libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2023-03-21

systemdleteOK, cleaned the CPU fan and then cleaned and regreased the contact.  The system is now running about 40C, sometimes as high as about 45C, and I'm trying to load the system with work to see what it does to the temp.  The PC is also NOTICEABLY quieter.01:14
systemdleteI looked at the other fans, but they were fairly clean so I gave them a couple shots of air, but left them alone.01:15
gnarfacethat sounds about normal for stock clay thermal compound01:15
gnarfacethe arctic silver brand stuff should be good for another 7 degrees01:15
gnarfacebeyond that you'll need a bigger fan01:16
systemdleteI just ordered grease.   I was going to get the arctic silver, but they wanted $20 for shipping while the grease is only like $701:17
systemdleteSo I ordered some cheapo stuff.01:17
systemdleteI've already got a wraith fan--it's humongous, the biggest cpu fan I've ever had to install.01:18
gnarfacehonestly the arctic silver is so good it's worth the money, but 20$ shipping for a half-ounce tube seems like gouging01:20
gnarfaceused to be able to just buy this stuff at the store but Fry's is out of business :(01:21
xrogaanIt's not about the size of the fan. It's about the size of the heatsink.01:33
systemdletegnarface:  Yeah, exactly:  :(02:36
systemdleteI usually HATE shopping.  But Fry's, or a good stationary store, even a decent Ace Hardware.  Very cool with me.02:36
systemdletexrogaan:  Yeah, this wraith fan has a very large heat sync and an even bigger fan on top.02:37
systemdleteIt becomes progressively wider as it goes up.02:37
systemdleteAnd it is still  holding at 44C, though I saw it rise to about 46C once.02:38
gnarfacewe're getting a bit offtopic. the hardware discussion should probably move over to the other channel02:38
gnarfaceglad that the only problem was dust though02:38
systemdletesure.  But I want to thank you all again for your feedback.02:38
systemdletewhat's the other channel again?  I'm in libera web chat, so I don't have all my channels here02:39
gnarfaceoh, #devuan-offtopic02:40
gnarfacei thought everyone knew about it by now02:40
onefang"take offtopic chat to #devuan-offtopic" is at the end of the title of this channel.  So everyone should know.02:49
xrogaanchannels have topics?04:49
gnarfacewas that sarcasm? i can't tell anymore these days. just in case it wasn't, use this command to print it: /topic04:53
brocashelmi don't think it was sarcasm at all... sorry06:25
xrogaangnarface: so, `ifdown -a --exclude=lo $verbose' is failing at shutdown.18:41
xrogaansomething about RTLINKstuff18:41
xrogaanit's from /etc/init.d/networking18:42
xrogaanlog start with 'Deconfiguring network interfaces'18:43
xrogaananyhow, don't think it's a big issue. And no, I don't use Network Manager.18:43
rwpThe shutdown continues okay other than logging the error?  Or does it hang at shutdown?18:46
xrogaannah, it's continues. networking is the last stuff to be called.18:54
xrogaanwell, among the last18:54
rwpI recall there being an option which causes a network to be ignored for shutdown.  Intended for NFS diskless networked clients upon which the network is basically the root file system.20:08
rwpYou likely have some process or subsystem that is still active at shutdown time which is keeping things busy.  Therefore that option might be appropriate.  Or that subsystem found and ensured to be shutdown first.20:09

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