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SmilexHey! How do I run X on boot in devuan? Google results favor systemd14:47
SmilexI think I want SLiM to run14:47
SmilexIssue is that my screen shuts down when the tty login screen is supposed to appear. So now I type "in the dark", my login and then startx14:49
brocashelmsmilex: i don't use display managers anymore, but i seem to recall it's sudo dpkg-reconfigure slim14:50
Smilexbrocashelm: I know that selects the login manager, but does that start X on boot up?14:51
brocashelmalso, maybe have a look in /etc/X11/14:51
Smilexbut isn't this a init thing? Specifically I'm thinking that it's complicated because you need to login to run things, but I need to run the login screen14:52
brocashelmdisplay managers are very inconsistent to start up, but i'm able to at least get lxdm or xdm to work after a reboot14:52
Smilexoh really? :(14:53
buZzSmilex: just 'apt install slim' should work just fine14:53
buZzit'll install as display manager and start on boot14:54
Smilexoh! That's simple14:54
Smilexdoes it know to startxfce?14:55
brocashelmah, i assumed you already installed slim and couldn't get it to work still14:55
brocashelmit should take care of that by default14:55
buZzSmilex: yes14:55
buZzi doubt it uses 'startxfce' though14:55
buZzlikely just xfce-session14:55
Smilexok, because I apparently have tried something, so I have a local installation of xfce4 I've been using14:56
buZzthats nice14:56
Smilexdo I set the one to run in .xsession?14:56
buZznope, just apt install slim14:56
buZzno .xsession needed at all14:56
buZzyou can press 'F1' on the display manager to switch between WM/DEs , if you installed multiples14:57
buZziirc .. i moved to lightdm some time ago14:57
Smilexoh ok14:57
brocashelmiirc, your display manager looks around for an .xinitrc, .xsession, etc. file to load a DE if one isn't specified in /etc/X11 (somewhere)14:58
Smilexlet's try it14:59
SmilexOk, it was slow and ugly, but it worked. Slowness is probably because of everything else around it15:04
al1r4dPut startxfce on .xinitrc15:04
al1r4dLoad from there15:04
al1r4dThen startx15:04
al1r4dSmilex: btw, since then you need systemd to start x session?15:05
SmilexI used to do that, but after getting daedalus, my screen turns off when I get to the tty login15:05
al1r4dWhat log says?15:06
Smilexdmesg? I don't know what to look for15:06
al1r4dHmm, sorry, wrong answer. I thought after "startx"15:08
buZzSmilex: i bet the tty is on another monitor output of your PC15:13
Smilexmight also be available if I ctrl + alt + F# until I find it15:14
buZztypically console doesnt support multiple monitors15:15
buZzit'll be one a single output15:15
Smilexbut I see the boot stuff, it just turns off for the tty login15:15
buZzthats bizar, maybe its loading a video driver along the way?15:16
SmilexNot sure. It worked to login and run startx, without seeing anything15:17
al1r4dSmilex:  vheck tty1—tty8 maybe15:22
SmilexI will, thanks15:24
dgriffiIs there a devuan equivalent to stuff like this?
dgriffiI'm trying to build a bootable and writable thumb drive to install devuan.21:19
dgriffiunless sometime since I've been doing it this way that there's now a means to write to a thumb drive prepared by dd'ing a boot iso to it.21:20
rwpIt seems to me that since the kernel is not forked that you should be able to use the Debian vmlinuz directly.21:20
rwpDevuan only forks the 100 some packages listed in the banned package list due to those packages having incompatible systemd requirements.  The kernel is not one of those.21:21
gnarfacedgriffi: what are you actually trying to do?21:21
dgriffignarface: I want to be able to use preseed files from a thumb drive.21:22
gnarfacei'm pretty sure the stock installer already can do that21:22
dgriffiand include on the thumb drive other stuff I like to immediately drop into a new system.21:22
gnarfaceoh... you should check out refracta tools21:22
gnarfacebut i was pretty sure the default installer already had both those features21:23
gnarfacenot that i've tried preseeding since debian21:24
dgriffignarface: last time I checked that if you dd an iso to a thumb drive, you end up with a read-only filesystem21:25
gnarfaceit i think it depends on which iso, but why does it matter since you'll be copying the extra packages to the iso before you dd it?21:26
gnarfacewith refracta tools you'll be creating a fresh iso from scratch21:26
gnarfacei think you can just mount the regular installer and add packages to it though too21:27
dgriffiit's easier to directly manipulate the thumb drive.21:28
gnarfaceeh, try the debian one if you want. it might work21:29
gnarfacebut i do think you might still be making this harder than it has to be21:29
dgriffiin a nutshell, this is slightly different than doing a pxe boot.21:29
dgriffiThis is what I've been doing for quite some time:
gnarfaceeh, at a glance i can't see any reason why it wouldn't work21:34
gnarfaceit's just that the thing about adding extra deb files and using preseeding, those were both already features of the stock netinstaller before devuan existed21:35
gnarfacebut you really might like refracta tools as a slightly alternate approach21:36
dgriffiI'm looking at that now... and stumbled upon someting called "ventoy"21:36
gnarfacei'm not familiar with ventoy21:36
dgriffiit's a more general approach to awhat I'm doing21:36
dgriffiAFAIK, you boot a thumb drive and you get a menu of many installer ISOs.21:37
dgriffithey could be anything: windows, linux, bsd, etc.21:37
dgriffiand the author has iventoy, which does something similar as a pxe replacement21:38
dgriffisee ventoy.com21:38
dgriffifsmithred: perfect!22:06
fsmithredyou can choose which suite to install. Current stable is technically chimaera, but daedalus is ready enough for use and is equivalent to debian bookworm.22:06
fsmithredor whatever the third 'B' is called.22:06
gnarfaceyes, their daedalus is bookworm22:07
dgriffiwhat's holding up Daedalus?22:07
gnarfacethe netinstaller you won't touch :-p22:07
dgriffiis Icarus being a cheeky boy again?22:07
fsmithredinstaller isos aren't perfect yet22:07
fsmithredI don't know if the live isos are perfect or not, since nobody seems to be testing them22:08
fsmithredpackages are all done and ready22:08
fsmithredand you can do a debootstrap install from any of the live isos22:09
gnarfacei've done several debootstrap installs already, though not from the live isos22:10
gnarfaceand a couple upgrades from chimaera22:11
gnarfaceeverything seems to be so much in order that it's a bit suspicious actually22:11
gnarfacei'm just waiting for them to do something completely unacceptable upstream22:11
gnarface(something else i mean)22:11
gnarfaceyou know that feeling you get when you're in a horror movie and it's "too quiet"22:12
gnarfaceyea that22:12
fsmithredall your init scripts are belong to us22:12
dgriffiI switched to Bookworm early because there was something goofy going on with a library that wasn't going to be backported.  now I forget what it was.22:14

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