libera/#devuan/ Saturday, 2023-12-09

Besnik_bHello! Forwarding in a track in VLC using jack introduced a 1-2 second long noise, I did not hear before in the previous system, but I do now in Devuan. Any idea?10:19
gryis this for any ttack. can you check another file10:33
gryany track10:33
Besnik_bgry, yes. Is not related to just one track.10:34
Besnik_b(I asked in #lau too. Linux Audio Group.)10:34
gnarfaceBesnik_b: which devuan release?12:07
Besnik_bgnarface, Daedalus12:12
gnarfaceBesnik_b: does it happen in any other media players?12:13
Besnik_bgnarface, I have to check that.12:15
Besnik_bgnarface, I don’t hear it in alsaplayer + jack. Confirmed.12:22
gnarfaceBesnik_b: does it happen in vlc without jack?12:25
Besnik_bLet me check it.12:25
Besnik_bThe noise disappears with pulseaudio12:27
gnarfaceseems like an issue with vlc or jack then, but hard to say much more12:28
Besnik_bIdem with my USB Rubix direct without any convertions12:29
gnarfacedid you mix in any 3rd party repo stuff like deb-multimedia or other devuan release versions or the like?12:29
Besnik_bSince alsaplayer + jack removes it, what makes you point jack?12:30
gnarfacebecause you said vlc and pulseaudio also removes it12:30
gnarfaceyou could try vlc and just bare alsa as a control case...12:31
Besnik_band alsaplayer and jack does it too :)12:31
Besnik_bHere are the repos I have in my sources.list:12:32
gnarfaceuse paste.debian.net12:32
Besnik_bHere you are:
gnarfaceBesnik_b: the culprit could be something you got from daedalus-backports, but i'm pretty sure daedalus-contrib and daedalus-non-free don't even exist12:37
gnarfaceyou probably meant "main contrib non-free" at the end of all the other ones12:39
gnarfacesince daedalus, you probably also want the new one, non-free-firmware to those12:39
gnarfaceso, like this: deb daedalus main contrib non-free non-free-firmware12:40
Besnik_bgnarface, I could not install vlc with just what vanilla installation had to offer12:41
gnarfacei assure you if you do this it will include everything12:42
Besnik_bThank you!12:42
gnarfaceyou shouldn't have any problems installing vlc in a vanilla install though, that's a sign something else was probably already wrong by then12:43
gnarfacemaybe just that sources.list though12:44
Besnik_bI dd-ed the image in a USB stick and then installed in a dedicated hard disk12:44
Besnik_bAfter the installation, without adding or removing anything, I could not installed vlc and other programs I use daily12:45
Besnik_bThen I started to check ways and modified the sources.list, tried and found that the change worked.12:46
gnarfacewell, it had errors though so it's still suspect12:47
yo9fahhi all15:30
yo9fahI tried to install devuan on a laptop. I downloaded the iso image: devuan_daedalus_5.0.1_amd64_netinstall, but it does not boot. The monitor remains black, no error, nothing. The laptop is a Lenovo B50-80.15:33
fsmithredyo9fah, did you try to boot from dvd or usb, and how did you prepare it?16:41
fsmithredDid you see the boot menu?16:41
fsmithredis it uefi or legacy bios?16:42
yo9fahIt works from the DVD, it's ok! My bios is uefi/gpt. The image is written in rufus.16:54
yo9fahI don't see any boot menu?16:56

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