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Xenguylftp ?01:38
fsflp23Hi!  Does anyone know what version of Plasma is available if I use KDE?07:05
gnarfacefsflp23: you can check at
fsflp23Thanks!  Do u know what I would enter to bring up the information?  I'm very new to all this, sorry for not understanding.....07:13
gnarfacefsflp23: uh.. not exactly sure but try searching for this: ^kde-full07:18
gnarfaceor maybe this: ^plasma-workspace07:19
gnarfacekde is in a lot of packages so i don't exactly know which one you need to check07:19
gnarfaceoh, maybe it's this one: ^kde-plasma-desktop07:20
gnarfaceanyway, if you look up some basic regexp syntax it might give you a better idea of what to search for07:21
gnarfacebut if you have a running copy locally that might be easier because there won't be timeouts or limits on number of matches per search07:22
fsflp23Thanks for helping me and teaching me something new!07:23
gnarfaceno problem07:23
fsflp23I think I got what I needed.  Was wanting to use latest version of Plasma but it looks like there is still an older version.07:24
gnarfacethere's live images you can use if you want to test without commitment07:24
fsflp23Would I be able to upgrade to latest version of Plasma if I install this one or am I locked into this version until the Devuan repo updates it?07:25
gnarfacewhich version are you talking about, the one in chimaera, daedalus, or ceres?07:26
fsflp23I would use any of them that would allow me to get the latest release of Plasma.07:26
fsflp23Or update to the latest release.07:27
gnarfacewell the one in ceres should be pretty recent, if that one is not new enough you have to wait (or compile it yourself from upstream sources)07:27
gnarfaceif you are talking about the version in chimaera or daedalus, you can always update to the next release to get a newer version07:28
fsflp23OK, good to know.  I will check again at the site you gave me.  I was in a rush and dont know which one I looked up.07:28
gnarfacewell this search for example, returns every version available currently:
gnarfaceunless it's actually this one...
gnarfacei'm not clear on whether you can have kde without plasma or not here07:29
gnarfaceis plasma an optional component or the default?07:29
gnarfaceceres, chimaera, daedalus, ascii, jessie - those are the release names07:30
gnarface(in order of newest to oldest)07:31
gnarfacesorry i got them swapped there07:31
gnarfaceand i left one out: it's ceres, daedalus, chimaera, beowulf, ascii, jessie07:31
gnarfacebut you get it07:31
gnarfaceceres is the same as debian sid07:31
gnarfacedaedalus is current testing (bookworm)07:32
gnarfaceif you want to run some bleeding-edge version, you can probably still do it easily by compiling it yourself using the native distro tools, if they have a debianized source available (look for a "./debian/" top-level directory in the source tree)07:33
fsflp23I'm gonna download the latest release and give it a shot.  There are some new features I wanted in Plasma that I know are in the latest release but they could have been in other releases as well.07:33
gnarfacewell, relatively easily anyway07:33
fsflp23Thats above my abilities.07:34
onefangKeep in mind that Debian / Devuan tends to have older stable things rather than bleeding edge.07:34
gnarfacethat's true but ceres should be pretty new07:34
gnarfaceit won't be ancient07:34
fsflp23I will go with the latest version and wait if needed for updates.07:35
gnarfacethat sounds like the smart plan07:35
fsflp23My main goal is to get on Devuan and my current OS is almost time to update so I thought this was a good time to make the switch.07:35
fsflp23Would be nice for the latest features but I have been getting by without them until now....07:36
fsflp23Thanks for all the help!!07:36
gnarfaceno problem07:37
gnarfacethe general recommendation is to always install stable but there are testing installers up there too07:37
gnarfaceif you want to use ceres you have to upgrade to it07:37
gnarfacei think07:37
fsflp23I will go with the latest stable release that way I dont mess anything up trying to upgrade.07:38
gnarfacethe whole stable/testing/unstable designations thing works the same in devuan as debian, since they're tracking the releases individually07:39
gnarface(fyi most the packages are exactly the same package, served by http redirect from debian servers)07:39
fsflp23Good to know, I was planning on spending a while just getting to know Devuan.07:40
gnarfaceif you already knew debian before systemd, it won't take much time07:40
fsflp23I've been mostly on Ubuntu but I'm moving because I don't want systemd.07:41
fsflp23Does all software that worked in Debian/Ubuntu work in Devuan or will some require systemd to work?07:42
onefangThose that require systemd we either fork or ban.07:43
fsflp23So if I look up one and it is not available should I assume it is not forked and is banned if it is not listed?07:44
fsflp23last question...does snap and flatpak work with devuan?07:46
gnarfacefsflp23: the forked packages have "devuan" in the version string and the banned packages are listed here:
gnarfacefsflp23: as for snap and flatpack, i'm not sure but i think it's snap yes, flatpack no08:05
brocashelmappimages work though08:11
fsflp23thanks again for all the help!08:11
fsflp23thanks about the appimages, i forgot to ask about those and need to use 1.08:12
FatPhilgnarface: how am I supposed to interpret that table, what does presence/absence of the code letter next to each package mean?11:00
_jay_FatPhil: probably where it was banned from. E.g. libvirt0 is included in some repos, but there's none in chimaera-backports of chimaera-proposed-updates11:25
_jay_libvirt0.[d1src:libvirt]............................................................|..................................C..D............. C = chimaera-backports D = chimaera-proposed-updates11:26
_jay_E = chimaera-security is *NOT* present for this package, and based on above linked page it indeed does exist there. (of course not being blocked doesn't automatically imply a package must exist. could be new/introduced in upstream debian at some point)11:30
_jay_er, I lied, it does NOT exist in E = chimaera-security, but it does exist in B = chimaera (not banned their either)11:31
FatPhiljust wondering why things might be in and out and in again11:33
_jay_FatPhil: I guess it's not "out again" as much as either "didn't exist in upstream, no ban necessary" (probably often the case with additional -security/-updates/-backports repos),11:38
_jay_or cases where backports for <old release> have a package version so new it depends on systemd, while main repo of <new release> is actually older than that backport and does not need systemd11:38
_jay_That's my guess, anyway :P11:39
asbestoHello there12:14
asbestoanyone I can talk about the main site and download?12:14
asbestoYo there17:16
asbestoWhy is joe editor missing from Chimera?17:16
onefangI see joe editor in Chimaera.17:18
onefangVersion 4.6-1+b117:19
asbestoI don't :/ I think I miss something in the repositories17:19
asbestoAfter installation in sources.list I only had cdrom as a source. IDK why17:20
onefangDid you run - apt update17:21
asbestoyes. but missing repo's. Added now :)17:22
onefangSo Joe came back to you?17:24
asbestonope :/17:24
asbestocan you post a sources.list ?17:24
asbestodeb chimaera-security main contrib non-free17:25
asbestodeb-src chimaera-security main contrib non-free17:25
asbestodeb chimaera-updates main contrib non-free17:25
asbestodeb-src chimaera-updates main contrib non-free17:25
asbestodeb chimaera-security main contrib non-free17:25
asbesto#deb chimaera-backports main contrib non-free17:25
asbestothis is mine17:25
asbestook lemme try, dont worry17:25
onefangYou are missing - chimaera main contrib non-free17:26
asbestosaw it :D17:26
asbestoTY :)17:26
onefangAlso, it's best to not use pkgmaster, coz it's the master repo for all our mirrors, so we try to keep it's load down.17:27
Centurion_DanDid I miss the meeting?21:14
nemothere was a meeting?21:22
fsmithredCenturion_Dan, meeting starts about now.21:31
golinuxAbout to be21:31
fsmithredor about to not be21:32
fsmithredthat is the question21:32
FatPhilNah, BB is just S&P's rating of it21:55

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