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gnarfaceEHeM: daedalus already has 6.1.38-2 even, so i'm not really sure what that's about00:36
EHeMLooks like: testing/main00:43
rrqdon't use "testing" while "daedalus" is frozen01:09
rrq(or ever)01:10
EHeMrrq: I try to avoid adjusting my sources.list when possible.01:24
fsmithredWhy do you think that version is missing in devuan?01:25
golinuxWhat rrq said . . .01:32
golinuxbut then it's your install to fubar . . .01:32
EHeMgolinux: If one is *very* careful one can play with the rules.01:59
EHeMNormally I wouldn't go that direction, but I've got some fast hardware for which a very recent kernel is rather high value.02:00
golinuxThat is what backports is for02:25
EHeMI understand the risks.03:01
EHeMLuckily due to being fairly self-contained the kernel source is actually pretty safe for doing this.03:02 balance03:49
Guest58Good evening again06:08
Guest58I have yet more package confusion06:09
Guest58thankfully NOTwith OBS this time.06:10
gnarfaceGuest58: just ask your question and stick around. the channel can be pretty slow but people do read their scrollbacks and respond when they can.06:13
Guest58doing a dist upgrade to match the machine that had the compile error, and the nvidia drivers apearto have bjorked06:14
Guest58doing a dist upgrade to match the machine that had the compile error, and the nvidia drivers apearto have bjorked.06:14
Guest58apt-get install nvidia-driver06:14
Guest58Reading package lists... Done06:14
Guest58Building dependency tree... Done06:14
Guest58Reading state information... Done06:14
Guest58Some packages could not be installed. This may mean that you have06:14
Guest58requested an impossible situation or if you are using the unstable06:14
Guest58distribution that some required packages have not yet been created06:14
Guest58or been moved out of Incoming.06:14
Guest58The following information may help to resolve the situation:06:14
Guest58The following packages have unmet dependencies:06:14
Guest58 nvidia-driver : Depends: nvidia-kernel-dkms (= 525.125.06-1~deb12u1) but it is not installable or06:14
Guest58                          nvidia-kernel-525.125.06 or06:14
Guest58                          nvidia-open-kernel-525.125.06 or06:14
Guest58                          nvidia-open-kernel-525.125.0606:14
Guest58E: Unable to correct problems, you have held broken packages.06:14
gnarfacewoah, you should use so you don't get flood kicked06:14
gnarfacelooks like you got away with it that time though06:15
gnarfacewhat's the command you used exactly that generated this error?06:15
Guest58I had forgotten that was a thing, TBH.06:15
Guest58> apt-get install nvidia-driver06:15
Guest58dpkg -l |grep nvidia has no output06:16
gnarfaceyou didn't have it installed before?06:16
Guest58did a dist upgrade to daedalus today06:16
gnarfacebut you didn't have the nvidia drivers installed before i mean?06:17
Guest58the were installed on chimaera, but allways issues. decided to re-instal06:17
Guest58that didnot go well.06:17
gnarfacei mean on the current install06:18
Guest58I removed them before dist upgrade06:18
gnarfacei see06:18
gnarfacetry this: dpkg -l |grep -i nvidia06:18
gnarfacejust to make sure the old ones are really all gone06:19
gnarfacealright, let's sanity check your sources.list first06:19
gnarfacejust paste it up at and i'll make sure it's got everything06:19
gnarfacethere was a important change between chimaera and daedalus other than just the name06:20
Guest58I did NOT use backports on this machine, thankfully.06:20
gnarfacegood, that narrows it down a little06:21
gnarfacebut i wanna see the sources.list you used still06:21
gnarfacethis could be organized better, give me a second to read it06:22
Guest58yeah, I have a tendancy to not sort06:23
gnarfacealright, i'm pretty sure all that's wrong with it is you need to add "non-free-firmware" to the end of the last 6 lines06:23
Guest58the firms got seperated out of non-free ?06:23
gnarfaceyea, "firmware" which in this context actually means drivers for some dumb reason06:24
gnarfacedebian did that upstream, and we inherited the change transparently06:24
gnarfacethat's new with daedalus06:24
Guest58bizzare... that was the whole point of non-free06:24
gnarfaceyea, i guess they wanted to distinguish drivers and firmware from just regular desktop software06:25
gnarfacenon-free is still there, to be clear06:25
gnarfaceit's just that now you also need non-free-firmware06:25
gnarfaceand that just changed as of daedalus06:25
Guest58one of the many debian decisions that makes no sense to me06:26
gnarfacegiven you don't have older nvidia driver versions or backports stuff in there, just adding that and running "apt-get update" once should make your previous "apt-get install nvidia-driver" command work06:26
Guest58its running now.06:27
Guest58did they ever fix nvidia-persistance?06:27
gnarfacepersonally i usually do "apt-get --no-install-recommends install [package]" just to avoid extra cruft but i'm not sure it will matter in this case06:27
gnarfaceeh, you tell me. i haven't installed nvidia drivers for like 2 years now06:27
gnarfaceeither way, you still don't actually require it06:28
Guest58I dont have and decent AMD cards, and only the half decent nvidia card.06:28
gnarfacejust check the version on the package06:28
gnarfaceif it matches the version that most the others are using it should work06:29
Guest58I will, of course, need to reboot06:29
Guest58and no, they still dont have it fixed:06:30
Guest58Errors were encountered while processing:06:30
Guest58 nvidia-persistenced06:30
Guest58E: Sub-process /usr/bin/dpkg returned an error code (1)06:30
Guest58mostly harmless error06:30
Guest58rebooting. wish me luck06:32
Guest58yup. that was it06:35
gnarfacecool, everything looks like it's working now?06:36
Guest58hopefully the upgrade docs for daedalus include that wee bit of errata06:36
gnarfacethe thing about non-free-firmware? that would be a good thing to add, i agree. it's not up to me but someone around here might be able to do it.06:37
Guest58Yeah, it looks like it is. now I jsut need to figure out teh USB bs that cropped up.06:37
Guest58Yeah, that needs to be a BIG sign, or everyone that does a dist upgrade will get bit like I was.06:38
Guest58(half of them woun't read it anyway, but still)06:38
Guest58another reboot time. brb'06:40
gnarfaceGuest58: i forgot to tell you before you left, make sure you have linux-headers-amd64, build-essential, and dkms, and if you didn't, install them and run dkms again06:52
gnarface(or just apt-get --reinstall install the drivers)06:52
gnarfacethe nvidia drivers need to build a wrapper on the fly06:53
gnarfaceduring install06:53
gnarfaceit might work without it using some default something or another but i've had bad luck with it06:53
Guest58it does weird things06:54
Guest58this is one of theproblems I was having bwefore.06:57
Guest58compounded now, by having half of my USB ports not working07:02
gnarfaceGuest58: no, no, sorry. what i meant was to reinstall all the other packages by passing them as a list to the same "apt-get --reinstall --no-install-recommends install ..." command, without nvidia-persistenced included. apt-get purge nvidia-persistenced07:08
gnarfaceapt-get purge nvidia-persistenced first07:08
gnarfaceif you want to try making it work you can always install it again later07:08
gnarface(the only reason you have to list all the packages is i don't remember which one actually needs dkms, sorry that's my bad, just want to make sure to give you something that i know will work, might not be the simplest approach though)07:09
Guest58ahhhh okay.07:10
gnarfacebut nothing should depend on nvidia-peristenced, it should remove without taking anything else with it. make sure it does.07:10
Guest58trying to figure out whick package triggers dkms is annoying07:14
Guest58also hate theis backup keyboard07:14
gnarfaceyou should also be able to just run dkms as root but i forget the exact option you want to pass07:15
gnarfaceGuest58: ^07:15
gnarfacecheck the man page07:15
gnarfacehopefully you'll already have all the build deps07:16
Guest58probably just autoinstall?07:16
Guest58or not...07:23
Guest58I think the usb interface in my mech died07:27
Guest58the port is no longer delivering enough power to let the device initialize... wtf...07:29
Guest58off of the backup keyboard.07:30
gnarfacehmm, maybe autoinstall, not sure08:31
gnarfacethe man page suggests it would have to be installed before though08:32
gnarfacemaybe it's just a misleading description though08:33
gnarface(the description of it from the arch wiki seems to suggest you're right)08:34
gnarfacecan't tell you what's wrong with the USB device, but if you have both usb2 and usb3 ports maybe try a usb3 port08:35
manchotxfor xfce, do I need to install synaptics or libinput for touchpad to have zoom out/in?10:38
manchotxcurrent, I can only scroll but can't zoom the pages10:38
* gnarface shrugs... maybe10:50
gnarfaceworth a try10:50
gnarfacedidn't have to do anything special on my pinebook, whatever was the default worked10:50
gnarfacethere could be different situations based on whether you're getting it as a hardware or software feature though i think10:51
rrqthere are some xserver-xorg-input-* packages for touch, eg xserver-xorg-input-mtrack and xserver-xorg-input-multitouch .. not sure what yours needs11:23

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