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fsmithredok, that sounds right00:00
fsmithredyou don't need to change anything00:00
fsmithredyou'll also have to select/highlight the swap partition before you OK it.00:01
spac3rIn Root Partition Choose a partition to use for the installation of the os i select the 2nd partition? 1st partition would be the 500 mb fat3200:02
fsmithredyou said the third partition was the big one.00:03
fsmithred230 GB00:03
fsmithred2nd partition you said is swap00:03
spac3rhmm it shows 2 partitions on ssd and 2 part. of the usb00:03
fsmithredwhat shows that?00:04
fsmithredwere any of the ssd partitions mounted before you started the installer?00:04
fsmithredthey should not be00:04
spac3rRoot Partition in the Install Devuan. I booted Chaimaera as live-usb00:05
fsmithredyeah, you're running the live system to reinstall to the ssd.00:05
fsmithredThe partitions on the ssd should not be mounted by you. The installer will mount them when it needs to.00:06
fsmithredI have to go eat dinner in a few minutes so we need to get to the end soon.00:06
fsmithredwhere are you now?00:06
spac3ron the desktop no ssd partitions, so seem not mounted00:06
spac3rthanks you for your time00:07
fsmithredwe're not done yet00:08
fsmithreddid the installer get to copying files yet?00:09
spac3rcould it be Install does not display swap partition. Also it doesn't display partition sizes00:10
fsmithredinstaller should show you the output of fdisk -l00:11
fsmithredor /sbin/fdisk -l00:11
spac3rI'm still at Root Partition : Choose a partition00:11
fsmithreduse 'su -' to become root. Not just 'su'00:11
fsmithredchoose the big ;partition00:11
fsmithredif you told me the order correctly, that should be sda300:11
fsmithredopen a terminal and run /sbin/fdisk -l00:12
spac3rfdisk -l partition 3 is the 230 Gb one and is not displayed in Root Partition window of Install Devua00:14
fsmithredare you saying that /dev/sda3 is not a choice in the installer popup window?00:15
fsmithredwhat choices does it give you for the root partition?00:15
spac3rwait it is nvm00:15
fsmithredoh right00:15
fsmithredit should show you the partitions00:15
fsmithredI forget how they get numbered00:16
fsmithredanyway, I have to go00:16
fsmithredgood luck00:16
fsmithredif it's not showing the big partition as a choice for OS, then something is screwed up.00:16
spac3rp3 is the 230 GB, yes. Selecting and on to filesystem type: that would be ext400:17
spac3rProceeding with installation00:17
spac3r'p3 contains a ext4 file system. Proceed anyway?' It suggests N, but selecting yes is ok?00:20
spac3rAt the popup window Install Bootloader. Press Install bootloader or Continue?00:27
spac3rPressed Install bootloader, completed installation, off/on and... 'Reboot and Select proper Boot device or insert Boot Media in selected Boot device...'00:32
spac3rThis is tiring00:33
spac3rIntel Boot Agent PXE-E61 Media test failure, check cable00:35
spac3rmaybe it's a hardware problem00:35
spac3r PXE-E61 is an error related to the boot order of devices. SSD is 1, usb 2, network 3, so seems correct00:53
fsmithredgive me a four-letter acronym for a boot type. Something we would select instead of intel-raid.01:07
fsmithredI think it starts with A01:07
fsmithredhard disk controller type?01:07
fsmithredspac3r, check bios settings for hard disks. Don't use the intel raid.01:08
spac3rfsmithred this is the Intel visual bios interface i don't see boot type01:17
fsmithredAHCI <-- if there's a setting for that in the bios, choose it.01:20
spac3rIn the Boot tab no AHCI setting01:30
spac3rThere is the tab Boot, sub-tab Boot priority: Enabled: UEFI Boot ☑️ , Disabled: Fastboot, BIOS Setup auto-entry, boot usb devices first, Secure Boot01:31
spac3rahci doesn't show up in the search bar of intel visual BIOS01:32
fsmithredok, one more thing I can think of that might work. That's to install the bootloader to the removable media spot in the uefi.There's a config file setting for the installer.01:34
spac3rwhat are the steps for this?01:37
fsmithredif you know how to chroot into the installed system, you could do that and then run...01:37
fsmithredgrub-install --force-extra-removable01:37
fsmithredor else reinstall after editing /etc/refractasnapshot.conf01:37
fsmithred# UEFI Removable Media Path01:37
fsmithred# Uncomment to force installation to the removable media path also.01:37
fsmithred# This option is only available on EFI.01:37
fsmithred# Default is commented out.01:37
fsmithredok, electrical storm is headed this way. I'm going to shut down.01:38
fsmithredbbl if there's no tornado.01:38
fsmithredyou would edit that config file in the live system (booted from usb again.)01:39
spac3rthank you and take care01:39
fsmithredor else boot the usb and chroot the system if you know how.01:39
fsmithredyw, bye01:39
spac3ri will setup chroot with these steps tmrw, and try that grub-install --force-extra-removable. Thanks for now02:26
gnarfacei wish celsius had mentioned what it was02:48
leafwizHey there. I'm running unstable , and i get an error with the linux-headers. Trying to install them, due to an update20:39
leafwizThis is the output from apt install20:40
leafwizAnyone seen that before?20:42
buZzdid you Consult /var/lib/dkms/panda/0.0.1/build/make.log for more information.20:47
buZzwhat even is 'panda 0.0.1'20:47
buZz> panda is the nicest universal car interface ever.20:48
buZzbit bizar to require a kernel module just for a USB rs485 bridge :P20:48
buZzleafwiz: wait, is your -car- running devuan unstable? :O :O20:49
leafwizbuZz: hehe.. Tempted to say yes there, but no. Its my laptop.20:50
buZzok, and what does dkms log tell you?20:50
buZzi bet that 'panda 0.0.1' just wasnt updated for your newer kernel version20:51
leafwizSure, yeah. I would think so to20:51
buZzmaybe time to grab any newer version? :)20:52
buZzor just remove it, if you dont need it20:52
leafwizyeah, I don't need panda anymore. So I could just remove it20:52
leafwizSo how can I remove this module?20:53
leafwizThe panda20:53
buZzeh, i bet my route would be ; chmod a-x /var/lib/dkms/panda/20:53
leafwizJupp just rm -rf it. All good now.20:56
leafwizNow on to get my samba share mounted.20:56
systemdleteUSB3 seems to require iommu=on -- is that enabled by default, or do I need to add this to my boot line?   Also, I get these messages while booting (sorry for a bit of channel spam):23:34
systemdlete[    0.614344] iommu: Default domain type: Translated23:34
systemdlete[    1.232287] AMD-Vi: AMD IOMMUv2 functionality not available on this system - This is not a bug23:34
systemdleteDoes this indicate I do, indeed, have iommu support?23:35
systemdlete(sorry, not sure where to get info on this.  Web searches so far only.)23:35
systemdletebiosdecode did not tell me about usb, so I shutdown and went to the bios settings.   I tried enabling xhci handoff--is that a bad thing to do for linux users generally?  But anyway, I still don't have usb3 here.23:37
systemdleteAnd I tried plugging several different usb devices into the usb3 port(s).  No luck so far.23:37
systemdleteSome posts I read indicate that SOME people are getting usb3, others not.23:38
systemdleteI should add that these usb3 ports are onboard (Gigabyte GA-970A-DS3P.  Yeah, I know.  Kinda old.  But that's me :)  )23:40
systemdleteI also have a usb3 addon mounted in the front of my box.  It connects to that weird, larger usb connector on the mainboard.23:40
buZzi thought iommu was just needed for the tb3 stuff on usb3? not sure23:40
systemdleteThose don't work either, though.23:40
buZzhavent had any issues with usb3 not working on any machine thusfar23:41
systemdleteYou must be one of those lucky ones like the ones in the posts.23:43
buZzi dont typically buy new hw to begin with :D23:45
systemdleteThis board is only a few years old in terms of tech.   It is AMD with a FX8350 8 core, 32GB of DDR3.   (And, yeah, I know all the kewl kids have DDR5 so what's wrong with YOU?)23:47
debdogI have append = "intel_iommu=on iommu=pt" for iommu. that was for qemu regarding GPU and _not_ USB. so I suppose one has to enable it23:47
systemdletesince this is AMD, though, I doubt that will help in my case, right?23:47
debdogIIRC there is something similar for AMD23:48
buZzsystemdlete: i'm using DDR223:48
systemdleteALL RIGHT!    You be really cool man!23:48
systemdleteOld hardware rocks!23:48
buZzat least not pressured by 'advancements'23:49
debdogor, iommu_intel is for AMD as well (as amd64 is for intel as well)23:49
systemdleteOh, yes, those "improvements."    Like the 5 Eyes/NSA backdoors and such.23:49
systemdletedebdog, thanks.  I will try that.23:50
systemdletebut, sadly, I will have to shut down and reboot to do that.23:50
debdogthat is correct :)23:51
systemdletedebdog:  Will that give me USB3?   Or is that just how to fully enable IOMMU?23:51
systemdlete(if you know)23:52
debdogno clue. I just know I need this for GPU passthrough in qemu23:52
systemdletesee y'all in a bit, unless anyone else has any last bits of advice for me in pursuing USB323:52
systemdlete(USB3 has been around for, what, 10+ years, and I'm still trying to make it work here.  Geeeps.)23:53
debdogit worked for me OOTB on any hardware so far. mayhap you're overthinking it?23:54
buZzsystemdlete: are you sure the kernel you are running even has the right xhci drivers?23:54
systemdleteoverthinking?  overthinking what?23:54
systemdletebuZz, I am running the stock kernel that comes with chimaera, updated accordingly.23:55
buZzbut dmesg | grep xhci shows nothing?23:55
systemdleteyeah, shows nothing23:55
buZzor lsusb isnt showing usb3 hubs?23:55
systemdletelsusb does not show usb3 hubs.  no23:55
buZzi guess its just too new a chipset23:55
buZzfirst googlehit on VL805 is ~7 year old issues with usb3 not working23:56
systemdletekernel is 5.10.0-21-amd6423:56
systemdletebuZz, yeah I saw that.  I assumed that it had been handled by now.23:57
buZzah hehe , their suggestion there is 'dont use native iommu' :D23:57
systemdletelink please?23:57
buZz23:56:44 < buZz>
systemdleteoh nvm23:57
systemdlete(the links show up in light green and I don't see green or red too well)23:58
systemdletethey also want me to disable iommu23:58
systemdleteand I note that many people (in the posts) say that setting iommu=soft did not help them23:58
buZz> I managed to fix the issue by updating the firmware (using a proprietary software in Windows) of the VL805.23:59
buZzsystemdlete: you could get a extra usb3 card that -does- work well perhaps? :P23:59

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