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bb|hcbSamsung EVO is a good choice :)00:05
Wonkadefinitely do not buy any SSD that's actually labeled "sumsung"!00:33
rwpAt this moment I will only buy the Samsung EVO drives, much preferring the MLC over the QLC storage.  Somewhat worried about QLC continuous write performance.01:22
gnarfacethe Samsung EVO drives are a bit faster but i'm not sure they're worth the extra cost over the Crucial equivalent, which is like 95-99% the speed01:28
rwpFor me reliability is more important than absolute speed.  And initially the first company with good firmware (and therefore reliability with NAND Flash) was Intel.  Then Samsung.  Everyone else was far behind initially but I guess have been catching up.01:33
gnarfacethe one real problem i have with the samsung drives is there's a bug either in their firmware or some amd motherboard firmwares (both companies blame the other, neither will take steps to fix it) that causes severe instability unless you disable command-queuing, which annihilates your expensive performance advantage in parallel i/o loads01:35
gnarfaceso for me that's two votes in favor of the Crucial brand01:36
rwpLet's drag this over to #devuan-offtopic...01:40
XenguyWhat's the quickest way to record my voice on Devuan?22:09
XenguyTo a local sound file?22:10
XenguySimple quick easy22:10
DPAarecord -t wav -f S16_LE >file.wav22:13
onefangarecord off the top of my head, but never tried it.22:13
DPAIf you want a nice gui tool, audacity is pretty nice.22:14
XenguyDang, no workie22:15
XenguyGood idea, I remember audacity now22:15
XenguyI can record with that I'm pretty sure22:16
onefangarecord is for ALSA, PulseAudio or PipeWire may get in the way.22:16
XenguyNeither arecord nor audicity were able to capture audio, so I blame the hardware (some random headset)22:28
XenguyJust another great song that never got recorded, heh22:28
onefangThis is where you start probing your sound hardware, and find out your have several more of them than you thought, but that's not "Simple quick easy".22:29
onefangFor example I found out my graphics card with four video ports has six audio devices.  lol22:30
fsmithredXenguy, did you try selecting the audio device in audacity settings?23:14
Xenguyfsmithred: I could try, thanks for the suggestion23:47
XenguyBut OMG, check this out:
XenguySuper stoner doom rock23:48
XenguyBy the meister himself, Mr. Distortion23:48
XenguyMr. Feedback23:48
XenguyMr. Sludge23:48
XenguyMy Grunge23:48

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