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_Mystifiedneed some help in locating & configuring this broadcom eth0 driver, suggestions would be appreviated, I'm running Devuan server, 6.1.0-7-amd64 # Debian 6.1.20-2. Hardware mac mini 2012 i7-2nd gen 12GB Ram05:54
_Mystifiedoops 6.1.0-7-amd64 #1 SMP PREEMPT_DYNAMIC Debian 6.1.20-205:54
_Mystified  :)05:54
_MystifiedIn advance, thanks kindly05:55
rwpBut it appears from that paste that eth0 already has a driver for it.  No?  Run "lspci -k" and see what driver is listed for it.06:12
rwpFor example on an Intel card here:
_Mystifiedthanks rwp:06:13
rwpAlso in your paste it says the link is up at 100Mbps full duplex so, okay?06:13
rrqfirmware-linux-nonfree has tigon firmware06:13
rwpYou might get data from it with "ethtool eth0" which for example shows this type of information:
rwp_Mystified, rrq is almost certainly on the correct solution with the firmware-linux-nonfree firmware if your device needs the firmware then load it.06:14
rwpThat does seem to indicate there is no driver but then how can it show link up at 100Mbps?  Strange indeed!06:17
rwpInstall the firmware-linux-nonfree package.  Reboot.  See what state things are in then.06:17
_Mystified/sbin/ethtool eth006:19
_MystifiedSettings for eth0:06:19
_Mystified        Supported ports: [ TP ]06:19
_Mystified        Supported link modes:   10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified                                100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified                                1000baseT/Half 1000baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified        Supported pause frame use: No06:19
_Mystified        Supports auto-negotiation: Yes06:19
_Mystified        Supported FEC modes: Not reported06:19
_Mystified        Advertised link modes:  10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified                                100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified                                1000baseT/Half 1000baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified        Advertised pause frame use: No06:19
_Mystified        Advertised auto-negotiation: Yes06:19
_Mystified        Advertised FEC modes: Not reported06:19
_Mystified        Link partner advertised link modes:  10baseT/Half 10baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified                                             100baseT/Half 100baseT/Full06:19
_Mystified        Link partner advertised pause frame use: Symmetric06:19
_Mystified        Link partner advertised auto-negotiation: Yes06:19
_Mystified        Link partner advertised FEC modes: Not reported06:19
_Mystified        Speed: 100Mb/s06:19
_Mystified        Duplex: Full06:19
_Mystified        Auto-negotiation: on06:19
_Mystified        Port: Twisted Pair06:19
_Mystified        PHYAD: 106:19
_Mystified        Transceiver: internal06:19
_Mystified        MDI-X: off06:20
_Mystified        Supports Wake-on: g06:20
_Mystified        Wake-on: g06:20
_Mystified        Current message level: 0x000000ff (255)06:20
_Mystified                               drv probe link timer ifdown ifup rx_err tx_err06:20
_Mystified        Link detected: yes06:20
_Mystifiedvery very sorry !06:20
rwpI am really surprised the global Libera bot did not kick you for that paste!  Your client slowed things down enough to avoid it.06:20
_Mystifiedalready the newest version (20230210-4)06:21
_Mystifiedi'm finding the network is really slow.06:21
rwpThat shows mostly good stuff.  The network switch port you are connected to shows that it is only a 10/100 port.06:21
rwpSo your end could only associated at 100Mbps.  Even though your end is capable of 1000Mbps.06:21
_Mystifiedbtw how do I check a status of a service, as there is no service command06:22
_Mystifiedfully understand that.06:22
rwpThere is a service command.  But what name service do you want to check upon?06:22
_Mystifiedbut my my updates are only comming through in the low KB06:23
rwp"man service" to see how to use it.  It is a good command.  I always use it to clean my environment instead of invoking the init scripts with my polluted environment.06:23
rwpMaybe try for an overall speed?06:23
rwpIf you are checking up on your network status I use "ip addr show eth0" and "ip route show".06:24
_MystifiedDownload: 2.43 Mbit/s  Upload: 10.96 Mbit/s06:27
rwpThe inet and inet6 parts show the interface IP address and the route has a default route (for IPv4 show, I don't have IPv6 on my ISP).06:28
_Mystified192.168.1.0/24 dev eth0 proto kernel scope link src
rwpJust by way of working here but I don't need to see the result.  I was showing you the output from here because examples are useful.06:30
rwpBut here you have an IP address.  That's good enough.  Seems like it should be working for you.06:30
rwpBut if you haven't followed rrq's suggestion to install the firmware then that's going to be a problem.  Go install it.  Reboot.  Then check the status.06:31
_Mystifiedmaybe i need to switch to different repo. I should try australian rather than deb daedalus06:33
rwpPossibly.  Choosing explicitly a local mirror might help quite a bit.  We don't have good mirrors in my location either and so my speeds downloading packages is not good.06:34
_Mystifiedapt install firmware-linux-nonfree  states already the latest version06:35
rwpAh!  Then you do already have it.  Very good!06:35
_Mystifiedhow do I test to locate my mirror, on another note I'm unable to locate the man for services06:36
_Mystifiedmirror for my country06:36
rwpInstall init-system-helpers package to get it.06:37
onefang for choosing a mirror.  Being in Australia as well, I'd be picking the NZ one, coz the only Aussie one we have isn't fully setup yet.06:37
onefangOn the other hand, I use my Netherlands one, so I'm eating my own dogfood.  B-)06:38
rwpAnd then (since I like examples) this is an example for "service" command usage:
_MystifiedokFetched 9,284 kB in 22s (428 kB/s) nz. 30MB connection06:42
_Mystifiednote "bash: service: command not found"06:44
rwpAre you root?  It would help if you were root.  Or used sudo.06:45
rwpNever use "su".  Never.  Because it confuses people.  Always use "su -".06:45
_Mystifiedwhomi : root06:46
rwpThe - option tells su to invoke the shell as a login shell.  Login shells source the environment files.06:46
rwpecho $PATH and look to see if this is your user path or if it is root's path.  Likely your path not root's path.06:46
rwproot's path will have /usr/sbin /sbin in PATH.  Yours likely does not.06:46
_Mystifiedyour right su " - "06:47
_Mystifiednow the service command works06:47
rwpYou have taken your first step on the path to success.06:47
_Mystifiedhow to fix06:47
_Mystifiedyou have been a great help.06:48
rwpHow to fix...  What?06:48
_Mystifiedthank you ! I was begining to think I was in the wrong flavour.06:48
rwpSo far none of the things we have been talking about have been specific to Devuan and all would be the same problems or not on any of the distros.06:49
_MystifiedI missed read your post. all good.06:49
_Mystifiedbut thank you so much.06:49
rwpYou are most welcome!  I am sure the rest of the folks here would say that too.  Good luck!  Time for sleep for me.06:50
_MystifiedI've been using openrc as my daily driver, in Redcorelinux.06:50
_MystifiedI tried the openrc, but in hindsight, I was having the same issues, with services as here, not using the 'su -"06:51
_MystifiedI choose devuan for server. 1. no sysd , 2. stability 3. support like debian06:53
_Mystifiedsleep well06:54
_Mystifiedanuone online, to dvise what application to use to manage this devuan server via the webbrowser, I'm new to servers and devuan/debian. I'm going through a steep learning curve from linux desktop09:22
buZz_Mystified: in some dark history, i've seen people use 'webmin' to administrate/manage servers remotely over websites09:27
buZzbut tbf, you'd only be -limiting- your ability to learn actually valuable skills ;)09:28
onefangI was about to say the same, used to use webmin loooong ago.09:28
buZz_Mystified: just go all the way, grow your neckbeard out etc09:28
hagbardI you want to learn, you'll learn way more just using ssh instead of a browser thing.09:29
_Mystifiedthanks guys09:32
_Mystifiedjust finished configuring the zpool09:34
_Mystified221MB in use09:35
_Mystifiedwhile running with ssh09:35
_Mystifiedwhat should I configure next, user accounts done. This is a media server, I'm planning to use jellyfin, qbittorrent-nox, what else do you guys suggest I do other than securing it. I will use ufw.09:38
_MystifiedI'll also change port 22.09:39
buZzdisable root login, put pubkey in right place ;)09:40
_Mystifiedwill do, I really need to grasp that concept as I'm still using [asswords on a couple of pc I have multiple boots, so I constanly nees to delete the .ssh/knownhost password key.09:45
buZzmake a 'gateway' vm in your lan , and just bounce over that? :D09:47
_Mystifiedhow to do that or can suggest a decent link for a guide09:48
buZzi mean, just a box you  ssh with whatever you do normally to09:49
buZzand you can use keys from there for rest of lan stuff09:49
_Mystifiedbascally keypass09:50
buZzbut a vm09:51
_Mystifiedbascally keyp Ithink it's time for a breakass09:51
_Mystifiedbascally keyp Ithink it's time for a break09:51
buZzgnu pass is kinda populair aswell09:51
buZzits got android and ios frontends, and uses pgp, all self hosted , self secure09:51
buZzunclouded :D09:52
_Mystifiedok.  I've not worked with ios or android, for now i'll stick with the little I know. Isit wise to run devuan ontop devuan, or does it make no difference.10:16
_MystifiedI'll try qemu.10:16
buZz_Mystified: just go have fun, make mistakes, dont forget to ask questions, and read documentation :)10:24
buZzwe're always here10:24
_Mystifiedthanks guys. so do devuan as virtual10:26
landleyIs there a reason isn't resolving for wget, but nslookup can find it?11:34
landleySeems to only be that site. I can't apt-get.11:35
landleyWhen I visit via browser it says it's got the wrong https key, but otherwise exists.11:35
gnarfacelandley: make sure your system time is correct11:36
landleyIt's about 15 minutes in the future and has been for... 6 years?11:36
landleyAlso, I have http:// not https:// in the apt-whatsis file. It's dns lookup that's failing.11:37
gnarfacealso note that is a dns round-robin of a dozen or so different servers, and they don't all properly support https last i heard11:37
gnarfaceyou just said you do get dns working though?11:37
landleyThe https failure was the site's key was some german site.11:37
gnarfacewith nslookup...11:37
landleyBut that was browser, not command line.11:38
landleyWith nslookup, yes. Not with wget or apt-get.11:38
gnarfaceworking for me...11:38
landleyAnd the browser can find it, but chrome's doing some horrible dns tunneling thing to prevent ad blockers these days.11:38
landleySigh, ltrace is saying11:39
landleygetaddrinfo("", nil, 0x7ffcac942370, 0x7ffcac942338) = -211:39
landleygai_strerror(-2)                                 = "Name or service not known"11:39
landleyBut who knows what horrible things glibc's is doing.11:39
landleyDoes devuan have some sort of dns cache near the glibc level?11:41
landleyThere's a horrific systemd thing but I'm using devuan to NOT have that.11:41
gnarfacethere's no dns cache unless you installed a local caching resolver11:42
gnarfacefirefox however has its own dns cache11:42
gnarfacechrome might too11:42
gnarfacebut i can't reproduce your issue here11:42
gnarfaceso it seems likely it's something you've done or something your ISP has done11:42
onefangAlmost all of the package mirrors support HTTPS for their own domain name, but none do for the domain name.11:42
landleyUnderstood. For all I know a bit flipped in ram, although that seems unlikely.11:43
gnarfacei would consider your dns servers suspect, possibly try some others11:43
landleyWhich is presumably why /etc/apt/sources.list is doing http://11:43
onefang lists our package mirrors, it might be helpful.11:44
landleyYup, edited /etc/resolv.conf to and it's working now.11:44
gnarfacelandley: note also that firefox might also have "dns over https" on by default, which would tunnel your dns requests over https to google dns servers, which might be obscuring any local dns server issues11:44
landleyI'm using chrome.11:45
gnarfacechrome might be doing the same thing, i'm not sure11:45
landleyFirefox doesn't let me "pkill -f renderer" and I've got over a dozen open chrome windows with dozens of tabs in each...11:45
landleyChrome wasn't what failed. I could at least see the page. It's just https:// complained the certificate didn't match the site.11:45
onefanglandley already mentioned that chrome is doing that DNS tunnelling thing.11:45
landleyRed herring.11:45
landleyWhich is why it _didn't_ see this issue.11:46
landleyAnyway, not a known issue with the server, sorry to bother you.11:46
landleyLocal DNS for some reasons said was nxdomain. Dunno why.11:46
onefangNo worries.11:47
onefangWe do have a monitoring system keeping track of our package mirrors.11:48
helpmepleaseWhere can I find runit daemon for yggdrasil13:17
Xenguyhelpmeplease: Recommend you idle until the usual suspects wake up13:54
rustyaxefor yggdrasil? Probably not in #devuan lol14:39
fsmithredhelpmeplease, I usually refer to this discussion when I want to create runit scripts:
fsmithredif void or antix has one that you want, you can probably adapt it.15:15
hacksenwerkFor daedalus sources.list, there's only deb daedalus main needed right?16:23
hacksenwerkI made a minimla chimaera install and upgrade to daedalus, but the security and the updates repo do not work. So I think that's normal?16:24
PolaritonCondensYou might need non-free-firmware now.  Security and updates should start working once Daedalus is released.16:36
PolaritonCondens...though I guess if your Daedalus system is working normally now, you don't need non-free-firmware.16:37
gnarfacegone already16:57
hacksenwerkThere are packages missing in daedalus, like the xserver-xorg-input-void for example17:45
hacksenwerkI don't understand testing releases anymore... It's so long ago since I used one...18:40
PolaritonCondensThat's been gone for a long time:
hacksenwerkPolaritonCondens: Ok interesting.20:23
hacksenwerkPolaritonCondens: I was following this nice guide to have a minimal x installation:
golinuxdev1fanboy hasn't been around since just after Covid started. He just disappeared. No contact from his side and no response to outreach from my end.20:26
hacksenwerkBut there are more packages missing, like keylaunch for example:
hacksenwerkAnd some more (can't remember, need to copy that apt log, I installed daedalus on the same machine I'm on a the moment)20:27
hacksenwerk(But I'm on debian 11 atm)20:27
golinuxXenguy: Perhaps there should be a note on dev1fandoy's page that some of his work might be outdated?20:28
n4diris that guide supposed to replace a simple "apt-get install xorg" ?20:29
golinuxn4dir: Check it out and let us know!20:30
golinuxHe wrote that many years ago20:31
n4dirit looks like it, but i am not sure. Hence the question20:32
hacksenwerkn4dir: Yes20:35
hacksenwerkxorg brings a lot of stuff20:35
hacksenwerkthe core package will bring less20:36
n4dirhacksenwerk: there was a stoneage how-to at forums.debian bout minimal X, but that would be outdated too20:36
n4diri recall xorg to be round the lines of either 130 or 180 MB20:36
n4dirbut it sure is fun, no complaining here20:36
Xenguygolinux: Perhaps there should be, but I have to admit that the last thing I need right now is a side project, as I'm trying to sort out as much of the release to Daedalus as I can before next month.  I wonder if there is an elegant one-liner that could be applied at the top of the various dev1fanboy documentation pages that would serve to indicate 'use at your own risk', or whatever?20:39
XenguyNo documentation lasts forever, alas20:40
hacksenwerkXenguy: At the bottom there's: "This work is provided “AS IS” and comes with absolutely NO warranty." ;)20:44
hacksenwerkIt mostly works.20:44
hacksenwerkI just had a frozen dwm after running startx xP20:45
n4dirwell, if you don't install a GUI during install, there are many things you see missing while using, so imho as long you find those missing ones yourself, the how-to should still do it's job.20:45
hacksenwerkBut maybe that's .xinitrc configuration20:45
hacksenwerkn4dir: I run my script to install packages step-by-step on the base of a minimal Devuan.20:46
hacksenwerkThis part of my script was taken from that guide.20:46
n4diri just install them when i want to use them and realize they are not there. But that is rather "raw"20:46
n4dirhacksenwerk: just write a how-to or summary and post it at the forum?20:47
n4diras in: mainly copy the guide found, just add what you figured out is missing.20:48
hacksenwerkn4dir: yup20:54
hacksenwerkForum, sure I can do that if I feel better. :)20:55
hacksenwerkI totally forgot about the forum!20:55
hacksenwerkAnd I'm a member. xD20:55
Xenguyhacksenwerk: Aha, thanks, that note at the bottom should suffice then, at least for now.20:56
hacksenwerkXenguy: :D20:57
Xenguyhacksenwerk: If you do discover some 'patch' that works, feel free to ping me, and I can try to see about applying it to the main web site20:59
hacksenwerkXenguy: Ok. :)21:00
hacksenwerkBut now I will watch a movie!21:01
hacksenwerkHave a nice evening everyone!21:01

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