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grayrockif orest58008 comes back, you can tell him that the devuan installer supports btrfs and should be able to handle what he wants to do. i ran the installer to make sure it's on the partition "use as" list, but have never used btrfs myself.00:35
rrqxrogan: brocashelm: thank you for your contribution to review the isos and confirm that the media spans a good range of possible target systems. It's always a pleasure to see people stepping up to contribute towards the benefit of the community.00:48
xrogaanrrq: I partially read the bug report about the iso and dvd. I don't have a reader for DVD-ROM. I can only do stuff through usb sticks. More over, I don't know the protocol on how to test it.01:11
brocashelmrrq: i don't have any blank dvds since forever (i'm used to usb sticks). i just got one so i could test the iso on my end01:27
rrqnote that the installer isos (as well as the live ones) are prepared for ideally any block image device, but especially USB devices come in lots of brands with possible quirks. All are worth testing to confirm that it works; you'd only need to run it up to partitioning and stop without doing that.01:41
rrqthat shows that the installer starts and finds its media; the rest is just ordinary s/w distribution testing01:46
rrqand if anyone has pcmcia and firewire they especially should feel inclined to give it a go...01:47
rustyaxepcmcia? firewire? is this 2005?01:48
fsmithredParty like it's 1999.01:49
rrqI'm also quite unsure about installing from magnetic tape.01:50
fsmithredFresh install or restore a backup?01:51
fsmithredI never heard of installing linux from tape01:51
fsmithreddid floppy disk the first time01:51
fsmithredis that still possible?01:52
rrqyeah, a floppy set installation would be interesting to hear about too01:52
brocashelmthrow zipdisks in that lot, too01:54
fsmithredWe don't provide floppy images, do we?01:55
rrqno; I'd guess it would require a bit of additional priming as well as dividing the lot into mmm 200 floppies?01:57
rrqzipdisk should work, yes01:58
onefangWHAT!!???!!  No punch card install media?02:47
golinuxIsn't this all OT?02:53
debdogthat or 01001111 0101010003:04
Mystifiedhi all, are you able to share which devuan is based on debian bullseye? thanks kindly!10:46
grayrockdebian bullseye is debian 11 which is equivalent to devuan chimaera which is devuan 4.10:57
grayrockMystified: ^10:59
Mystifiedis there an aarch64 img, I  have a nanopi m4v2 uses a rockchip339911:03
grayrockMystified: i'm only aware of the amd64 and i386 versions, but i'm not the person to ask.11:17
FatPhil-> #devuan-arm , but be warned, it can be sleepy there12:53
deleuzechi there, any hint on how to manage suspend/resume on chimaera?13:30
gnarfacedeleuzec`: how do you mean "manage?" is it doing something you don't want it to do? or failing to do something you do want it to do?14:47
deleuzec`I don't know how to suspend14:50
deleuzec`and actually it seems not to suspend when I close the lid14:50
deleuzec`not sure how I should proceed/where to look14:51
gnarfacedeleuzec`: alright, you came to the right place. first of all, make sure you have these packages installed: acpid, acpi-support-base, pm-utils14:51
deleuzec`good start, I hadn't them installed14:52
gnarfaceand for future reference, whenever a problem like this arises and you can't find any help, it's often good to know that documentation for these tasks as they were carried out on debian wheezy hasn't changed for any version of devuan14:52
deleuzec`ok thanks. I think I used to do systemctl suspend...14:53
gnarfacenow you would just run the "/usr/sbin/pm-suspend" script, though there should be multiple window manager specific gui frontends that can do it for you14:54
gnarface(the lid swtich may even work now but many people disable it anyway)14:54
deleuzec`indeed that works... many thanks!14:55
gnarfaceno problem14:55
dgriffiWhat's the status of Devuan and Linode's "lish" interface?21:14
nemodgriffi: huh. this doesn't seem much like something devuan could do anything about21:16
nemodgriffi: it's more about what this one interface hooked up21:16
nemoand clearly it's not systemd specific since they support *BSD, they just chose not to support non-systemd for linux...21:17
dgriffinemo: given that the BSDs don't have this problem, I thought maybe something weird is going on in Devuan.21:17
nemodgriffi: I think it's more about what the UI is setup to recognise and support21:17
nemodgriffi: note they also support gentoo - I do wonder if they support gentoo in both systemd and non modes21:17
nemobut they don't say21:18
dgriffisome of the stuff they say they support and don't support lacks consistency21:18
nemodgriffi: just as a test, you might want to install a debian using their webconsole21:20
nemodgriffi: then switch it to devuan after21:20
nemoI did that with OVH with no issues21:20
nemobut I don't use linode so no idea what would happen there21:20
* dgriffi wonders why non-systemd linux would even matter to a VM?21:20
nemodgriffi: I suspect it has nothing to do with systemd and more to do with visibility21:20
dgriffimy freebsd instances are fine with the exception of linode not doing backups on it.21:20
nemodgriffi: they officially support distros that have high enough visibility, and devuan is not one of them21:20
nemodgriffi: so yeah... it might work just fine... could TIAS.21:21
nemodgriffi: that said, I can totally see *why* it would matter to a VM... their web console probably hooks into the OS for logs, services, stats..21:22
nemodgriffi: if they know they need to do it using X on distro Y, they will hook that up explicitly21:22
nemothey probably don't try to be clever and detect one path with a fallback for another21:22
dgriffiA lot of this seems to be like when a kid says "I want chocolate ice cream".  the parent then goes "I like strawberry, so you're getting strawberry".21:22
nemobut, yeah, I picked a debian interface 2 years ago in my OVH web interface setup, then immediately switched it to beowulf21:23
nemoI've upgraded it twice to chimæra and dædalus with no further issues21:23
nemohm. more than 2 years ago. time flies21:24
nemobut it might depend on what you use their console for21:24
nemoTIAS! ☺21:24
dgriffiI'm on the edge of switching to devuan.  I've had it with the arrogance that surrounds systemd21:30
nemodgriffi: I've avoided it like the plague22:20
nemoit was esp bad at the beginning reliability-wise. it does seem to have gotten better22:21
nemobut the borgish engulfing has not changed22:21
brocashelmrunit is working better now on daedalus22:21
dgriffiI do like the BSDs, though not so much the licenses.22:22
dgriffigreat for really old and weird machines22:22
nemoI like the idea of BSD, just not used to it tooling-wise, and found issues running a reliable desktop on it22:23
nemoesp for things like family machines w/ gaming and such22:23
nemodevuan has been about perfect. it's on everything at home and work now, apart from a couple of gentoo for myself22:23
nemohave about a dozen devuan VMs at work now22:24
brocashelm-> #devuan-offtopic22:31
calxbCould somebody explain to me how the Devuan installer didn't need updating after the accidental key expiration incident that happened last year? My understanding is that new installs don't need to update the expired key manually, but I don't understand how that works. I'm not arguing it's not so, but it doesn't make sense to me.22:44
gnarfacefsmithred, you want to field this one? ^^22:46
fsmithredI think the expired key got un-expired somehow. I don't understand it well enough to explain it.22:52
calxbfsmithred: Thanks, that's more of an explanation than I understood, which was just sorta "trust us, the installer honestly doesn't need updating" if I recall what I heard the last time I looked into it.23:04
djphI thought it was patched, maybe I'm misremembering though23:43

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