libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2023-04-03

systemdleteYou nkow, I was just thinking that.00:00
systemdleteknow, not nkow00:00
systemdleteActually, I have a couple of usb2 cards here I could use.   You see, and what I failed to say, is that I just want my usb ports back!   I don't really need the Usb 3 so much.00:01
systemdletesorry I did not mention that.00:01
systemdleteI think those cards still work, better yet    :)00:01
buZzoh ok :)00:01
systemdletesorry guys00:01
buZzi wonder if blacklisting xhci might help00:01
buZzbut also, maybe you can disable usb3 in bios?00:02
systemdletegood idea.00:02
systemdleteSo I'll try some of these things.00:03
systemdletegotta reboot00:03
systemdleteok, that card worked.   I moved a couple of less demanding devices onto that card since it is usb2.0 (not 2.1).   And now I have room for a couple more other devices on the mainboard.00:37
systemdlete(one more reason I love having lots of "junk" hanging around)00:37
systemdleteSo I still don't have usb 3, but that's ok.   I will still live00:38
buZzwooot :)00:39
systemdletethanks for that suggestion about getting a card that works... even though it need not be usb 3.0.   Still, it reminded me that I do have old hardware.00:46
systemdleteNot sure why I did not think of this sooner.   I think I got so transfixed on getting usb 3 to work I forgot what the mission was!00:47
systemdleteI have 2 usb2.1 ports on the front of the box, but I prefer leaving those available for those times I need easy access.  The rest are plugged in 24x700:48
systemdletesome day, when I am not busy doing other things here, I might fudge a bit and try to get usb 3 working.  But it really isn't high priority for me.00:49
systemdleteSo after a while, that card started throwing all sorts of kernel errors.  I removed it.  But I still had one more trick up my sleeve:   A USB HUB!   :)03:07
systemdleteMore of my junk.   It does the trick for me.   Maybe I'll test that card on a testbox sometime.  Or maybe not.03:08
systemdletekernel: [ 8709.143831] pci 0000:00:14.4: AMD-Vi: Event logged [IO_PAGE_FAULT domain=0x000b address=0xffffffc0 flags=0x0000] (tons of these messages)03:10
systemdleteSo maybe the card is not quite healthy.  Even after I unplugged both devices from it (a couple of UPS's) it still kept belching out these errors.03:11
systemdlete(in case anyone wanted to know, and probably not lol)03:11
spine-o-saurushow do i get the binary to show under /usr/bin when i install a package i made from dpkg-build?08:54
spine-o-saurusit shows as installed but the executable is missing from the bin directory08:55
m10k@spine-o-saurus, what is the output of `dpkg -L <pkgname>`?08:58
spine-o-saurusshows a ton of source files from /src/08:59
m10kIf the package does not contain a binary in /usr/bin (or /bin), you will either have to create a symbolic link manually, or modify the source of the package so that a symlink is created during installation09:00
spine-o-saurusoh so its just copying the source files to the root filesystem09:00
m10kWhat exactly it does depends on how you created the package, i.e. the contents of the debian directory (and debian/rules in particular). If you know where the binary is located that you need in /usr/bin, the simplest solution might be to copy or symlink it manually. Unless you're particularly looking for help modifying the package, in which case we'll need more details.09:08
gnarfaceit sounds like a un-built source package, but debian source packages usually extract to the current directory, not /src/09:10
gnarfacethe "linux-headers-*" packages do put source files in /usr/src/ but as far as the package manager is concerned they're binary packages, so they're an exception09:13
gnarfacespine-o-saurus: what is the actual package in question, and is it from a non-devuan repo?09:14
spine-o-saurusnm it working now. i thought it was compiling and making package at the same time09:21

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