libera/#devuan/ Tuesday, 2023-04-11

miojogood morning!14:12
miojoGNU/Linux 5 (daedalus/ceres)14:15
miojogolinux: Thanks for the help14:16
miojobrocashelm: Thank you too14:16
miojoEverything is working as expected14:18
dm63I guess it doesn't make sense to report a bug if already reported in debian, right?16:42
gnarfacecorrect, devuan will inherit the eventual fix16:43
brocashelmi think daedalus is going to be a phenomenal release. everything just works and the packages are quite recent at the moment20:16
adaNewb1234When's daedalus planned to be released again?22:23
brocashelmadaNewb1234: that's debian's call to make for bookworm:
adaNewb1234Ah, thanks.22:34

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