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chomwitthas anyone had the issue with dbus writing on the login tty in Daedalus (desktopless , and without login manager installation) ?09:56
irgendwer4711hi, how to download package firmware-nonfree?14:17
buZzadd non-free to /etc/apt/sources.list ?14:17
irgendwer4711like this? deb ceres non-free14:18
buZz-add- ;) dont remove the others14:18
buZzso like > deb chimaera main non-free contrib14:18
irgendwer4711yes sure, but this does not work14:18
buZzthen do 'apt update' , and 'apt install firmware-linux-nonfree'14:19
buZzirgendwer4711: you may want to say -why- it doesnt work ;)14:19
irgendwer4711package not found14:19
buZzyou realize its called firmware-linux-nonfree14:20
buZzand not firmware-nonfree14:20
irgendwer4711I copy pasted you answer14:20
buZzchimaera isnt ceres btw14:20
buZzso dont copypaste too much :P14:20
irgendwer4711I didnt14:21
irgendwer4711I just took the parameters14:21
buZztry 'dpkg -L | grep ^firmware'14:21
buZzeh, dpkg -l14:21
buZzoh, wait14:21
irgendwer4711no output14:21
buZzi ment 'apt search firmware | grep ^firmware'14:21
buZzthat shows me > firmware-linux-nonfree/stable,stable 20210315-3 all14:22
buZzand a lot of other firmware packages14:22
irgendwer4711some output, but not nonfree only free14:22
buZzpastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list to plz14:22
irgendwer4711deb daedalus main non-free contrib14:23
buZzdaedalus? why, you had ceres before14:23
buZzare you mixing different versions? thats very unadvised14:23
buZzyou dont agree you had ceres before? :D14:24
buZz14:18:19 < irgendwer4711> like this? deb ceres non-free14:24
irgendwer4711I know, but didnt remeber where that string comes from14:24
buZzcould you > 14:22:44 < buZz> pastebin your /etc/apt/sources.list to plz14:25
irgendwer4711its only this strin: deb daedalus main non-free contrib14:25
buZzand you ran 'apt update'14:25
buZz-AFTER- editting?14:25
irgendwer4711lol yes14:25
buZzcould you pastebin the output from that then14:25
PolaritonCondensyou need to add the non-free-firmware section14:26
buZzPolaritonCondens: ah! thanks14:26
buZzi just found
buZz> Nowadays (daedalus) non-free firmware packages have been moved into a non-free-firmware section rather than as  previously being in the non-free section.14:27
buZzannoying imho :)14:27
buZz\o/ yay14:28
irgendwer4711btw didnt work with a non-systemd-system for years :-P14:28
buZz:) welcome14:28
irgendwer4711just building a little pxe rescue image14:29
peetauris down? :(19:16
peetauror alternatively, I have a devuan_chimaera_4.0.0_amd64_minimal-live.iso can I install using this without the gui?19:16
peetaurfound refractainstaller.....will try that19:30
fsmithredpeetar, you still here? There's a bug in that installer. Don't select "sudo as default, disable root account." It doesn't work right.20:11
fsmithredpeetaur, ^^^20:11
peetaurfsmithred: ok thanks20:24 booted. now to add bedrocklinux :)20:45
peetaurthe booted thing didn't use dhcp ... no problem but unexpected20:45
rwpfsmithred, When using the refracta installer I noticed that /bin/ping is missing the cap_net_raw=ep capability.21:15
rwpMaking me think that rsync was used to copy it without the -X,--xattrs preserve extended attributes option.21:16
rwpUsing "setcap cap_net_raw+ep /bin/ping" will restore this but if there is one then there are likely other files missing capabilities too.21:16
rwpThe cap_net_raw+ep capability is what allows ping to be used without it being setuid-root.  Without it ping does not work for normal users.21:17
ibanjaDoes anybody know how to make the laptop stay on while the lid is closed? I am running LXDE with openbox WM.22:31
ibanjaAll I can find are systemd fixes.22:32
peetauribanja:   # apt search power | grep installed    shows things acpid ...probably acpid23:10
fsmithredalso look in /etc/elogind/logind.conf23:19
ibanjain /etc/elogind/logind.conf it has #HandleLidSwitch=suspend which is presumably the default.23:21
ibanjaI don't see options listed in the man page.23:22
fsmithredthat line is commented in one laptop and uncommented in the other23:23
fsmithredbut both sleep when the lid is closed23:23
ibanjaI am trying  HandleLidSwitch=ignore... from here
fsmithredI think mine is set in xfce-power-manager, and I seem to recall having to change something when I switch the display manager from lxdm to lightdm.23:28
ibanjaHandleLidSwitch=ignore worked.  Thanks for the help.23:29
ibanjapeetaur: I usually use apt-get. I will have to explore the apt more as I like that output.23:32

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