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gnarfaceam i seeing this right, that there's now a newer 5.10 kernel in beowulf-security than the 5.10 kernel in beowulf-backports, or is the package naming just confusing me?02:04
rrqprolly the latter; beowulf-backports has eg linux-image-5.10.0-0.deb10.16-amd6402:23
rrqand -security has eg linux-image-5.10.0-0.deb10.21-amd6402:23
gnarfacewait but deb10.21 is later than deb10.16, no?02:24
rrqactual versions 5.10.127-2~bpo10+1 vs 5.10.162-1~deb10u102:25
gnarfacebut... 5.10.127 is earlier than 5.10.162 isn't it?02:25
gnarfaceor are these versions not in the same series?02:25
rrqyes, deb10.16 isn't in security; nearest is deb10.1702:25
gnarfaceso the -security is newer than backports right now is what you're saying?02:26
gnarfaceconfusing though still i guess02:26
brocashelmbeowulf still has that libcurl bug iirc02:32
brocashelmfrom backports02:32
brocashelmwould love to go back to beowulf if not for libc6 capped at 2.2702:33
brocashelmbut i got some programs that need glibc 2.29 or higher (slightly)02:34
gnarfaceis glibc 2.29 in chimaera or daedalus?02:36
bb|hcbchimaera is 2.3102:38
bb|hcbdaedalus is 2.36, but note that both are with a bunch of patches02:39
brocashelmbut chimaera is fully gtk3, whereas i want gtk2 (and xfce, not lxde)02:59
brocashelmi am currently tracking daedalus after dropping from ceres. working well03:00
sfoxEver since upgrading to chimaera my laptop locks itself and shuts down the computer at least ounce after opening up the lid. it's really annoying04:03
sfoxback on beowulf i configured ACPId to handle the lid and stuffs and it worked flawlessly04:03
sfoxI checked in /etc/acpid and there doesn't appear to be any extra config in there i didn't setup04:03
sfoxI'm unsure at this point where else to check or why this is happening04:04
sfoxcould I please have some help?04:06
gnarfacei'd like to help but nothing specific comes to mind as a solution other than to disable the lid switch. sounds like a regression somewhere though... you sure the upgrade was complete?04:22
gnarfacei wonder if you could be getting sabotaged by some new elogind feature or something like that04:23
gnarfacealso, can you confirm that it actually shuts down not just sleeps or hibernates?04:23
gnarfacespurious lid switch events firing sounds like a not-uncommon issue... inappropriate shutdown on the same event doesn't04:24
fluffywolfI was about to say, kill elogind and see if it helps.04:25
gnarfaceif you're using elogind, check /etc/elogind/logind.conf and maybe the forums... maybe that has come up before, it sounds kinda familiar04:26
gnarfacei think if that's the issue there was a way to fix it without disabling elogind completely. fsmithred might know more04:26
debdog(after two weeks on $preferred_search_engine and here on IRC while I was able to solve it in Beowulf withing 20 mins even without internet connection)04:27
debdogsfox: tolly effed up right now, I am. mayhap your solution lays inside /etc/elogind/logind.conf04:29
debdogwild guess04:29
brocashelmwith the change from beowulf to chimaera, indeed elogind does get pulled automatically. maybe it is that04:30
brocashelmelogind can be replaced with consolekit2 if it helps04:30
fluffywolfno, it can't, at least when I tried.  packages have had dependencies on it through various chains.04:36
fluffywolfI ended up having to use equivs to make a fake package to make the dependencies happy, and see what broke...04:38
brocashelmat least in my case, if i run apt remove elogind, apt then wants to install consolekit in its place04:42
brocashelmbut you'll lose a few things like network-manager, gvfs, kio (kde), and udisks204:42
fluffywolfso you break networking, everything using gnome libs, and everything using kde libs.  those would annoy most desktop users.  :P04:48
brocashelmconnman can be used in its place04:48
brocashelmi haven't noticed gtk3 problems without it04:49
brocashelmit's when you gut dbus that it does04:49
fluffywolfI seem to recall just about every gnome-related package using gvfs.04:50
gnarfaceyou can switch in consolekit but you may also have to switch the display manager04:52
gnarface(and if you switch the display manager you may also have to switch the window manager)04:52
brocashelmgvfs/udisks2 can be replaced with udevil and having devmon running in the background04:53
gnarfacethink that's any lighter?04:53
brocashelmgvfs and udisks2 being removed solely will not kill everything else04:53
brocashelmas for display managers, the lighter ones i've used were wdm and xdm04:54
brocashelmi don't use dms anymore, so startx is good enough04:54
brocashelmrunning kill -9 -1 can be used as a quick way to log out04:55
XenguyI remember playing with connman and being appalled...05:25
XenguyIt is very intrusive and poorly designed software05:25
XenguyIt may be possible to defang it, but it would take some work to do so05:25
XenguyI intend to avoid it, if at all possible05:25
brocashelmthere are some others like dhcpcd-gtk05:34
brocashelma simpler ui just to connect and go05:34
brocashelmnetwork-manager and connman are the main "options" if you don't want to do it from cli05:35
ecxodI face troubles with the bind package after witching to devuan08:28
ecxodis the named service the same like bind9 ?08:29
hagbardIt is.08:31
ecxodis here someone who has some experience with dnssec ?14:55
ecxodit looks like the package bind9utils is broken14:55
ecxodthere are 3 packages bind9-dnsutils bind9-utils bind9utils do you know which is the real one ?14:58
snorkecxod, bind9-utils has what I assume are the utility applications you are looking for such as dnssec-keygen and dnssec-signzone.
snorkThat is what I am using in Chimaera and it is working for me.15:03
snorkWhat is broken for you?15:04
snorkThe description for bind9utils says "Transitional package for bind9-utils15:05
snork This is a transitional package. It can safely be removed."15:05
snorkbind9-dnsutils appears to be basic DNS utilities (not necessarily related to bind9) such as nslookup and dig.15:06
ecxodand whichone is the real one ?15:07
gnarfaceyou probably want both bind9-utils and bind9-dnsutils15:08
gnarfacedifferent utils15:10
gnarfaceone is utils used by bind9 and the other is utils used with bind915:10
ecxodI am not able to sign my domains any more15:11
ecxodwait a sec15:11
gnarfaceit should sign them for you if you have bind9-utils15:12
ecxodI get the failure "; EDE: 9 (DNSKEY Missing): (no SEP matching the DS found for"15:14
gnarfacei'm drawing a blank on what else might be wrong. is your clock right?15:16
ecxoddate is right .. the problem is I get no failures15:17
gnarfaceso bind still starts and everything works?15:21
ecxodit even signes the zone15:21
snorkI can't nslookup anything for the domain.  Everything [, ns01, ns02, ns03] turns up SERVFAIL.  The verisign page says there is no DNSKEY record (and no RRSIGs) because it is getting SERVFAIL for everything.15:23
ecxodwhen I check my own first name server "dig +dnssec"  he should say that everything is OK, but he reats as if i didnt sign15:23
snorkYour config for the zone in bind is setup to use the .signed file and not the unsigned file right?15:25
ecxodwhat did you setup for  dnssec-policy ?15:28
snorkI have no dnssec-policy setting on any of my zones, I manually sign everything.15:30
ecxodif I do this : "dig @"  I see there a message : ; EDE: 9 (DNSKEY Missing): (no SEP matching the DS found for
snorkI get the same thing, though if I use other resolvers (,, and my DNSCrypt servers) none of them return that error message.15:33
snorkI should note that they all return SERVFAIL, just that Cloudflare is the only one that returned the EDE error.15:38
snorkUltimately, it seems your authoritative servers are not able to answer queries with anything but SERVFAIL.15:39
ecxodyes, and this did never happend with bind9 under debian, it seems that the devuan package is different15:45
gnarfaceif it's different it'll have devuan in the version string15:46
hagbardecxod: The bind9 packages come straight out of debian.15:49
ecxodDebian uses the bind9utils and the service is called bind9 .. it is totally different15:56
ecxodDevuan uses bind9-dnsutils bind9-utils and the service is called named15:57
snorkUhhm, the service in Devuan is called named.  The bind9utils package on Debian's site looks like it just installs bind9-utils... both of which appear to be the same as in Devuan.16:05
snorkDevuan does not have custom versions of every package.  When you "apt-get install" packages on Devuan you are redirected to a Debian mirror for most packages.16:06
snork... including bind9-utils16:07
gnarfaceecxod: it's definitely the same package as debian. you should check the name of the running binary again.16:08
ecxod then it's another package that produces this mess ... I come here because I have a big problem and you are trying to prove that I am a liar ...16:13
snorkWell... are you saying that the bind9, bind9-dnsutils, bind9-utils, and bind9utils packages are different in Devuan and Debian?16:17
ecxodyes sir16:20
ecxodor something else is disturbing them16:20
snorkWell, they're not different.  When you install *those packages* from a Devuan repo, you are redirected to a Debian repo to get them.16:22
snorkSo, why do you think something else is disturbing them?16:22
spine-o-saurusbecause thinking is a projection of ones own reflection16:52
spine-o-saurusunable to find package for irrBullet.h19:04
spine-o-saurusfatal error building19:05
sfoxgnarface, Should i migrate to elogind or just disable it?23:53
sfoxi'm not really sure what elogind is and it's config file doesn't seem to have any options enabled or a way to disable it23:53
sfoxhowwould i even go about disabling elogind?23:54

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