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luisHello, I'm searching for a bit of help. I want Devuan to automount my two disks. I set it up, and one of them works perfectly, but no the other. The first only has a single partition. The second has a primary partition, a shitty partition windows made and a bit of unallocated space. First, I wanna know if anyone here has leadings on why windows creates the small partition (it might be related to gaming stuff), and then I wanna know if that's what is07:57
luispreventing Devuan from autobooting the disk please. Thank you07:57
luisI haven't found why windows creates such partitions, though I suspect it happened when installing Forza07:57
gnarfaceluis: i think it's your system restoration data storage08:09
gnarfacei can't imagine why it'd be preventing automount though08:09
gnarfacewait, autoboot or automount? those are two very different hings08:10
luisgnarface, why would that be in a non-system disk08:10
luisautomount I guess? The disks are not bootable08:11
gnarfacehow are you setting auto-mount? by /etc/fstab?08:11
gnarfacei don't know why it'd be on a non-system disk, it's been a really long time since i've used windows08:13
gnarfaceanyway, the only thing i can think of is maybe it's coincidence and something else is preventing the mount, like missing tools for the filesystem format or something like that08:14
gnarfacebut other possibilities might depend on how you've configured the auto-mount08:15
gnarfacethe one that works is linux formatted?08:15
gnarfaceit might help to have a relevant error message or something08:16
luisby the GUY08:16
luisthe one that works is NTFS as well, but only one partition that isn't windows reserved08:17
gnarfacehmm, so it's also possible that gui tool is deciding not to mount it for some reason08:17
gnarfaceand it's possible i'm forgetting something obvious08:17
luisHow can I get the error? I can see one when booting (too quick to see what's written correctly) but I don't see it in dmesg08:18
gnarfaceare they both MSDOS partition tables or is one GPT?08:18
gnarfacecheck the disk labels too, maybe there's something weird based on the partition labels08:18
gnarfacelook in /var/log/08:19
luisHow do I i know MSDOS or GPT? Kinda unexperienced here08:19
gnarfacei'm not sure where the program you're using would log, but it'd be there or in your home dir08:19
luisthe labels are sda, sdb etc?08:19
gnarfacelabels would be descriptive text strings you'd assing08:20
luisSun Mar  5 07:25:43 2023: Mounting local filesystems...ntfs-3g-mount: failed to access mountpoint /mnt/Saloon: No such file or directory08:20
luisSun Mar  5 07:25:43 2023: failed.08:20
luisIt's in /var/log/boot08:20
gnarfacewell that looks fairly obvious, though there's no answer to why it's trying to do that08:20
luiswhat do you mean08:21
gnarfaceseems like you've got it configured to auto-mount to a directory that doesn't exist08:21
gnarfacethe mount point has to exist before you can mount, it won't create it for you08:21
gnarfacemake sure the directory /mnt/Saloon exists first08:22
luisI didn't create the dir for the other disk tho08:22
luisat least I don't remember08:22
gnarfacewhere is it mounting?08:22
luisin /mnt/Academis08:23
gnarfaceno errors before that? maybe they're different ntfs versions?08:23
gnarfaceare you able to manually mount that drive?08:24
luisI don't see any error08:24
gnarfacewell, hang out, someone might have an idea08:27
gnarfaceand try to figure out what exact software you're actually using to do this08:27
gnarfacei suspect that most likely it is something that depends on udisks208:28
luisI think I'll just reformat the Saloon disk and check if windows tries to create another partition or not08:31
brocashelmis netctl impossible to use in devuan? it cannot be forked to depend on a different init?08:48
luishow do I change the user interface?10:15
luisrunning cinnamon rn10:15
gnarfaceluis: you should be able to just install a different one and make it the default with update-alternatives10:25
luishonestly, from a user view, they just seem to be the same10:34
luiswhich one is more customizable?10:34
luisnvm, stupid question10:37
luislet's get to another point. My Linux is in English, but my keyboard is french. The keyboard layout in the login screen is UK I believe, and then it switches to french. How do I have it switch at the login screen so i can type the password better?10:39
luisI tried some stuff a few days ago but it didn't work10:39
youniI finally solved my issue with wifi in Devuan for i9 12900. I just looked at names of modules it needed here the names like iwlwifi-so-a0-gf-a0-71.ucode . Then I found on intel site an advice to use new kernel drivers from here16:15
youni . So i just cloned them all with `git clone` . And then I copied necessary files to /lib/firmware and updated initramfs. And also I blacklisted iwl-debug-yoyo with `options iwlwifi16:15
younienable_ini=N` in /etc/modprobe.d/iwlwifi.conf. So now I use wifi normally.16:15
youniI removed some packages `apt-get purge geoclue* xscreensaver sane* xsane* cups* avahi* hddtemp exim* mdadm pcscd speech* gnome-keyring` and when I do `apt update; apt upgrade` devuan offers me to install them again. How to prevent installation of packages I already deleted?16:18
buZzlikely youni had some meta package installed for 'desktop'17:20
PlasmoduckHi, my system time isn't sticking. It's alway 1 hour behind when I reboot. How do I fix this?17:59
PlasmoduckYesterday I done sudo ntpdate au.pool.ntp.org18:00
Plasmoduckwhich fixed it, but it does not persister over reboots18:00
bb|hcbPlasmoduck: Depends on your settings, if bios clock is set to UTC, then hwclock -u --systohc18:00
bb|hcbIf BIOS clock is localtime, then hwclock --systohc18:01
Plasmoduckbb|hcb: yes it is set to UTC. Thanks18:01
bb|hcb...and getting ntp+ntpdate is a good idea anyways18:01
XenguyPlasmoduck: chrony may be worth a look18:07
younihello. i cannot configure wifi network via service networking with my usual config (while networkmanagers works). coud you advise something? my config and ifconfig a- are here
gnarfaceyouni: the use of network-manager and /etc/network/interfaces conflict. putting networking in /etc/network/interfaces won't function properly if network-manager is installed19:25
gnarfaceyouni2: i can't be sure all those wpa-* fields you're using are completely ok, but one thing at a time19:48
youni2Can someone help? I disabled network manager service, rebooted. And i can use networking for wired connection through eth0 in /etc/network/interfaces. But have no internet if configure wifi in /etc/network/interfaces20:11
gnarfaceyouni2: i was under the impression that just disabling network-manager isn't enough, but i'm not sure20:13
gnarfacei tend to avoid it20:13
gnarfacenothing looks obviously wrong with your /etc/network/interfaces file except that it has a lot of wpa-* fields and i'm not sure they're all actually helping20:14
rwpIf an interface is listed in /etc/network/interfaces then network-manager _should_ be avoiding touching it or doing anything with it.  Good.20:14
rwpBut if using /e/n/i file then use "ifup wlan0" and "ifdown wlan0" to bring it up and down.20:14
fsmithredn-m messes with /etc/resolv.conf. That's a possible issue.20:16
rwpAlso I have always written the configuration using the method described for wpa_supplicant.conf as described here
rwpfsmithred yes, and then people think they are having a network problem when they are having a DNS resolution problem instead, which is completely different.20:16
gnarfacei don't think youni has received any of our replies21:37
youni2Help me to register to devuan galaxy forum.  I answer to "what is release name coming after ascii?" Beowulf, but it says im spamer. I use vpn speedtest. Ip How to register there?21:41
youni2I tried much times from different vpn, answering fine,  but always spamer21:44
gnarfacegolinux: ^21:45
gnarfacenot sure who's in charge of the forums righ tnow21:45
gnarfaceright now*21:45
Jjp137although a bit outdated (should be updated to remove "freenode") but the general gist is there21:46
youni2Ok im in that db with email git@youni.world21:48
gnarfaceyouni2: i dunno if you caught the replies earlier but someone suggested that your network might still be broken because network-manager has trampled your /etc/resolv.conf21:49
youni2I installed resolvconf. And i added to /etc/resolvconf/resolvconf.d/base my strings:21:51
youni2But i 'ping' and i think it is not using resolvconf21:53
gnarfaceresolvconf is so you can put your nameservers into /etc/network/interfaces directly but your earlier paste did not show you using it, and i'm not sure network-manager wouldn't still get in its way21:53
youni2I think wpa supplicant under the hood of netwrking service is using wrong device or driver (in key -D)21:53
gnarfaceafaik network-manager still depends on wpasupplicant so i'm not sure that's possible21:55
youni2I have one pc without nm works fine.  But this new pc with drivers copied from kernel git, have troubles with networkng and wpa21:56
gnarfaceever heard of such an occurrence, rwp?21:56
gnarfaceyouni2: rwp left you this link earlier:
gnarfacelike i said, you shouldn't have to touch the wpasupplicant config, but there's an alternate approach that does involve making its config hold the network configuration instead21:58
youni2Im sorry i didnt see wpa_supplicant.conf, and didnt know if i can use such file in devuan. Ok will split  double wpa lines from /etc/network/interfaces to /etc/wpa_supplicant/wpa_supplicant.conf. should i leave those lies worth prefix wpa in interfaces?22:00
gnarfacei dunno, someone else would have to answer that. i've never done it that way.22:01
gnarfacei would have advised you to work out the issue with /etc/network/interfaces as i believe you've misdiagnosed the problem, but i'm not sitting in front of the same hardware so i don't know.22:02
youni2Nm always slowed boot process and also could stop rebooting and halting. This is why i dislike it. But on devuan i still hadn't troubles, but my own script with networking service works faster22:03
gnarfacei don't blame you, i don't use network-manager either. the approach of just using /etc/network/interfaces and /etc/resolv.conf directly has always worked for me.22:04
gnarfaceand the configuration method i use, it doesn't seem like you've actually completely tested22:05
gnarfacein fact it seems like you gave up on it moments before it was about to work22:06
youni2I also don't use dhcp for speed. Wpa supplicant cannot work with static ip, and need to use/etc/network/interfaces22:06
gnarfacei'm not sure that's actually true, but it's immaterial to my point22:06
gnarfaceyou should be able to put your nameservers in /etc/resolv.conf directly then run "ifup wlan0" and it should work22:06
youni2I got rest "Destination Host unreachable". Its better than "Network is unreachable"22:07
youni2Ok i will remove resolvconf package and will edit resolv.conf22:08
youni2I also didnt find wpa logs. I got errors in ifup wlan0 but didn't get details22:09
gnarfaceby default wpasupplicant logs to /var/log/daemon.log but you might need to increase logging verbosity in wpa_supplicant.conf to see anything useful22:11
gnarfacetry only specifying ssid and password in your /etc/network/interfaces22:11
gnarfaceyou shouldn't have to set the other fields unless something is wrong with your router or drivers22:12
gnarfacewhich, again... might be true, but we haven't actually seen any evidence to suggest that yet22:12
gnarfaceall evidence points to a configuration error22:12
gnarfacethe logs might help22:13
rwpI agree with gnarface that things were partially tested and not resolution for any of the possibilities.  So...  No idea yet on the real problem.23:22
rwpBest to keep things simple.  And then debug small parts of things at a time.23:22
rwpwpa_supplicant handles the "WiFi Association" part of things.  Not the IP Address part of things.  Not the default route part.  Not the DNS nameserver part.23:23
rwpIt's okay to set that up as a static IP but it is definitely less typical to be done so on WiFi.  Since most WiFi will use DHCP using dhclient (or other dhcp client) to set up the IP address, default route, and DNS nameserver.23:23

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