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HelenasaurusRexHow come qutebrowser package is soo old? I can't log into gmail with it because Google views the version as insecure?02:21
HelenasaurusRexYou don't even have firefox/iceweasel in the repo?! o.O02:22
gnarfacethe versions are just whatever Debian puts in there. they're known for having old stuff. what release are you on? in at least one release there's only "firefox-esr"02:23
HelenasaurusRexqutebrowser 2.0.202:24
gnarfacedaedalus is the new current stable, so if you're in need of newer stuff it'd be a good time to upgrade02:24
gnarfaceit has qutebrowser 2.5.302:25
HelenasaurusRexFor some reason, your nick reminds me of "gnash".02:26
Xenguy.oO( Who's this chuck? )02:27
HelenasaurusRexXenguy: Eh?02:27
u-amarsh04gnarface I said: "It appears that eudev 3.2.12-2 or later actually fixed compatibility with gudev-1.0-0 238-2 but I'm not sure" - I'm not sure which version of eudev fixed compatibility with gugev-1.0-0 238-2, and wondered if anyone knew which version of eudev fixed the compatiblity issues with gudev-1.0-002:31
gnarfaceu-amarsh04: oh, i see. i could probably have guessed that on my own. i don't know the answer though.02:31
gnarfacei would hope it's in the changelog, or at least a patch list somewhere02:32
HelenasaurusRexExtra steps for upgrading Devuan I see. :302:33
u-amarsh04not that I could find in the changelogs, maybe I should have filed a bug against eudev so that I'd be notified of the fix02:34
HelenasaurusRexSo yeah, why the extra step to do a dist-upgrade? :302:37
HelenasaurusRexDebian would just update the sources.list too...02:37
gnarfacewould they really?02:39
gnarfacethey didn't used to02:39
gnarfacewhich is why we still don't here02:40
HelenasaurusRexgnarface: Oh03:19
HelenasaurusRexgnarface: I made a guess on the extra step too...03:19
systemdleteok, so here's one some of you will love... os-prober.   I have been sweeping the web for a solution for about 4 hours.  I seem to recall there is some kind of abracadabra thing for this, but I just don't remember it.  I run update grub with that OS_PROBER variable set to false so that it should proceed to look for other OSs.03:25
systemdleteIt finds exactly one, on a partition of a partitioned MD raid device (yes, a partition on a partitioned raid, /dev/md7p3).   Yet it does not find two other OSs on 2 other RAID partitions (/dev/md1 and /dev/md2)03:26
systemdleteI am NOT using EFI or UEFI03:27
systemdleteMy raid is made up of 2 drives that are partiioned as gpt03:28
systemdletewith the required BOOT BIOS partition03:28
systemdlete(the board does not even support EFI/UEFI, iirc; it's really old)03:28
systemdleteand the other partitions were booting fine before the installation of this newest OS, a test run of my installation scripts and tools.03:29
systemdleteIts quite possible I screwed something up, but judging from the number of hits about os-prober not doing its PERCEIVED task, few if any matching my own scenario, it seems possible that maybe something is broken about os-prober03:30
systemdleteI'm wondering if partitions to be included in the scan by os-prober if they have to be "marked" somehow, like a boot flag, or such.03:33
u-amarsh04systemdlete I remember playing around with the boot flag set in gparted to control os-prober's behaviour03:36
u-amarsh04it should really be documented by os-prober03:37
systemdleteu-amarsh04, yeah.  That's the kind of thing I recall... vaguely.  Barely.03:37
* systemdlete looks up "documented"03:37
u-amarsh04os-prober does NOT have a man page03:37
systemdleteyeah.  Another glaring omission I noticed.03:38
u-amarsh04not in /usr/share/doc/os-prober/README either03:40
systemdleteu-amarsh04, there's the legacy boot flag (which can be changed in fdisk with "A") but I don't see it set for the one partition os-prober found03:40
u-amarsh04I was searching around in /etc/cron.daily and found that plocate was not executable, set it executable now updatedb runs as a daily cron job again03:42
systemdleteI don't see any sort of flags, boot or otherwise, in any of the partitions that I know are bootable, and have booted successfully.  I can use rescuecd or a devuan boot disk to restore it, but I am curious why it doesn't work consistently.03:44
systemdleteI just tried grub-mount /dev/md1 (where daedalus is already installed) and it comes back with a smart-aleck response that "md0 not found"03:53
systemdletemd0?  I did not pass anything like md0 to it.  In fact, it does not even exist!03:53
chomwittIn Daedalus gpg-agent runs under runit and has some options when run. But $ dpkg -L gpg-agent i cant find what is the relevant runit file that starts it in order to change its arguments.12:29
gnarfacechomwitt: i suspect it might actually get started by the session manager, not the init system12:33
gnarfaceyea, check this file: /etc/X11/Xsession.d/90gpg-agent12:34
chomwittone moment12:36
chomwittok.i see 90gpg-agent. But i use sway (i have also install Xwayland) so i dont know how runit handles that case , also  i dont see in that file how i could change the initial homedir option12:45
gnarfacecould it be getting started from the window manager's startup programs?12:50
gnarfacesorry, don't know, but i suspect it might be something like this12:51
gnarfaceor else runit could be using sysvinit scripts like openrc12:51
gnarfacesomeone who knows runit should know12:52
chomwittok. thanks . i am looking to it.13:00
HelenahPlease check out what I said in #linux, I can't repeat, I am in a TTY...16:52
YKaeligI have installed wine apt install wine but now  Iwant to execute an exe it is asking about a software to run it that I have no idea where to find it.19:38
YKaeligThere is no wine in the list of softwares19:39
fatalYKaelig: maybe you need winetricks to install windows related stuff but just ask in #winehq19:43
fatal(wintricks is a script to download and install runtime libraries)19:45

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