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brocashelmusing runit-services with dhclient and network-manager scripts, how do you prevent from automatically connecting to eth0 if disconnected? i have tried deleting the dhclient service files, but they always regenerate and/or a connection with network-manager eventually keeps me from fully manually connecting/disconnecting. deleting the dhclient service files also prevents openvpn from working (through openvpn command or nm-applet)02:52
fsmithredbrocashelm, right-click on the nm tray icon, edit connections, select the connection, General tab, un-check the 'connect automatically' box.02:57
brocashelmfsmithred: when i disconnect, it "disappears" from the ui; is there a config file i can modify?03:05
brocashelmperhaps in /etc/NetworkManager?03:05
brocashelmthe conf file currently reads03:06
fsmithredlet me see what mine has03:06
brocashelmor is it my /etc/network/interfaces affecting it?03:07
brocashelmauto lo03:07
brocashelmiface lo inet loopback03:07
fsmithredn-m or e/n/i : pick one03:08
fsmithredotherwise they fight03:08
brocashelmguess it's the former03:08
fsmithredmy nm conf file is the same as yours03:08
fsmithredif you want static IP, you can set it in the gui interface03:09
brocashelmhmmm, i will try to "respawn" the eth0 profile03:09
fsmithredthat's weird. When I disconnect an interface in n-m it still shows up in the list03:10
brocashelmok, wtf? i checked eth0 on nm applet gui and "connect automatically" does not have a check03:10
fsmithredbut says 'disconnected' under the name03:10
fsmithredyou only have the loopback in interfaces?03:11
brocashelmit adds another eth0 instance if i disconnect, sv down dhclient, sv up dhclient03:11
brocashelmyes, that's what my file has03:11
fsmithredok, lo is not the problem. It won't interfere with n-m03:12
brocashelmi remember it being a problem on sysvinit when i installed ascii or beowulf; a fix of that file was what resolved it03:12
brocashelmjust can't remember what i changed03:12
fsmithredallow hotplug changed to auto03:13
fsmithredto fix delay on boot03:13
fsmithreddid I set up n-m in my runit isos?03:14
brocashelmi'll check, but my original install was refracta 10 with sysvinit03:14
brocashelmthen i switched over to runit03:14
brocashelmi'm checking the r10_runit-20201024_1516.iso file03:16
brocashelmthat one is using wicd03:16
fsmithredI'm checking a newer iso03:16
brocashelmchecking refracta_runit_test_amd64-20210614_1136.iso03:17
brocashelmthis one uses connman03:18
fsmithredon a 2022 iso I have n-m using runscript03:18
fsmithredthere is no dhclient init script03:18
brocashelmyeah, i actually installed runit-services from debian experimental03:18
fsmithredwhat has dhclient as a service?03:19
brocashelmthis version of runit-services converts dhclient as an sv service03:20
brocashelmisc-dhcp-client provides the dhclient daemon/process03:21
fsmithredI have that package installed03:21
brocashelmsame, i use dhclient in case i need internet access from cli (such as rescuing a broken system without backups)03:23
brocashelmreinstalled the 0.5.4 version (daedalus); no automatic eth0 connection now (after reboot)03:28
fsmithredversion of which?03:33
fsmithredI see03:35
fsmithredI don't see why it needs to be a service03:35
brocashelmby default, it's now starting as down (dhclient) with sv03:45
fsmithredwith the older version?03:46
brocashelmyes, on daedalus03:46
brocashelmthe 0.5.4 build03:46
brocashelmi did a reboot without changing any of my configs03:46
fsmithredyeah, that's the version I see03:46
fsmithredI haven't tried runit-services yet03:46
brocashelmi was using the experimental build because i wanted to access more runscripts03:46
fsmithredI don't see anything I want in 0.6.0 that I don't already have.03:54
fsmithredHey, I made new desktop-live isos with a (small) mimeapps.list. I can't test it due to slow internet (6-hour download).03:57
brocashelmoh, cool, the one i sent you?03:57
fsmithredplease test if you get a chance. I only included a few of those from that list. Mostly images and a couple of text types.03:57
fsmithredmost of that I have no idea what they are03:58
brocashelmcan you link me to it? is it on
fsmithredno, it's on or any iso mirror03:59
brocashelmi'll go check03:59
brocashelmdownloading now, thanks04:00
brocashelmok, i just booted into the live image via vm04:02
brocashelmfsmithred: file package_list is wanting to be opened with libreoffice writer by default still04:03
brocashelmjpg files still defaulting to firefox-esr, too04:04
brocashelminstead of ristretto04:04
brocashelmsvg is correctly pointing to ristretto, though04:06
brocashelmzip archives defaulting to xarchiver, no other "alternative" to it, good04:07
fsmithreddoes ~/.config/mimeapps.list exist?04:08
brocashelm7 lines only04:08
fsmithredyeah, that sounds right04:09
fsmithredcan you set a few of those manually and see if they get stored with a different syntax or something?04:09
brocashelmi will04:10
brocashelmyw, just updated gif/jpeg/plaintext files:
brocashelmnow they are correctly launching mousepad (text files) and ristretto (image files)04:12
brocashelmi am seeing firefox-esr as the secondary program for images04:13
brocashelmso it will get used if ristretto is removed with no alternative software for image viewing available04:14
fsmithreddoes the original file have just the Default Applications heading, or no headings?04:14
brocashelmfor mimeapps.list?04:15
brocashelmwell, now that i right click on it, i see "open with mousepad"04:16
brocashelmthen open with shows libreoffice writer and vim in that order04:16
fsmithredno headings.04:16
fsmithredI forgot to put the heading in the file.04:16
brocashelm"set default application" is there if you hover on "open with"04:17
fsmithredcan you test with just the default section in the file, with its heading?04:18
fsmithredThanks. I want to fix it now and start another build.04:23
brocashelmi edited mimeapps.list and kept the first section with those three lines04:23
brocashelmstill saying "open with mousepad"04:23
fsmithredcool, thanks.04:24
brocashelmthis was also done on a reboot of the live image with the quick modification04:25
brocashelmimages are also pointing to ristretto04:25
fsmithrednext act is sleeping04:28
fsmithredsee you on the other side04:28
KittyI have a 3rd party (from Microsoft of all places) deb that I need to install, but it fails cos it expects to find a systemctl. Does there exist anyway in devuan to emulate the existence of systemctl without there being a systemctl ?11:42
Kittyok, what I did was created a bash script that just contains "exit 0" as /usr/bin/systemctl11:50
fsmithredKitty, 'apt-cache search systemctl' and you'll find a couple of packages.11:50
fsmithreddid that work?11:51
Kittybut now I need to convert a systemd service file into a sysV init.d file, and I am sure I've done this in the past, but can't for the life of me remember how11:51
fsmithredthere's a script for that. I think it's in a sysvinit package.11:51
fsmithredalso, a dummy command might work, but sometimes you need a dummy package so the package manager thinks it's installed.11:52
KittyERROR:systemctl: man-db.service: Executable path is not absolute, ignoring: +/usr/bin/install -d -o man -g man -m 0755 /var/cache/man11:55
Kittyso I installed the systemctl package instead of my shell script11:55
Kittythe conversion script is not in the sysvinit package, or it's -core or -utils packages11:59
fsmithredprob. utils11:59
fsmithredThe shell script is called and is now included in the SysV init source code, under the "contrib" directory.12:04
KittyI found tht via
fsmithredThank you, Trek. The new conversaion script will be in the next stable release of SysV init, which will carry the version number 2.97.12:05
fsmithredoh good12:06
fsmithredI was coming up with dead links12:06
fsmithredchimaera has 2.9612:07
fsmithredchimaera-backports has 3.012:07
Kittyhmmm, using the conversion script has created a file, but nothing actually starts...12:08
ted-iousWhat is this mysterious microsoft deb package?12:13
ted-iousAlert!: HTTP/1.0 402 Payment Required12:22
ted-iousVery interesting.12:22
ted-iousTrying to look up that package.12:24
ted-iousI think I found that repo but I was looking for documentation to understand what it was.12:26
Kittyit's part of MS defender12:27
ted-iousI'm surprised to find that microsoft is selling security software for ubuntu.12:27
Kittyyeah, so was I12:36
Kittymdatp is the other half of the install. Which is giving me:12:37
Kitty"package post-installation script subprocess returned error exit status 1"12:38
Kittywhich is really unhelpful...12:38
Kittywow, this is brain damaged. postinst script fails, but rather than printing an error, just returns 1.12:52
Kittyediting the script to add set -x12:53
Kittythen running it manually I get a lot of info happening12:53
Kittyit creates all sorts of log files12:53
Kittythen when it fails, it deletes them all12:53
KittyE:error_code=1, lineno=516, command='cp "$MDATP_CONF_DIR/mdatp.service" "$SYSTEMD_SERVICE"', func='SetSystemdService' - yep, it's a systemd issue.12:55
Kittyinterestingly, if I run the command manually, it runs just fine. so there's something special about the way the script does it13:26
Kittywhoop, all working, systemd-service-shim works better than the systemctl package13:47
Kittyto complete the story of what was failing for me, the postinst script tries to do a os detection, if it's not debian, it decides it's redhat, as devuan isn't debian, it then tried to put stuff in redhat type locations, which don't exist, throwing a symbolic link in /usr/lib/systemd/system to /lib/systemd/system, solved it, as did using the systemd shim so that it could run the post inst script.15:25
KittyI haven't yet got working init.d scripts, but that's gonna be a tomorrow problem15:26
jason123onircI installed xfce4 devuan and the display locking looks like its xsreensaver. How would I change it to the xfce4 lock screen? Can't find what the package would be15:55
fsmithredjason123onirc, maybe light-locker, but I think that goes with lightdm, and devuan installs slim by default16:07
fsmithredso you might need to change the dm16:08
jason123onircfsmithred light-locker might work though why does devuan ship slim when its not had a new release in years16:12
fsmithredsome devs like it, and we've maintained it internally.16:12
jason123onircTurns out its the xfce4-screensaver package that handles the screen locking on xfce and its only in sid for some bug but it works fine on the other distros16:19
grayrockjust out of curiosity, why did devuan switch to slim?16:37
golinuxMinimalism. Devuan has always used slim since day one. It was hellekin's choice and he themed it with the iconic Devuan "swoosh"16:46
Kittywhat is slim ?16:47
golinuxlog in manager16:48
Kittyoh, I think I use xdm ?16:48
golinuxThere are other options. Slim is the default16:48
KittyI use evilwm as my window mangler.16:49
golinuxThe default slim looks like this:
golinuxYou can see how the default them carries through from boot to the desktop here:16:52
jason123onircwhat display manager is installed on mate?16:57
gnarfacejason123onirc: not sure but it's probably slim or lightdm17:22
gnarfaceshould be easy to check17:22
gnarfacei think anyway... unless it's gdm because gnome?17:23
gnarfacejust look at what's running with "ps aux --forest"17:23
jason123onircits lightdm17:29
grayrockok, thanks all. just sorting out my usual confusion.17:31
fghhfI don't understand how to set up the bridge
gnarfacecan you be more specific?20:05
gnarfacealso, you might have better luck following directions for the right distro...20:05
fghhfgnarface, chimaera20:23
gnarfacefghhf: no, i mean be more specific about what you don't understand20:24
fghhfgnarface, i added lines "allow bridge1 allow bridge2" in /etc/qemu/bridge.conf. i don't know how to connect QEMU VM to internet via enxac7deb85b7c220:29
gnarfacefghhf: you probably only need one bridge, but you need to add your network devices to it20:39
gnarfacei don't know why it says bridging is not possible with a wifi device though, afaik that's false20:41
fghhfgnarface, how to add network devices to the bridge?20:41
gnarfacein their examples they're using eth0 as a network device, but then they don't actually do anything useful with it20:41
gnarfaceyou can use brctl to manipulate the bridge or you can just write it into /etc/network/interfaces (which Arch Linux does not use)20:42
gnarfacereally, it would be better if you could find some old debian wheezy documentation about this20:42
gnarfacei'm sure it was out there at some point....20:42
gnarfacefghhf: to be clear, these instructions appear to be for bridging multiple guests together without connecting them to the internet... i'm inferring that this is not what you actually want so i think you need different instructions.20:48
fghhfgnarface, how to add bridge1 to /etc/network/interfaces without breaking anything?20:50
gnarfacefghhf: should be instructions in the interfaces man page or some man page that comes with the bridge-utils package20:52
gnarfacethere's probably also numerous examples online20:53

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