libera/#devuan/ Monday, 2023-04-10

brocashelmis lxde the last gtk2-only DE? i have a plan to replace xfce with it and openbox, and all qt5 programs will be reskinned to gtk2 standards with qt5ct00:35
n4dirbuZz: You set me on the right track. After installing a couple of further libs streamtuner finally started.01:04
n4dirnow finding them sure was not much fun. for gdk you get results for gtk, and so on01:05
n4dirwell: thanks. I would have given up.01:05
buZzbrocashelm: why even run a DE at all :D01:05
buZzn4dir: yw :)01:05
buZzi was happy to try it for you anyway01:06
onefangI'm planning on switching off lxde and just using openbox.01:06
n4diri guess it ain't much worth investigatin any further why those libs are not installed as part of the dependencies of streamtuner201:07
n4diras it ain't the most used app out there. And those who use it don't seem to have such problems. Weird01:07
buZzthere's someone on #zipit that maintains a streamtuner fork for it01:14
buZzbut its ncurses only01:14
buZzi've been using only fluxbox since about 199901:14
n4dirprobably would be just as good to play a bit of sound now and then01:15
buZz-love- not wasting more than 40MB for -drawing window borders-01:15
n4dirthere was tunapie, which did that too01:15
* n4dir happy fluxbox user too, wasting some time with Enlightenment these days01:15
brocashelmbuzz: i might keep lxpanel though01:34
buZzicons make me feel like my OS things i'm a child01:35
onefangI'll be keeping lxpanel as well.01:35
brocashelmfeh for the wallpaper01:36
brocashelmspacefm --desktop can be used to replace the desktop side01:36
onefangNo wallpaper, well just a single black pixel expanded to fill the screens.  My own conky theme on top.01:37
onefangOh wait no, I use "xsetroot -solid black"01:38
n4dirdesktop icons. yeah. weird stuff01:39
brocashelmi don't mind desktop icons tbh01:43
brocashelmand i set my panel on the bottom01:43
brocashelmi don't want a macos-like ui =)01:43
n4diri don't really mind them either, but as apps are always open, i don't see them anyway.01:45
n4diri miss the systray, but else have no need for a panel either.01:45
onefangI tend to use windows maximised to fill the screen, with no title bars.  The panel is configured to pop up when I need to start some app.01:46
buZzi try to never use mouse behind desktop01:48
buZzso just alt-f2 and type programname to start it01:49
n4dirlike that01:50
n4dirwindows-key and r in my case though, as in "run"01:51
n4dirsome window manager had that as default, so i sticked to it. Alt+F2 was more common, but after using said WM i got used to win+r. Might have been openbox?01:52
brocashelmi just like a traditional desktop experience with as little/no bloat if possible02:03
brocashelmotherwise, maybe i could still use xfce 4.12 on chimaera/daedalus?02:03
brocashelmi've downgraded before and it ran fine, but i worry that it could frankenstein things02:03
brocashelmi would have to ideally cull all gtk3 shit to make it work somehow02:04
brocashelmi'll have to stay on python3, so no wicd (and network-manager wants gtk3/4; connman/cmst would be my best bet)02:04
brocashelmit will be a sad day when beowulf gets archived02:06
AzumaHazukigtk2 is dead, as much as i wish it weren't02:16
AzumaHazukithis is why i've been porting over so many themes from the gtk2 era to lxqt02:16
brocashelmat least qt5ct lets me make my qt-style programs look/feel more gtk2-esque02:19
brocashelmall gtk3 did was make isos heavier02:19
sfoxdoes anybody have network device topology vector clipart for making technical maps in inkscape?02:25
AzumaHazukigtk2 and its themes are disappearing. i've been thinking about how the hell to make a generic Murrine look that can pick up palettes, like i already did for Mint-X and Arc02:28
onefangsfox: Dia might be helpful.02:29
sfoxonefang, dia?02:39
sfoxwhat is that02:40
plasma41sfox: It's a program
sfoxi don't want to use anything relient upon gtk302:49
plasma41sfox: You could pull from its supply of network device clipart even if you don't want to use the program itself.
brocashelmsfox: try maybe kde's calligra office suite IIRC02:53
brocashelmi think it was karbon02:53
brocashelmtde/trinity desktop has koffice baked in if you go that route02:54
plasma41sfox: you should be able to install just the dia-common package to get all the clipart02:54
plasma41sfox: With dia-common installed, you can browse the collection at /usr/share/dia/shapes/02:56
sfoxi've been using libreoffice VCL: X11 since they removed gtk2 support02:57
onefangSorry, I'm part way through lunch.  What the others said, it has the art, you could probably use the art and not the app.03:10
* onefang goes back to eating.03:10
browserhello what is the difference between the desktop iso and pool1 iso? (does pool1 include the desktops?) i have installed the desktop iso many times)16:05
gnarfacebrowser: i think the pool1 iso is just extra packages that aren't on the desktop iso, specifically intended for offline installs16:07
gnarfacelike, if you can't get a network connection to the installation site you can bring a pool1 iso and use that as a repository in your sources.list instead16:07
gnarfaceit's not everything, it's just a bunch of the most popular stuff16:08
u-amarsh04reported to Debian that qt5core5a 5.15.8+dfsg-4 (and the other qt5 packages) broke the alt-F2 hot key for krunner17:18
u-amarsh04Debian bug 1034169 for qt5core5a 5.15.8+dfsg-417:26
brrmIs down?18:03
D-HUNDseems to work here18:06
D-HUNDHit chimaera InRelease18:07
miojothis is alive?21:32
golinuxPlease define "this"21:34
miojoi'm sorry, i didn't mean to be rude. I want to know if devuan is still making new releases or are only in maintenance mode21:42
golinuxYou weren't rude. :)21:43
golinuxThere are testing isos for Daedalus21:43
golinuxNot quite sure about the link . . .21:45
golinuxGive me a sec . . .21:45
miojoThere's so many images here ->
miojoMaybe -> ?21:46
brocashelmi am using daedalus/ceres and having no problems. haven't had any for years21:51
brocashelmjust download whichever one is closest to you (mirrors)21:51
brocashelmnetinstall is the more minimal way to install devuan21:51
brocashelmyou can choose which components to include/exclude21:52
miojobrocashelm: good to know21:52
miojogolinux: thank you!21:52
brocashelmalready on kernel 6.121:52
miojothat'a nice21:53
miojothat's :)21:53
golinuxYou link would probably work too21:53
brocashelmrunit support is also improved21:54
brocashelmjust keep in mind that debian decided to add non-free-firmware to the software repos starting with bookworm, so if you see that on daedalus, that's needed for the firmware stuff (where it got moved to from non-free)21:55
miojogolinux: 55% downloading21:55
brocashelmand xfce 4.18 is running smoothly21:55
miojobrocashelm: no problem. I have a minimal setup here. Just fluxbox + xterm + tmux21:56
brocashelmok cool :)21:56
n4dirbloat i say !21:56
brocashelmthen you should be pretty close to the freshest software21:56
brocashelmi am cheating right now with ceres repo until the freeze is over21:57
miojowhat's the python version it comes?21:57
brocashelm3.11 iirc21:57
miojonow we're talking ;)21:57
miojorebooting to install22:00
miojothanks guys!22:00

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