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Kamey_Hello Everybody, I'm new to this distro and I've just finished installing it, but the resolution is stuck at 1024x768 and that is the only available option, I've checked boot log and there's this:02:47
Kamey_Jul 26 02:30:43 devuan kernel: [    5.441375] [drm:amdgpu_pci_probe [amdgpu]] *ERROR* amdgpu requires firmware installed02:47
Kamey_Jul 26 02:30:43 devuan kernel: [    5.441399] amdgpu: See for information about missing firmware02:47
Kamey_Am I missing AMD GPU Drivers and how can I install them? I thought Linux would come with these drivers or open source ones built in into the kernel, especially for this older GPU, I have RX 570.02:47
Kamey_kamey@devuan:~$ lspci -nn | grep VGA02:49
Kamey_01:00.0 VGA compatible controller [0300]: Advanced Micro Devices, Inc. [AMD/ATI] Ellesmere [Radeon RX 470/480/570/570X/580/580X/590] [1002:67df] (rev ef)02:49
masonKamey_: You might look to see if you have any/all of theser installed: firmware-linux-free firmware-linux-nonfree firmware-amd-graphics02:50
gnarfaceit's the firmware-amd-graphics one02:52
Kamey_mason I checked with dpkg-query and I have firmware-linux-free and firmware-amd-graphics but I don't have firmware-linux-nonfree.02:53
gnarfacehmm, odd, i don't have firmware-linux-nonfree here. i was pretty sure that was not required for AMD cards02:54
gnarfacefirmware-amd-graphics definitely is though02:54
gnarfacebut chimaera may be old enough you actually need the version from backports02:55
masongnarface: Just taking a wild stab. I'm used to seeing messages in dmesg about what specifically appears to be missing, which can then be fed into apt-file search.02:55
gnarfacestill, i'm confused because i didn't think that card was that new02:55
Kamey_I don't know anything about backports, this is my first time trying a debian based distribuation.02:55
gnarfaceKamey_: did you install chimaera or daedalus?02:56
Kamey_and it is hard to learn or do anything on such low resolution.02:56
Kamey_I installed chimaera02:56
Kamey_I was reading debian wiki what about the xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu package?02:57
gnarfacedeb chimaera-backports main02:57
gnarfacedeb-src chimaera-backports main02:57
gnarfaceyou do also need xserver-xorg-video-amdgpu but i thought that was in main02:58
gnarfaceeither way, make sure you have it02:58
gnarfaceif you already did or if adding it then rebooting doesn't change anything, try getting the kernel and firmware from backports02:59
Kamey_where is the repository located, I tried seeing /etc/apt/sources and it is blank.02:59
gnarfacethe repository config you mean? it's /etc/apt/sources.list02:59
Kamey_ah so it has  .list at the end02:59
gnarfacethere should not be any file called /etc/apt/sources02:59
Kamey_yeah I don't have the backports repos added03:00
Kamey_should I add them?03:00
gnarfaceyou typically don't need them, but in this case you should add them temporarily03:00
gnarfaceactually, let me see your sources.list so i can sanity check it03:01
gnarfacedon't paste it in here, paste it at paste.debian.net03:01
gnarfacenot bad03:03
gnarfacetwo things: get that stupid extraneous tab out of line 24 (sorry about that) and add " contrib non-free" to the end of those two lines as well (sorry about that too)03:03
gnarfacethen you should just have to run "apt-get update && apt-get -t chimaera-backports --no-install-recommends install linux-image-amd64 linux-headers-amd64 firmware-amd-graphics"03:04
gnarfaceafter that probably comment out lines 24 and 25 then run "apt-get update && apt-get clean"03:05
gnarfacea reboot will be required after that03:05
Kamey_# Backports03:06
Kamey_# deb chimaera-backports main contrib non-free03:06
Kamey_# deb-src chimaera-backports main contrib non-free03:06
gnarfaceoh, probably worth noting, if you needed any other firmware packages, like for example amd64-microcode or firmware-realtek, you should get them from backports right now too so they match the kernel version03:06
Kamey_oh okay, thank you.03:07
gnarfacebut you don't, as a general rule, want to be in the habit of getting everything from backports, so that's why i recommend disabling it to prevent mistakes03:07
Kamey_i will reboot03:08
Kamey_and try now03:08
gnarfacegood luck03:08
onefangHmmm, don't you need backports to get updates from things you installed from backports?03:08
Kamey_thanks, ill join again to report status03:08
gnarfaceonefang: yep, but you don't want mistakes in the package dependencies to cause a recursive update of everything backports can possibly upgrade you to. i've seen it happen with nvidia drivers and stuff in contrib.03:09
onefangWhich is why I pin things.03:09
onefangBut too much to throw at the Devuan / Debian newbie.03:10
gnarfaceyes, my point exactly03:10
gnarfacewell, it would have been my point but you beat me to it :)03:10
Kamey_Hello, I'm back. it worked.03:12
gnarfaceonefang: admittedly it was a decade ago, before devuan, but it was like... nvidia-settings -> colord (recommended) -> the entire rest of the graphical stack -> unbootable install03:12
onefangWelcome back Kamey_.03:12
gnarfaceKamey_: you got HD res now?03:12
Kamey_yeah 1080p works just fine03:12
Kamey_is this all i needed to do, can i  run 3D software aswell?03:13
onefangShould be able to.03:13
gnarfaceKamey_: well, you need like 10-20+ mesa packages but they're all in main and should have been installed as dependencies automatically03:13
onefangOh yeah, I forgot those.  lol03:13
gnarfaceif something isn't working, i can give you a list of the ones i'm using that should cover most of them03:13
Kamey_I will try now03:14
gnarfaceKamey_: the mesa packages you need are all in main03:14
gnarfacei'm surprised the stock chimaera kernel is actually that old but i guess i shouldn't be03:15
gnarfaceKamey_: start with the mesa-utils package then run "vblank_mode=0 glxgears"03:16
Kamey_i don't have glxgears installed and package glxgears doesn't exist I assume it comes with some mesa package and i don't have it.03:16
Kamey_oh, sorry i didn't see03:17
Kamey_it's mesa-utils you wrote03:17
onefangOr just try the 3D program you actually want to use.03:17
Kamey_glxgears works03:17
Kamey_just fine03:17
gnarfacewell it'll work even without hardware accel, but there should be a notable difference in framerates of several thousand fps at least03:18
Kamey_93367 frames in 5.0 seconds = 18673.301 FPS03:18
gnarfacehere, my mesa packages from daedalus, for reference
gnarfaceheh, yea you have hardware accel there03:18
Kamey_yeah it was going at around 18k fps03:18
onefangThousands?  What am I doing wrong, I only get hundreds.03:18
Kamey_which gpu do you have?03:18
gnarfaceonefang: maybe you're running it on a pinephone?03:19
gnarfaceor something else with a mali 400 gpu?03:19
Kamey_if he is using nvidia i wouldn't be surprised03:19
Kamey_I sold my nvidia03:19
Kamey_just so i can use linux03:19
Kamey_i bought amd one instead03:19
onefangAh, 18k for glxgears.  I was talking about actual 3D software I use.03:19
Kamey_I get 2500 fps in Minecraft03:19
gnarfaceold nvidia cards can easily pull 18-28k too03:19
Kamey_and around 400 fps in blender03:20
gnarfacein glxgears anyway03:20
Kamey_so yeah this is more realistic03:20
onefangThough anything higher than your monitors maximum frame rate is just bragging rights.03:20
gnarfaceanother good test is mplayer -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,ffhevcvdpau,ffh264vdpau,ffodivxvdpau03:20
gnarfacewith hardware accel and that -vc option on amdgpu cards, mplayer will pull single digit cpu usage %03:21
gnarfacefor standard def feeds, i get ~4-6% here with top in "Irix mode" and working hardware accel and like 30-40% without03:22
gnarfaceof course, ioquake3 is still in the repos, you just need to add maps03:23
gnarfacehmm, that mplayer example command is incomplete sorry03:23
gnarfacemplayer -cache 8192 -noconsolecontrols -ao alsa -vo vdpau:sharpen=-1,denoise=1,deint=3,hqscaling:1 -vc ffmpeg12vdpau,ffwmv3vdpau,ffvc1vdpau,ffhevcvdpau,ffh264vdpau,ffodivxvdpau03:24
gnarfaceyou want something more like that03:24
gnarfaceit's not pretty but it works good03:24
gnarface(vlc works without fancy options but wastes so much cpu time on the UI it's ridiculous)03:25
* Xenguy likes mpv (a cousin of mplayer?) ...03:26
Kamey_yeah everything works03:26
Kamey_i have hardware accel03:27
gnarfaceXenguy: yea mpv is like a 2nd or 3rd generation fork of mplayer. they do good at supporting acceleration on fringe hardware but they tend to suffer more regressions03:27
Kamey_I tend to use VLC for watching multimedia content03:27
gnarfaceXenguy: mplayer is nice because it's kinda dead the same way Latin is dead03:28
Xenguygnarface, I just love the hardcore hotkey approach, makes it a joy to use03:28
Kamey_latin used by doctors03:28
XenguyCan't be all bad if mpv is based on mplayer I suppose03:28
XenguyCos I love mpv03:29
gnarfaceit's the video player of choice for many pinephone users03:29
XenguyI should look at getting one of those (but I'm veering OT)03:29
gnarface(unsurprisingly because they were the first or at least one of the first to support the hardware video accel on those devices)03:30
XenguyGreat work03:30
gnarfaceyea we should reign it in03:30
gnarfaceKamey_: welcome aboard03:30
Kameydevuan came with glibc/libc6-2.31 but I need version 2.33 for software that requires it, I'm not sure waht to do, backports don't have anything newer either. is there a way to have custom gllibc version specific to an app, and how and where do i get glibc version i need.04:34
gnarfaceKamey: did you check to see if daedalus has it?04:36
gnarfacedaedalus is the one that actually corresponds with debian bookworm. if you're going to be running into this problem a lot it may be worth it to just upgrade to daedalus (in which case sorry for wasting your time with backports)04:37
KameyI thought that Chimaera was the latest so it would have latest stuff? what is daedalus?04:39
Kameyah I see daedalus is dev version04:39
gnarfacechimaera is current stable, but we're a release behind debian temporarily. daedalus is the next release, and by most accounts it's finished04:39
Kameyhow can i upgrade to it without reinstalling system04:39
gnarfacethat's the fun part, just change your sources.list and run "apt-get update && apt-get dist-upgrade04:39
gnarfacewell, i'd recommend actually, "apt-get update && apt-get --no-install-recommends dist-upgrade)04:40
gnarfaceer, "04:40
gnarfaceyou follow04:40
Kameyi see04:40
gnarfaceonly problem is, the names of the backports packages you installed may get in the way04:40
Kameyso i can follow the guide upgrade to chimera but instead of using chimera repos i do for daedalus04:40
gnarfaceso you might end up having to manually ... do something to them04:40
KameyI cannot find repository links for daedalus so I will just assume I can edit surces.list and replace the text saying Chimaera with Daedalus04:42
gnarfacethe installer isos are up on and they do need testing, as they're the primary thing holding back the release, but you don't need them to do this04:43
KameyOkay i'm upgrading04:44
Kamey1.3 gb04:44
gnarfacethe process would be the same for debian, by the way. wherever feasible everything was done to preserve expected behavior for stuff like this04:44
Kameythat is very good04:45
Kameyokay cool it wasnt so slow04:45
Kameyits done downloading04:46
gnarfaceso, now you may need to also replace the kernel, headers, and that firmware-amd-graphics package... not from backports but just from regular daedalus04:46
gnarfaceyou may need to call apt-get to do this manually due to a snafu with the way backports versions are named04:47
gnarface(sometimes they false-positive as newer because it's just basically dumb string comparisons and adding something like "-bpo23" or whatever screws it up)04:48
gnarfacewell, that said you it'll probably run fine with the old kernel and drivers04:49
gnarfacebut if you don't want to find any weird bugs you'd want to be running the stock stuff wherever possible obviously04:49
Kameyyeah i've done everyithing04:54
Kameyeverything works04:54
kameyHello everybody, I've installed GNOME desktop, since I really like it, but since this is my first time using devuan/debian I've followed the guide from debian site and I've installed, task-gnome-desktop package, I hope this is the right one, so far so good it works, but there are two issues that occured, 1 - some programs have minor GUI issues where they appear to use different themes such as the close menu and etc, 2 - there's no10:27
kameyaudio, debian package seems to have removed pulseaudio and installed pipewire but I don't know what configuration needs to be done for this to work.10:27
kameyThis is what I meant by GUI issue, screenshot:
kameyI will go now I need to be somewhere, but feel free to answer if you know any solutions, I will be reading your replies on the archive website and if I have any additional question or update I will reply to that.10:31
kameythe issue seems to be that there's no pipewire service for pipewire service for sysvinit so idk how to enable it.10:48
kameytrying to install puleseaudio with gnome it doesn't work because then it wants to remove "gnome gnome-core pipewire-alsa pipewire-audio"
schillingklauspulseaudio and gnome are systemd-friendly... so I boycott them11:15
jorgeOne question, with debian 11 or 12, through live-build and calamares I can make a live distro that can be installed. I'm trying with devuan but it doesn't work the same. Does anyone know how to do it? Thank you.11:44
stable_xjorge: I believe that the Devuan live isos contain the tool refractasnapshot, which is intended to create a bootable live iso from the running system.11:50
jorgeOk, I'll look at what you told me. Thank you so much.11:56
gnarfacekamey: permissions are a primary difference between systemd and other init systems. systemd gives the locally logged in user full administrative access to all devices by default. historically this has been considered a massive security hole. you have to manually add yourself to the "audio" group before anything works. not sure if that's the only issue you're seeing, but it's at least the first one.20:06
gnarfacei see you're not in the channel still. hopefully you see this in the archive.20:09
gnarfaceas for the theme thing, sorry i'm too paranoid to click on that link but i assume you just need to add some theme packages.20:11
gnarfaceif necessary maybe change a gtk user config or two20:12
rwpAlso I think kamey may have simply needed to start the pipewire server.  Maybe.  I think.20:14
rwpThe systemd folks have this infrastructure for starting it as a user.service or something.  Me I am thinking I would start it in my ~/.xsessionrc file.20:15
rwpHaving said that here is a caution.  I am not currently using audio services so not yet using pipewire for me yet.  So the above might be wishful thinking on my part.20:15
gnarfacei don't know much about pipewire, but i know pulseaudio is started from the user session rather than as a init service20:16
gnarface(and i know it works by default with lightdm and kde in devuan beowulf but that's the last time i checked it)20:17
scorpion2185[m]dinit can provide user services.20:18
scorpion2185[m]gentoo devs made a script since pw may misbehave if you log out20:18
scorpion2185[m]you kill it and launch it again to avoid problems20:19
rustyaxeKill everything.20:21
rwpI should spend some time learning and using pipewire so that I can help with pipewire questions.  Because pulseaudio is so bad that we do need to help people migrate away from it.20:23
rustyaxei just have /etc/X11/Xsession.d/98-pipewire which executes '#!/bin/bash\npipewire &\nwireplumber &' where \n is an enter20:23
rustyaxeMost of hte configuration will work out the box if you just use wireplumber20:23
rustyaxeqpwgraph will let you tweak audio routings between programs20:23
scorpion2185[m]I migrated as soon as I could I have  a modified version of the gentoo script if someone wants it20:26
* rustyaxe throws up some gang signs and goes back to editing in kicad20:31
squeaktoyHey nvidia-driver broke23:40
squeaktoyThe following packages have unmet dependencies:23:42
squeaktoy nvidia-driver : Depends: nvidia-kernel-dkms (= 525.125.06-1~deb12u1) but 525.105.17-1 is installed or23:42
squeaktoy                          nvidia-kernel-525.125.06 or23:42
squeaktoy                          nvidia-open-kernel-525.125.06 or23:42
squeaktoy                          nvidia-open-kernel-525.125.0623:42
rwpBe careful pasting directly!  Use a pastebin.  Otherwise the global Libera.Chat bot will kick you!23:43
rwpThat's the proprietary nVideo closed source driver?23:43
rwps/nVideo/nVidia/  (I can't type today or any day.)23:44
squeaktoy here's my sources.list23:46
squeaktoyxorg crash even with nouveau23:54

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