libera/#devuan/ Friday, 2023-05-12

rwpfsmithred, I installed Refracta Devuan Chimaera and /etc/mailname on the system was set to "ascii".  Perhaps localhost.localdomain there?06:03
rwpfsmithred, Also /etc/hosts has " refracta localhost" instead of the usual defaults there.  That's not going to be as happy. :-(06:04
hacksenwerkHello. I just want to report that installing xserver-xorg-input-libinput solved my problem with frozen GUI. Thank you all who helped me! :)16:08
hacksenwerkI noticed there are some nice new packages in the upcoming release.16:11
hacksenwerkxsct and yt-dlp for example16:12
hacksenwerkI am glad beeing at daedalus already. :)16:12
fsmithredrwp, I don't touch those files. Which iso(s) did you use?16:18
rwpfsmithred, refracta_11.1_nox_amd64-20220917_1713.iso is what I used to install.  I'll walk through another install so the choices made are fresh in my head.18:32
fsmithredrwp, ok but you don't need to install again. Can I pm you?18:33
rwpSure. PM is fine.18:34
nparafeI am posting again for soving this :"Unfortunately it looks like your request is spam. If you feel this is a mistake, please direct any inquiries to the forum administrator at IRC #devuan at"20:01
golinuxfsmithred: ^^^ I am out the door for a food run.20:04
gnarfacenparafe: someone will help you eventually, please be patient.20:05
golinuxI'll be back in an hour or so20:05
nparafeThaks gnarface. The last time I posted was was yesterday. I am really not in a great hurry though, of course I can wait. If for some reason someone replies while I am afk, I will read the backlog and respond.20:13
gnarfacenparafe: you weren't the only one asking about this yesterday, you probably just got confused for the other one20:14
nparafegnarface: Ok, thanks for letting my know.20:15
fsmithrednparafe, I can help you21:11
fsmithredmaking coffee... back in a few minutes21:12
nparafethanks fsmithred. Tell my what you need21:15
fsmithredpm coming21:25
golinuxnparafe: Did you get set up on the forum?21:45
golinuxLooks like you did! Welcome!21:46
nparafegolinux: fsmithred created an account for me but I didn't yet recieved the email21:47
golinuxIt looks like you are good to go. Your account is live. You might not get an email when an admin registers you.21:51
golinuxYou you could login, right?21:51
nparafeI haven't recieved any password so I am afraid that I am unable to login.21:55
nparafegolinux: I am in now, fsmithred was really kind and very helpful.22:00
golinuxYOU have to login with the PW that fsmithred gave you and change it yourself.22:01
nparafeyes I know, I have allready done that and login sucessfully22:02
nparafeeverything is ok now22:02
golinuxExactly. :D22:02
golinuxJust make sure to change your PW in your admin panel22:03

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