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brocashelmwhat's the correct keybinding for page up and page down keys when configuring openbox (rc.xml)? i tried PgUp and PgDn, but nothing happened02:33
gnarfacenot sure02:34
gnarfacetry shift+pgup/pgdown02:34
XenguyElse run screen or tmux and use their (copy mode) mechanisms02:37
brocashelmfor example, i got a keybinding = C-A-PgUp = supposed to switch to the left desktop (control + alt + page up)02:37
brocashelmbut it doesn't work02:37
Xenguybrocashelm: What about Shift+PgUp like gnarface said?02:38
brocashelmdoes not work02:38
XenguyIs this a terminal environment or not?02:39
brocashelmno, editing through the conf file02:39
brocashelmfor openbox02:39
XenguyWhat editor then?02:39
brocashelmtrying to replicate my xfwm4 keybindings02:39
brocashelmi just need the correct values for page up/down keys in keybind key variable02:40
XenguySo this is openbox behavior you're trying to configure, gotcha now I think02:40
XenguyAha, right02:40
XenguyNot too knowledgeable about openbox, although I've used it a couple of times in the distant past02:40
XenguyThat sounds like an easy Net search possibly02:41
brocashelmit's pretty good. lightweight. can be made to be every bit as featureful as xfwm4 without stealing your ram02:41
XenguyOr man page thing?02:41
brocashelmi've tried searching around02:41
brocashelmhmm... let me check02:41
brocashelmnothing there about keybindings02:41
XenguyYeah, I definitely appreciate lean as well02:41
brocashelmjust for running the command itself02:41
brocashelmyeah, i think the only thing i want to keep from xfce is the panel (due to whisker menu)02:42
brocashelmthunar is slowly being phased out in favor of spacefm or xfe02:42
brocashelmthe latter works without any dbus/poetteringware02:42
Xenguyxfe, is that similar to ranger (IIRC) ?02:43
brocashelmnope, graphical file manager with tabs02:43
brocashelmcomes with its own writer, package installer (debs/rpms), and image viewer software02:43
brocashelmhandles mounting/unmounting without gvfs/udisks2 infections02:43
Xenguy^^ URL has some content related to keybindings, but didn't look closely02:44
brocashelmyeah, those don't give the specifics on what variables to use02:44
brocashelmjust defaults for openbox (using normal references)02:44
XenguyLack of documentation, bah02:44
brocashelmyup. even the official wiki ain't much!02:44
XenguyYou'd think someone else would have already crossed this bridge long ago though, and mentioned it on the Net02:45
brocashelmobconf also doesn't seem to want to run :\02:45
brocashelmnot obconf02:45
brocashelmi meant lx hotkeys02:45
XenguyYou know why I run MATE?02:45
brocashelmbecause you miss gnome2? lol02:45
XenguyYes, *and* I'm a chess player!02:46
brocashelmalso, atril is a based pdf viewer. good job02:46
brocashelmanyway, still checking02:46
XenguyYeah, atril is default viewer on MATE I believe02:46
XenguyGood luck02:46
XenguyHint for atril:  j and k keys (FTW)02:47
brocashelmi replaced okular with it02:47
XenguyGood call, okular is more heavy duty02:47
brocashelmno more *KRASHES*ware for me. even kolourpaint had to go. ms paint xp on wine is good enough02:47
Xenguykolourpaint seems to work as advertised, but you are running later issue than me too02:47
brocashelmprotip: mupdf works on non-dbus/avahi/wayland systems02:47
XenguyIt's alright, not my first choice though02:48
brocashelmit has no gui, but you can launch a pdf with it02:48
brocashelmoh, it's the same as when i first used it02:48
brocashelmi find the font editor a pain02:48
brocashelmi'll stick with paint xp and maybe even xpaint on native02:48
XenguyMy requirements are probably quite basic too02:48
XenguyWhatever works, always been my motto : -)02:49
brocashelmyeah. i'm on daedalus, so i will be following stable02:49
XenguyIn a linux environment, we get good at adapting to various conditions, cos that's the way Linux rolls, but the good news is there are always other options : -)02:49
brocashelmmy ceres days are over, unless i get bored again lol02:49
XenguyYeah, give me the stable/trailing edge, or give me death02:50
XenguyI don't need to be cutting edge, cos then I bleed sometimes02:50
brocashelmto be fair, ceres wasn't too bad. apt-listbugs starting from "important" (in the conf) saved me02:50
brocashelmbut yeah, not the true way to run devuan02:51
brocashelmi didn't want to reinstall and do it all over again. i have years of stuff tweaked on these rigs02:51
XenguyI ran sid for ages, never had any major problem I couldn't recover from, but at some point stable becomes kind of a comforting option, cos things aren't likely to break02:51
brocashelmi guess for me, updating all the time gets tedious02:51
XenguyIt takes time, simple as that -- how do I want to spend my limited time?02:52
brocashelmat least with ceres, you don't have issues with dependency breakages unlike using backports02:52
XenguyIn the early days, sure, I was rolling my own kernels for fun, but after awhile, that gets a bit old02:52
brocashelmso ceres systems can upgrade everything else02:52
XenguyYeah, latest and greatest(?)02:53
brocashelmbgstack15 has some cool ceres repos with exclusive software, like gtk3-classic and makemkv02:53
brocashelmgnarface, xenguy: aha, found it: Page_Up and Page_Down03:04
brocashelmexample: C-A-Page_Down (ctrl + alt + page down)03:05
gnarfacehmm, interesting03:07
snorkbrocashelm are you doing "openbox --restart" between edits?03:08
XenguyHuh, similar to C-A-Left for workspaces (on MATE anyway)03:08
snorkNot trying to be a goof, just checking. :-)03:08
brocashelmsnork: openbox --replace03:09
brocashelmand yeah, C-A-Left also applies to openbox :)03:09
snorkHeh, --replace sure works :-)03:12

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