firmware or drivers make sure you get their corresponding packages from backports too18:13
younii found linux-image-6.0.0 but 'E: Unable to locate package linux-image-6.0.0'18:14
youniapt -t chimaera-backports install linux-image-6.0.018:15
younidoesnt work18:15
gnarfaceyouni: you're certainly missing the rest of the package name18:16
gnarfaceit wouldn't just end in .0, there should be clearly -type-arch18:16
gnarfaceat least18:16
fsmithredtry apt -t chimaera-backports install linux-image-5.19.11-1~bpo11+118:17
onefangIf you are doing this on a desktop system, synaptic might be easier.18:19
gnarfaceshouldn't there be a -686 or -amd64 in that package name?18:21
youniapt list --installed 2>/dev/null| grep linux-image18:23
younilinux-image-5.10.0-9-amd64/now 5.10.70-1 amd64 [installed,local]18:23
younilinux-image-5.19.0-0.deb11.2-rt-amd64-unsigned/stable-backports,now 5.19.11-1~bpo11+1 amd64 [installed]18:23
youninow, please which drivers you recommend for core i9 12900 anderlake ?18:23
gnarfaceyouni: according to intel, the defaults should be best for that one. if you have problems you can switch xorg from the "modesetting" (default) driver to the "intel" driver, which should also already be installed stock. you shouldn't need anything extra afaik.18:26
gnarface(except mesa packages)18:27
younii have motherboard gigabyte aorus elite ax, and i think wifi is on it. now i have no wifi in devuan. but in rocky driver i915 was in use18:28
fsmithredfirmware-misc-free has i915 stuff in it18:32
fsmithredshit, sorry18:32
younihere it is my lspci -v
youniyes it is not free, buti think i couldnt run wifi other way18:33
gnarfaceyouni: yea, try firmware-misc-nonfree. from backports if it's there, otherwise just from the regular repos18:37
youni# apt install firmware-misc-nonfree18:39
younifirmware-misc-nonfree is already the newest version (20210315-3).18:39
youniso I booted with this package but have no wifi18:39
youniip link show18:39
youni1: lo: <LOOPBACK,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 65536 qdisc noqueue state UNKNOWN mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100018:39
youni    link/loopback 00:00:00:00:00:00 brd 00:00:00:00:00:0018:39
youni2: eth0: <BROADCAST,MULTICAST,UP,LOWER_UP> mtu 1500 qdisc pfifo_fast state UP mode DEFAULT group default qlen 100018:39
youni    link/ether 74:56:3c:68:57:ec brd ff:ff:ff:ff:ff:ff18:39
gnarfaceno; apt -t chimaera-backports install firmware-misc-nonfree18:39
gnarfaceit won't (or at least isn't supposed to) use backports unless you explicitly add "-t chimaera-backports"18:39
gnarface(and then reboot)18:41
fsmithreddoesn't seem to be in backports18:42 says it is18:42
youniapt -t chimaera-backports install firmware-misc-nonfree18:44
youniReading package lists... Done18:44
youniBuilding dependency tree... Done18:44
youniReading state information... Done18:44
younifirmware-misc-nonfree is already the newest version (20210315-3).18:44
youni0 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 301 not upgraded.18:44
youniok hope i will have normal graphics and wifi now when reboot
gnarfacehmm, something is wrong18:45
gnarfaceit should definitely be in non-free, and that's not the version listed18:45
gnarfacefsmithred: how often does pkginfo update its caches?18:45
fsmithrednot sure18:45
gnarface*should definitely be in backports i mean18:45
fsmithredI might not have non-free on my bpo line18:45
gnarfaceyouni: make sure you have non-free in your backports line on sources.list18:46
fsmithredyeah, now I see it after fixing sources.list18:48
younisorry, yes, added now '# grep non-free /etc/apt/sources.list18:48
younideb chimaera-backports main non-free'18:48
youniand installed '# apt -t chimaera-backports install firmware-misc-nonfree18:48
youniThe following packages will be upgraded:18:48
youni  firmware-amd-graphics firmware-linux-nonfree firmware-misc-nonfree18:48
youni3 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 314 not upgraded.'18:48
spine-o-saurusi loaded up fluxbox but when I set keymap combo for shortcut it isnt triggering the application18:48
brocashelmgot a bunch of xfce updates on ceres18:49
brocashelmalthough i'm on daedalus18:50
gnarfaceyouni: i thought your rig had a intel gpu?18:50
brocashelm(checking every now and then to see how close they are)18:51
youniyes i have intel UHD 770 graphics, and use it. i have no another gpu, cause dont know which to choose for devuan18:51
gnarfaceyouni: well just fyi you shouldn't need firmware-amd-graphics unless you have AMD graphics18:52
gnarfaceyouni: but you should check lspci to be sure18:52
gnarface(i'm not familiar with your specific hardware)18:53
younisorry, one more confusion, my boot disk partition is controlled by rocky linux that i installed after devuan and chosen the same partition for boot. and this is why i again booted to old kernel 5.10. could you advise how to kick of grub of rocky and install grub of devuan again to '/dev/nvme0n1p1       2048   1026047   1024000   500M EFI System' ?18:53
gnarfaceyouni: try running update-grub from inside devuan18:54
younisorry, i think i have some breaks in mount, because i cannot see partition for /boot:19:00
youniand also when i boot (choosing devuan in grub menu controlled by rocky) so devuan says some errors about this. is it still possible to turn boot partiotion back to devuan ?19:00
youni# cat /etc/fstab19:01
gnarfaceyouni: try running grub-install but point it at the disk instead of a partition19:02
younii think that rocky formated my first partition and its uuid changed to C820-B4F1, but devuan still uses uuid D7F4-6C3D19:03
gnarfaceyouni: look in /dev/disk/by-uuid19:04
younils /dev/disk/by-uuid19:04
younihow to say devuan now to use this disk and to change fstab ?19:05
gnarfaceyouni: just change the fstab with a text editor19:05
youniand then reboot ?19:05
spine-o-sauruswtf is wrong with this keymap? i use the same keymap for any other fluxbox and it works fine but its not launching anything with the Mod4 combos19:06
gnarfacespine-o-saurus: couldn't tell you but make sure you have locales installed, then run "dpkg-reconfigure locales" and "dpkg-reconfigure keyboard-configuration" ... if that doesn't work i dunno what's up19:08
gnarfacespine-o-saurus: if you mean it works on other distros but not devuan, it could be a kernel or window manager version difference i think19:13
youniok. now i have devuba's grub, normal resolution, and i915 in use19:13
younilspci -v19:13
youni00:02.0 VGA compatible controller: Intel Corporation AlderLake-S GT1 (rev 0c) (prog-if 00 [VGA controller])19:13
youniKernel driver in use: i91519:13
younialso wifi19:13
youni00:14.3 Network controller: Intel Corporation Device 7a70 (rev 11)19:13
youniKernel modules: iwlwifi19:13
younibut i had lot error messages during boot:
spine-o-sauruswhat's strange is this one works:# send the current window to previous/next workspace19:13
spine-o-saurusMod4 Left :SendToPrevWorkspace19:13
gnarfaceyouni: use if you want me to actually look at the pastes19:13
spine-o-saurusbut not this one:Mod4 E :caja19:14
spine-o-saurusthat has nothing to do with the kerenel or config19:15
spine-o-saurusthat is somebug19:15
younihere are my errors with iwlwifi
gnarfaceyouni: oh, are the only errors related to iwlwifi? that firmware is in a separate package (also in non-free still)19:16
gnarfaceyouni: it is called (unsurprisingly): firmware-iwlwifi. make sure you also get it from backports19:17
youniok, that is because non-free modules not loaded during boot, but it will be loaded after boot ?19:17
gnarfaceyouni: no, you just need another package19:18
gnarfacemore non-free stuff19:18
gnarfacethis one19:18
youniapt install -t chimaera-backports firmware-iwlwifi19:18
youniThe following packages will be upgraded:19:18
youni  firmware-iwlwifi19:18
youni1 upgraded, 0 newly installed, 0 to remove and 313 not upgraded19:18
youni  so done. reboot19:18
gnarfaceyes, reboot19:18
gnarfaceerrors should disappear19:18
younibut also i91519:19
youni[    6.282941] i915 0000:00:02.0: firmware: failed to load i915/tgl_guc_70.1.1.bin (-2)19:19
youni[    6.282942] firmware_class: See for information about missing firmware19:19
youni[    6.282946] i915 0000:00:02.0: firmware: failed to load i915/tgl_guc_70.1.1.bin (-2)19:19
youni[    6.282951] i915 0000:00:02.0: firmware: failed to load i915/tgl_guc_69.0.3.bin (-2)19:19
youni[    6.282955] i915 0000:00:02.0: firmware: failed to load i915/tgl_guc_69.0.3.bin (-2)19:19
youni[    6.282956] i915 0000:00:02.0: GuC firmware i915/tgl_guc_70.1.1.bin: fetch failed with error -219:19
gnarfaceyouni, youni2: hmm, try running "update-initramfs" and reboot again, if that doesn't work your hardware may actually be too new for backports even19:21
gnarfaceyouni2: that link it tells you about on debian's wiki has instructions for where to go to get firmware that's not in debian19:22
youniwhat to give to update-initramfs ? it doesnt want to work You must specify at least one of -c, -u, or -d.19:24
younils /boot/vmlin*19:24
younils /boot/vmlin*19:24
gnarfaceoh, update-initramfs -y19:24
gnarfacei mean update-initramfs -u19:24
youniyes it took newer kernel. Generating /boot/initrd.img-5.19.0-0.deb11.2-rt-amd64. hope this version fir for my hardware19:25
younino sorry, errors still appear, and i cannot choose wifi device in networkmanager19:29
gnarfacebummer. very new hardware then?19:29
gnarfaceyou will need to follow the instructions listed there on
gnarface(looks like basically you're gonna have to get those extra missing firmware files from some public repo)19:30
youniyes. i think so. core i9 12900. but i also read that from kernel 5.15 driver i915 was locked by default. so i use kernel 5.14 on rocky and everything works. hope you know how to unlock i915 ? may be i need to add some words in grub menu entry ?19:30
gnarfacehmm, i don't know off the top of my head, but if it can be done from a grub menu entry then check the one from rocky linux.19:31
gnarfaceconceivably there could be some kernel command-line parameter you need to add, which might still work in devuan19:32
youniwill try GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="quiet i915.modeset=1 bluetooth.blacklist=yes"19:34
gnarfaceyouni: remove "quiet"19:35
younistill did not solve with GRUB_CMDLINE_LINUX_DEFAULT="i915.modeset=1 bluetooth.blacklist=yes"  and update-grub. i think i need kernel 5.14. but cannot see it - only 5.10 and then 5.1819:46
gnarfaceyouni: it's very unlikely that you need an older kernel. what is most likely is that you need those missing firmware files. you could try copying them from rocky linux but like i said i think you should get them from where the debian wiki says to get them.19:47
gnarfacehi anon, just state your questions if you have any20:53
anonHow install Icecat in devuan?20:55
gnarfaceanon: you'll have to see if they provide binaries and or sources themselves20:57
fsmithredyeah, I think you just download and unpack the tarball.20:58
rwpanon, If you are having trouble installing upstream GNU IceCat then I suggest asking in #icecat as that is where the IceCat experts hang out.22:16
rwpAs far as I know though upstream GNU IceCat has not made a release since 2019 though.  Looks like version 60 is their most recent.22:18
rwpTherefore I think you are better off using the Mozilla Firefox version.  When it comes to the web we must keep updated.  That's the world we live in now.22:19
brocashelmlibrewolf would get my recommendation over icecat for that reason alone22:40
brocashelmyou can use the appimage or obs repos22:40
brocashelmanother one you might like is abrowser, which you will have to get from trisquel's repo22:52
finkfoxtrying to install devuan via "desktop install dvd" ... the step "select and install software" fails repeatedly. How can I debug why?22:59
finkfoxinternet connection should be fine22:59
finkfoxwhat does this mean: Note that offline installation may require a retry of the Software selection step. Repeating this action should allow the install to continue.23:00
finkfoxso I try again, but it still fails.23:00
finkfoxI think it has a problem with the "desktop environment" part. If I deselect these it works.23:01
finkfoxthat is "devuan desktop environment" and "... xfce"23:01
finkfoxhow can I install these after install? from commandline?23:01
brocashelmyeah, you can install them later. those isos are just tasksels for the base system23:04
brocashelmlike apt install xfce4 (metapackage)23:04
brocashelmthe refracta installer is easier imo23:04
fsmithredif you want the whole bloated mess, install task-xfce-desktop23:07
finkfoxfsmithred: I'd prefer to avoid bloat. Just a simple slim xfce4 desktop environment would be great.23:08
fsmithredthen just install xfce423:09
fsmithredthen whatever word processor, browser, multimedia apps and whatever else you can add as you need.23:10
fsmithredfor even less bloat add "--no-install-recommends' to the install command.23:10
brocashelmfinkfox: apt install --no-install-recommends xfce4-session thunar xfwm4 xfdesktop4 tumbler xfce4-terminal xfce4-panel23:12
brocashelmthat would get you started with a minimal xfce desktop23:12
finkfoxok I finished installed without desktop environment, now on shell. How do I manage/setup wifi connection?23:13
brocashelmhow are you handling networking? through a gui like network-manager or connman? or from cli?23:13
finkfoxwell, i'm on cli now. what are my options?23:14
fsmithredand are you using a wire right now?23:14
finkfoxnope, wifi only23:14
brocashelmyou will need to enable non-free to get the firmware to work with your wireless23:14
fsmithredfirst figure out if you got whatever firmware you need23:14
fsmithredit likely got installed already23:15
fsmithredfirmware packages are in the installer isos23:15
finkfoxiwlwifi seems loaded23:15
fsmithredunless you have certain broadcom wireless23:15
finkfoxso how do I configure wifi from commandline?23:16
brocashelmcheck with /etc/network/interfaces23:16
fsmithredinstall nm-tui if possible23:16
finkfoxhow? without wifi connection?23:16
fsmithredwpasupplicant and wireless-tools23:16
fsmithredthey should be in the iso23:17
fsmithreddid you use usb or dvd?23:17
brocashelmhe said dvd23:17
finkfoxwait, i put on usb stick23:18
fsmithredapt install <package>23:18
fsmithredapt may or may not find it.23:18
finkfoxbut I thought apt install needs internet connection, no?23:18
fsmithredif you install without network, it puts the cdrom/dvd in sources.list23:19
fsmithredand you will be asked to insert it when you try to install something23:19
brocashelmyou can also download the specific deb files and transfer them via usb to your laptop and force them to install with dpkg -i /path/to/package.deb23:19
fsmithredbut dosn't always work with usb.23:19
brocashelmi personally find that easier than searching through isos23:19
fsmithredor just find them in the usb23:19
fsmithredor boot the live iso, get network connection, chroot the installed system and install what you want.23:21
finkfoxwhich deb file am I looking for on the usb stick?23:22
fsmithredwpasupplicant wireless-tools23:23
finkfoxwhy arent these tools already installed when installing base?23:24
fsmithredand network-manager23:24
fsmithredbecause you un-checked desktop stuff, I guess23:24
finkfoxthese packages are part of desktop?23:25
fsmithreda no-desktop install is generally a server, and they usually have ethernet ports23:25
fsmithredI guess that's the reasoning23:25
finkfoxwhen I try dpkg I get "ldconfig not foun din PATH ..."23:25
fsmithreddid you su to root?23:26
fsmithreduse 'su -' instead23:26
fsmithredand then you'll get root's path23:26
fsmithredalthough that doesn't sound like the right error message for that problem.23:27
fsmithredusually get 'command not found'23:27
finkfoxsu - helped23:28
fsmithredyeah, dumb change in su from upstream23:29
finkfoxmanaged to install wpasupplicant and wireless-tools ... network-manager fails due to "dependency problems"23:30
finkfoxdo I really need network-manager at this point?23:30
finkfoxok, how to proceed to get wifi connection?23:31
fsmithredit's possible to do it with wpasupplicant, but I don't know it well enough to walk you through it23:31
gnarfaceunless you have something weird, you should be able to do it from /etc/network/interfaces as normal, adding wpa-ssid and wpa-psk fields23:31
fsmithredoh, it's also possible to disable wireless encryption in your router and then make a simple entry in /etc/network/interfaces23:31
gnarface(note "wpa-psk" is a misnomer, it's actually just your plaintext password, no need to actually "psk" it)23:32
gnarfaceas long as wpasupplicant is installed you can have encryption doing it this way with /etc/network/interfaces23:32
gnarfaceit will engage encryption on seeing the "wpa-psk" field, i think23:33
fsmithredI have done it that way in the past.23:33
gnarfacethere's a ton of other possible fields, but unless your hardware or driver is weird you should only need these two fields23:33
finkfoxok thank you23:34
gnarfacei think it might engage encryption on seeing the "wpa-psk" field instead of "wpa-password" but i'm not sure, check the ... uh, i think iwconfig man page? there's some man page23:34
gnarface(btw since your password is in there, i recommend making the interfaces file only readable as root after doing this)23:35
fsmithredHere's what I've got in my notes:23:37
gnarfaceuh, finkfox comes back tell them they don't have to reboot to change network settings23:37
fsmithred        ### use 'wpa_passphrase <ssid> [passphrase]' to generate hex-key23:37
fsmithred        ### enter the result below23:37
fsmithred                wpa-psk <hex-key>23:37
fsmithredoh, woops.23:37
gnarfacei think that it's optional that it's encrypted now23:38
fsmithredmaybe. My notes are old.23:41
gnarfacei remember it changing but my memory is vague on the series of events, it seems to me like something happened where they used this field for wpa1/2 passwords both encrypted and unencrypted because they needed to reserve the old field for wep passwords or something like that23:42
gnarfaceor maybe it was actually about keying whether to engage encryption or not i'm not sure23:42
gnarfacei just remember having to change it23:42

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