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fsmithredonefang, cpulimit -e rsync -l "$limit"     (where $limit is a percentage of cpu. 100% per core, so it can be more than 100 if you have more than one core.)02:35
fsmithredand that command can be run before rsync starts, and it will wait.02:36
stratoAfter upgrading to chimaera I got a problem with proftp, it's stuck. It will not run, and I cant remove the package, any suggestion ?11:52
joergI'd *guess*(!) that a further update to Daedalus is not hurting anyway11:56
stratoI cant run apt-get, proftp is blocking more of that action11:58
fsmithred_can you post the error messages to
rrqit needs a systemctl program11:59
stratoIt's in danish, and is about dependensies problem11:59
stratoI gues, if there is a way to force the packages out, I could install it from scratc, but is there a way to force a package out?12:01
rrqan empty, executable file "/bin/systemctl" is enough for purging it12:02
debdogstrato: run LANG=C apt-get ... to get an english output12:03
stratoI never try this before, but it looks like this:
fsmithred_apt install systemctl12:09
fsmithred_no shit, really.12:09
fsmithred_daemonless "systemctl" command to manage services without systemd12:10
fsmithred_ "systemctl" is a replacement command to control system daemons without12:10
fsmithred_ systemd.12:10
joergso aiui what rrq suggests is `sudo touch /bin/systemctl; sudo chmod +x /bin/systemctl`12:41
stratoSame result12:48
fsmithredis there a dpkg process that's stuck? Maybe you can kill it?12:51
stratops -e | grep dpkg: Nothings hanging12:53
fsmithredor apt-get if that's what you were using12:54
rrqneed to purge: libhiredis0.14 libmemcached11 libmemcachedutil2 proftpd-core12:54
stratoSame result with ps -e | grep apt12:55
stratorrq, Could be, ill try12:55
joerg"sh: 1: <progname>: not found" rings a bell _maybe_. I seem to recall I seen this when the shebang was broken?12:56
joergthe " 1: " makes me rise an eyebrow12:56
rrqonce purged, you can remove /bin/systemctl and install systemctl and proftpd-core again12:57
joergthe >>#!/bin/sh<< vs >>#! /bin/sh<<  ?12:58
* joerg heads out for more coffee12:58
stratorrq: To be on the safe site, I would like to start by purging proftp, the sea if I am going the right way13:01
stratoI dont quit get systemctl in this contens13:01
strato(sorry about the spelling)13:02
rrqthe purging runs that script for the purpose of stopping proftpd13:02
rrqsince it's not running, and empty, executable file is sufficient13:02
rrqsuch a file is an epty script that just succeeds13:02
rrq... and empty => ... an empty13:03
joergso to be verbose, you suggest to create amn empty and executable /bin/systemctl, then try to apt-get purge proftp ?13:07
rrqyes... except that proftpd actually means those packages I mentioned13:07
stratoneed to purg seems to do the job, there seem to be more to do, but now I ran run apt-get upgrade without problem13:08
joergcould we turn that into a shell oneliner?13:08
stratoThis worked: apt-get purge libhiredis0.14 libmemcached11 libmemcachedutil2 proftpd-core13:08
rrqgood. now you can remove that epty file and install systemctl, and then go for proftpd (-core) again13:09
rrqepty => empty13:09
stratoYou mean remove /bin/systemctl ?13:09
stratoAnd then apt-get install systemctl ?13:10
rrqyes then you get "th real" /bin/systemctl (or /usr/bin/systemctl perhaps)13:11
stratoapt-get install proftpd-core and now it works :) Thanks13:15
onefangJust got home after being out all day.  fsmithred I have 64 cores.  B-)13:28
onefangThough that does mean I haven't been home to listen to the music and see if the previous cache increase for VLC worked.13:29
onefangAnd now I'm off to bed.  G'night.14:10
nathaniel87hello can someone confirm that chimaera has security updates up until 2026 ?15:38
gnarfacenathaniel87: generally it's gonna get the same updates as debian15:41
nathaniel87ok so I don't have to update to daedalus if I want to get security updates right ?15:42
nathaniel87according to this it should be supported for the next 5 years15:44
q3Hi all . I would be grateful for advice. Please tell me to reboot the PC without superuser privileges?16:56
debdogq3: the most low-level approach would be adding the suid bit to /sbin/halt17:00
debdogbut depending on your setup, display and window manager, there're probably better ways17:01
debdogcan you describe your setup, please?!17:02
debdog(also, the suid bit option might cause security issues)17:02
q3Thank you for your answer . I forgot to say that I use DWM and I need a command so that I can shut down the pc or reboot..17:03
debdogare you using a display manager?17:05
debdogis elogind installed or policy-something? which devuan verison?17:08
q3yes you are right i use display manager and my version is this Chimaera17:10
debdogwhich one?17:11
q3sorry i told you wrong i dont use display manager , startx in bash17:12
debdogok, that's how do it, too, with the suid bit for halt. then I've just added entries for halt and reboot to my window manager's menu. if you prefer a "more secure" option you'll need some managing thingy like elogind or policy-kit17:16
debdogbut that's not my domain, you'll have to wait for someone with more knowledge. might take some time, sometimes it's rather quite in here.17:17
fsmithredIn cases like that I set up sudo for shutdown/reboot commands, usually without password17:19
q3thanks a lot for the advice17:19
gnarfaceq3: worth noting that if you're using nvidia official drivers, they still require Xorg to be setuid root (i think) so your window manager's regular buttons should work in that case (if furnished)17:30
gnarfacebut i guess you probably wouldn't have asked if that was the case...17:33
* Xenguy wonders what is wrong with becoming root and typing 'reboot' or 'shutdown' ?17:44
debdogtoo laborious for a very basic and simple command....?!17:45
XenguyOne should always have at least 1 root terminal open in any session *anyway*17:53
golinuxI have button in an XFCE panel that gives me all those options just a click away17:53
XenguyThe first thing I do after I reboot is open a root terminal on VT6, problem solved17:53
XenguyThis is the (*nix) way17:54
ManinTheSandboxIs there anyway I can organize automatic updates for chimarea, its for an lxc container19:09

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