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michaelisHi! Tried to install Devuan Chrimea in virtualbox but dpkg-deb cannot decompress the kernel. Any ideas?12:48
buZzmichaelis: whats the error13:05
michaelisbuZz: dpkg-deb: error processing archive /media/cdrom//pool/DEBIAN/main/l/linux-signed-i386/linux-image-5.10.0-9-686_5.10.70-1_i386.deb (--unpack):14:06
michaelisMore specifically lzma error: compressed data is corrupt.14:07
buZzsounds like compressed data is corrupt14:09
buZzmaybe confirm the .iso to the checksum files?14:09
buZzto see if you have a corrupt download14:09
u-amarsh04having trouble booting kernel 6.3.0-rc1 built from source here btw14:09
u-amarsh04will take a photo of the boot process where it goes into an infinite loop soon14:10
buZzdid you use defconfig or /proc/config.gz ?14:10
michaelisbuZz: I did confirm it and it's ok. I'm trying to install it in virtualbox. Man am I having problems with installing something there. Artix didn't work, and now not Devuan.14:13
buZzmichaelis: sounds like somethings wrong14:14
buZzmichaelis: maybe you could try running memtest86 on the host?14:14
michaelisbuZz: Maybe you're on to something.14:16
michaelisI'll try it.14:16
buZzmichaelis: doesnt make sense that a correct iso would be corrupt in virtualbox14:17
u-amarsh04rebuilding 6.3.0-rc1 after upgrading unstable/ceres, objtool was rebuilt and every bit of kernel source along with it14:56
u-amarsh04getting a lot of Begin: Running /scripts/local-block . . . done. when attempting to boot 6.3.0-rc1 compared to booting with 6.2.0+ a few commits earlier17:12
drinkAnybody know where I find libwireplumber for the wireplumber in chimaera-backports?21:09
gnarfaceit doesn't work with the regular version?21:11
drinkI don't show a regular version, am I missing a repo?21:12
gnarfacenot sure, which do you have?21:12
drinkchimaera, -updates, -security, and -backports, main contrib and non-free for each.21:14
hagbardlibwireplumber isn't in stable, but in testing and unstable, according to:
hagbardSame for devuan.21:18
drinkhmm, I managed to get it going before by specifying versions21:19
drinkI have it installed successfully on my desktop and now I'm trying to do it again on my laptop and wondering if I could do it more easily21:19
drinkI just looked at all the alternate records and specified all the necessary versions of things21:20
hagbardwhich devuan release do you use?21:21
gnarfacesounds like you may have mixed in a daedalus package21:22
drinkjust installed chimaera21:22
gnarfaceeither that or they removed something and you caught them on a day before they'd done it21:23
drinkgnarface: well it is in chimaera-backports21:23
gnarface(though usually that doesn't happen in stable)21:23
Jjp137did you recently add the backports repo to sources.list and forgot to do an apt-get update afterwards21:24
gnarfacedrink: lists both libwireplumber and wireplumber in chimaera-backports though21:24
hagbarddevuan chimaera is (mostly) debian bullseye. And debian does not have libwireplumber in bullseye. So it also isn't available in devuan chimaera.21:24
Jjp137I do have libwireplumber-0.4-0 installed in chimaera via backports21:25
hagbardOr is the "merged/" part missing from the chimaera-backports repo url? That would explain that you can't find debian packages in there.21:26
gnarfaceah yea, it would have to be /merged/ not /debian/21:27
drinkhmm. well I got it to work with apt install wireplumber libwireplumber-0.4-0=0.4.13-1~bpo11+1 libpipewire-0.3-0=0.3.65-2~bpo11+1 pipewire=0.3.65-2~bpo11+1 libspa-0.2-modules=0.3.65-2~bpo11+1 libpipewire-0.3-modules=0.3.65-2~bpo11+1 pipewire-bin=0.3.65-2~bpo11+1 pipewire-pulse pipewire-jack libspa-0.2-bluetooth=0.3.65-2~bpo11+1 wireplumber-doc21:27
gnarfacenext time try adding "-t chimaera-backports" to the command instead of explicit versions to each package21:27
drinkokay. weird that the newer version doesn't win, maybe the version numbers are too overwrought?21:28
gnarfaceno it's just that backports is set at a lower priority so you don't automatically get everything from backports at once (since it's not tested for that)21:29
gnarfacefor the most part you only want a package from backports if it solves a particular problem. you wouldn't want to upgrade everything you have to the backports version because backports versions aren't tested as thoroughly against each other as the normal stable stuff21:30
gnarface(obviously there's exceptions for stuff like programs and their dedicated libraries, or kernels and their drivers/firmware, but if you've enabled backports you're supposed to already know which exceptions apply to your system)21:31
drinkaha, that makes sense21:32
gnarfaceand it's not supposed to go the other way, but i've run into rare glitches where it has and ended up messing up my system, so i actually recommend keeping backports commented out except for while you're updating something from there purposefully21:35
drinkso far so good, but I will keep it in mind and make snapshots before updating... I do root on ZFS21:36
drinkbullseye instructions work with few modifications21:36
drinkThanks for the advice21:37
systemdleteIs the stock kernel compiled with coredumps enabled?   Will they work if the executable that crashes is setuid and/or setgid?  I am having no luck finding a core file after a crash--I looked for "core" and "core.*" , and looked all over the system with find.   Also, I set ulimit -c unlimited.23:29
gnarfacedid you look in /tmp/dumps/?23:30
systemdleteI ran ulimit at the command prompt and then ran the program from that window.  I am hoping that the unlimited core will be picked up from there, but perhaps not.23:30
systemdleteno, I didn't23:30
systemdleteI don't see /tmp/dumps.  But I DO see a bunch of /tmp/tmp.<randomstring> files23:31
gnarfacemaybe /tmp/dumps is just a Steam thing, not sure23:31
systemdleteThose are generated by smartd, so nvm that23:31
gnarfacebut i do think that the stock kernel can generate core dumps because Steam shit does it all the time23:32
systemdleteok, thanks for that much.23:32
systemdleteI note that ulimit reports zero for core, by default.23:32
systemdleteI am wondering, though, if I need to set the ulimit in the host (I'm running a guest from the command line)23:33
systemdletePerhaps the guest is getting its environment elsewhere23:33
systemdleteand it probalby is.23:33
systemdleteI think I know what to do next23:34
systemdleteso, i'll sign off for now.  thanks for the help gnarface! (as always)23:34

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